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By HB kids
Recently discovered this podcast and have only about 50 more to listen to. Kris and Dan are quite enjoyable to listen to. While not every episode is a home run they have all been great to listen to
Stop complaining about games on systems you don't own or aren't interested in. I don't care about the games you dislike, celebrate the ones you do.
This podcast is a gem. Kris and Dan (and previously Dean) put a lot of love into this show -- A LOT of love. I've grown to resent the 6 days between Fridays, as I'm constantly looking forward to the next episode of the SAG. As a person who grew up in a household always a generation behind in terms of game consoles, it's nice to hear from people who still find life in these decades old games.
Who am I? Why am I here?
I enjoy this podcast very much. This group of individuals possesses a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of games from the first to the current generations, with a laser style focus on the good old days when consoles’ power was measured in bits, not gigahertz.
Any show where Kris Randazzo gets to talk about retro games instantly deserves a listen. I'm already looking forward to the next one.