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The real work of being a professional magician!
If you want to be a rising star magician, do yourself a favor and LISTEN TO ALL THESE PODCASTS!!! Seriously, they're freaking amazing!!! <3
There are many points of interest one can gain from this wonderful podcast, whether you're a magician or not. There are shows on Branding, Promotion, Business Plans and other topics that are applicable to other businesses. Ken and Julian are a great duo, not only because they share a common interest in elevating the business side of magic, for those who are performers / artists.but because they came to this profession via significantly different paths. Their viewpoints are often different, which makes for a good conversation. Sometimes a highlight of the show is the banter between them. The effort made to bring to the forefrontt experts, in their own right, to share their successes and failures is to be applauded. The program is not a free for all or is it scripted, but there is clearly an agenda prepared. All efforts are made to keep on track, but, often times, the side roads that guests take are as fascinating as the topic. My expertise is in the pet industry, though Magic has been a close second for over 40 years. I have been able to weave a touch of magic through my teaching, lectures and the numerous events I have been part of. Interestingly enough, the magic community and those working in the retail arena of the pet industry shared some common practices. The most notably being the refusal to share with other members in their own community. This is one of the few positive results that Petco and PetsMart created for the Independent pet store owner, who, in many respects, replicates the brick and mortar magic shops, that have all but disappeared (unfortunate but true pun). Only because sharing is no longer a sin, are the Independent's able to compete. The Business of Magic is a serious matter and this program is providing a wealth of information, with clear identifiable steps to take, that can enable the performer / artist to earn a decent living, doing what they do best. No doubtt, had this program been available when I was formulating my profeswswional goals, there's a good chance I might have agreed to travel with the Lee Edwards stage show, when I had the chance. Thank You Ken and Julian Lewis Turner
This podcast is a wealth of information that really has changed my business. It's been the best time investment I've made!!
This podcast is a treasure trove of information for anyone looking to entertain for a living. Each episode has provided me with new ideas or information that helps make me a better professional performer. The value of the information given in this series is truly priceless. Thank you Ken and Julian for creating and sharing the Magician Business Podcast!

