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Reviews For The Catalogue Podcast

Love it - listened to it and actually laughed out loud. Good stuff! Great music too 🙌🏼
Makes laughs come out of my mouth.
This is the best, funniest podcast I've ever heard, and I subscribe to about a dozen comedy podcasts. Every episode is different, but each are great. The sketches blend seamlessly with the interviews. The (usually local, I believe) music provides a pitch for the entire episode. And the post-edits often make me laugh so hard I have to explain myself and the podcast to others. If you want a rote, boring, "So, like, what's your THING" podcast, keep going. But if you want a group of true originals orchestrating chaos and anarchy into truly hilarious podcast episodes, listen to Christopher and Josh before everyone else does.
This podcast is awesome. Every time you tune in there's a 90% chance your day will be more awesome by at least 65%. Well done!
Funny guys always cracking me up. Great music and always entertaining
The hosts are hilarious, the guests are goofy, the sketches are sensational, and the music is moving. I laughed, cried, and peed myself a little all before I even listened!
In interest of full disclosure, I'm one of the founders of this podcast, although I'm no longer involved in any way. I assure you of my objectivity, however; my love for the show is balanced out by my hatred of half the hosts and musical features. If you combined Kanye with Tim and Eric, you get something totally unlike this show, but I'm not certain it would be any better. Holler.
Christopher and Josh are podcasting wizards, blending humor, topical dialogue and cutting-edge music into sixty-ish minutes well-spent. The Catalogue is a treasured asset to the St. Louis cultural landscape but the program itself has great universal appeal. Stop reading this and start listening.
I’m a little partial, because I’ve worked with Josh and Christopher. However, I think they do an amazing job of mixing in interview with awesome local music and some sketches. Super fun and it keeps moving, which is nice in a podcast.
An excellent podcast. A stream of genuine comedy, cultural relevance, and humanity explained. Also, authentic music is riddled throughout!