Tons of useful information given in a very accessible way-what's not to like? The hosts do a terrific job of hosting the episodes and of choosing guests and topics. This is pure gold to me.
I just discovered this podcast. I love it! I already have a successful and thriving magic business, but I've learned a lot. In fact, I am committing to listening to one every other day... AND... putting at least one idea from each podcast to use. So far I've listened to Joe Romano's podcast on School Assemblies and Josh London's on pay per click. Today, I started putting one idea from each into action. I plan on keeping track of my progess and becoming even more successful by listening to The Business of Magic Podcast.
How many places are you going to find information like this? This podcast talks with some of the best and the brightest and they open their minds and our hearts to talk about what it takes to be successful as a magician who pays the bills with magic.
These podcasts are so practical, so informative, and so professionally done! Each podcast includes an expert who has real-time experience and knowledge. Ken and Julian are doing a terrific job of providing a Master’s degree in the Magician Business. Outstanding! Thank you Ken and Julian.
There is some great info here. If you have or are trying to start an entertainment business you need to listen to these. Not all of them will apply directly to your business but you will get something out of all of them. Highly recommended. Thanks Julian and Ken.
Julian and Ken really get it and what I mean by that is the art of giving. Their podcasts are chock full of great material for the working magician. You would and should be paying for this info!
Episodes are hit and miss. For example, the recent restaurant magic podcast was pretty worthless, but the episode on how to run a weekly mentalism show was filled with really GREAT information. So it’s hit and miss with each episode, but as a whole there is a ton of good information to glean from this podcast. The hosts always ask the right questions; sometimes their guests just don’t have good answers. I suggest listening to everything, and you’ll get a lot of great info. Some episodes are duds, but the good ones definitely make up for it. Glad these guys are putting this out there. I’m definitely a fan and will continue to listen!
I met Ken & Julian at KIDabra and was impressed by their generosity in the knowledge they shared. I started listening to the podcasts soon after and have not been disappointed. The information is timely and helpful and relevant for not only magicians and performers, but other small business owners as well (so much is universal). I’ve been making my living as an event entertainer for over 30 years and there’s still plenty more for me to learn - and Julian & Ken certainly deliver! And they’re super nice guys too! : ) Thanks for doing this, guys!
I have been meaning to start listening to these but had so much going on I downloaded them all to my ipod and now I listen to them when driving these are amazing pod casts and amazing information I wont miss another
Whether you're a beginning entertainer (magician or not) or a seasoned professional, this is the real stuff! Scads of information here of immediate use in the real world. I've been a full-time professional for some time and I've already learned just how much I've been doing wrong (or where I can improve at least) and already my business is growing even more this year. Thanks to Julian and Ken and all of those who come on here and share their information and experience. You are doing the magic world and entertaining world a great service!
These guys completely blew me away. Really well thought out presentations, entertaining conversations, and stuff you can put to work immediately. A tremendous service to the independent entertainer.
If you REALLY want to make money at your business, listen to this podcast with pen and paper in hand. If I did not respect what these gentlemen where doing and feel compelled to leave a rating, I would wish this for myself and not say a word to anyone. Cheers!
Just started listening a week ago and am about halfway through the archives. So many great ideas to help me improve my balloon/magic business. Thanks for putting out such a terrific podcast.
This show is a must-subscribe for any serious magician or entertainer. Every episode is a crazy-helpful crash-course in self-marketing.
Great information from the people who are out there actually doing and living magic. So many of us focus on the "presentation" of magic but miss the essential business aspect of magic - what's the use of a great show if no one knows about it?. Thanks Ken and Julian for providing information that really isn't available anywhere else in such an accessible format.
… with me that this is the single best resource on iTunes for the business of show business. I listen while driving to and from gigs, and after hearing the episode with Jason and Stacy, something amazing happened. The very next day, I got a call for what may become the most lucrative gig of my 40+ years and magic! Because I have heard that interview the night before, I was prepared and knew what to do. Whether you're just starting out in magic, or want to become a full-time professional, or a pro who's stuck and needs to move to the next level, you'll find useful information here from top-shelf experts who clearly articulate their ideas with a sense of humor. Julian Mather and Ken Kelly are successful full-time magicians, and although they live on opposite sides of the globe, they are kindred spirits who genuinely want to help other performers. Try one episode and you'll be hooked!
Regardless of what field of entertainment you are aligning yourself with, you will find a wealth of information here. Be sure to join the Facebook group - if the members don’t have the answers for you, Julian or Ken will jump in and help you!


By Jules70
As a professional musician and an amateur magician...I have found this podcast to be extremely inspirational! Because of this podcast I am taking steps to improve my game in the music world! Thank you!
Love to hear these guys.These are the best to help you with any questions you may have, I have learned so much from them.
Even though this says "magician" in the title, this applies to any solo or small group performer whose business consists of a bunch of small bookings to make up one busy year. Also good if this is what you want to do but aren't there yet. Great for newbies to seasoned pros, this is just good business advice without a hard sell. Usually their guests have something to promote, but it's a very soft sell and there's lots of good solid advice in every episode. Also, they have guests from several countries, and it's great to see the view from another perspective. If you find yourself challenged by the business side of performing, listen to every episode and check out the website too for even more gold. Great job, guys, and I'll keep listening and spreading the word. Seriously, I tell someone about it at least once a week. -Annie


By Sjillyc
Lots of useful information for entertainers including children entertainers. I especially liked learning about the money shot.
Finally getting updated to 21st century with my business. Thanks so much!
I am learning a ton from this podcast series. Keep up the good work guys.
Another wonderful episode guys. Very informative and great tips from Steve Russell. Looking forward to the next episode.
What more can I add to my title of this review? It pretty much says it all. These interviews are hitting the mark. We all know enough tricks, but the real trick is in the business and marketing of yourself and your magic. With their congenial style, Ken and Julian get their guests to open up and yet keep the talks focused. And the advice shared by the guests is priceless. It's as if you are sneaking into a lecture without paying!
This is a great site, the podcasts are dirct and packed with solid information. If you are a performer looking to improve your online presence and your business approach in general, you cant get better information than is found right here.
I love Eric's, Julian's, and Jay Jay's channels! I love that specific podcast!
I’m really digging what these guys have to say. Their interviews and talks offer great practical business advice for anyone wanting to grow their entertainment business. Keep up the great work! I anxiously await each new episode.
These are great podcasts for anyone interested in the business side of the magic business. I've just finished listening to the fourth one, which has some great, specific advice on using Google adwords. I’m really looking forward to getting more of these.