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I like the content in this podcast. I've been working on transforming my body and my mindset around exercise and nutrition. One of my favorite episodes is #339 about having a breakthrough in any area of life. I like the no BS approach that Ted uses. I need the blunt honesty, and I appreciate it.
Ted and his guests provide real insight into bettering yourself in more than just the typical health and fitness approach. Great listen!
Traveling and staying fit on the road is tough. We all know it and this podcast provided great insight and tips to help stay fit for those that travel a lot. Thanks for this show, keep it up!
Fabulous show Ted! :Love the inspiration for all Life areas and how the basics of health, nutrition and exercise - taking care of yourself, is the foundation for a positive mindset leading to the Life You Desire! Great minds think Alike! LOL - and I will be listening to more of your great show! Thanks for all your efforts - Coach Riana Milne, Lessons in Life & Love podcast
Ted and his guests provide some incredibly compelling content that’s geared to help you take actionable steps to live a healthier, more well-rounded life as you age. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Legendary Life Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to level up both mentally and physically (and inch closer towards sustained peak performance as a result)!
I'm obsessed with this podcast, I can get eveything I need all from here, the nutrition tips like I've never heard before, and the no BS coaching that I need. Thanks Ted!
Lots of insightful tips on Ted's podcast. I would start here if your serious about transforming your body!
It is encouraging to hear the journey of others like me striving to make their life better and healthier. Great tips and information that will help to inspire me to stay on track.
I'm a 25 year old New Yorker currently married with a 4 month old and living in Greece. I heard Ted Ryce speak on the 5 Am Miracle last year and his story moved me, so I started listening. And I'm a little weird, I can't listen to recent episodes of a podcast until I've heard EVERY EPISODE FROM THE BEGINNING. So I did. I rolled my eyes quite a bit at Ted in the beginning when it was still the Alpha Man podcast. I was reserving my review until I caught up with the episodes, which seemed like it would take forever. But I'm so glad I stuck it out. Ted has grown with the podcast and now I really look forward to new episodes. Ted is motivating and one of the few who aren't here to sell you bull. Even as a young woman I find all of the information useful and have done quite a bit of translating for my non-English speaking husband. Thank you Ted for all that you do. I am very appreciative of your podcast. I'm looking forward to being a more involved listener.
Giselle, thank you for recommending Ted's podcast to me. I am the host of Goal Getting Podcast and one of my goals has been to release weight to get back to the my ideal weight. Even as an expert on setting and achieving goals, this goal has eluded me. Mostly because I didn't have the right why during most of the journey. This year, I have committed myself to achieve this goal. Since I started listening to Ted Ryce on the Legendary Life Podcast I have learned more about nutrition and lifestyle mindset than most of the other healty podcasts I've listened to. Thanks for helping with my motivation, knowledge and inspiration to achieve my wellness goal. #WorkOnWellness. I am on track to achieve my mid-year goal and my ultimate year end goal weight. Thanks.
First of all, you had me at the title, "Legendary Life" because who doesnt want THAT?? But seriously I love the show because my passion is also for health, healing, fitness & living your best life! I love health hacks and good interviews so I'm excited to have a new health podcast to add to my playlist!
I listen to *a lot* of peak performance podcasts, and Ted Ryce's is DEFINITELY my favorite. Everthing from thinking, feeling, and behaving better, he covers it ALL, and on top of that, he brings in experts from around the world to dive deeper into these subjects.
An extrordinary show that teaches not only a healthier lifstyle but does so in an invogorating and respectful manner that motivates from beginning to end. A must listen with each and every new episode.
As an entrepeneur and older dude (53), I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to keep motivated. This podcast is a must. Love it. Thanks for sharing Ted. Excited about the next one.
Excellent advice for those looking to take their health and body to the next level. The host does a great job at extracting vital info from his guests to help us acheive our health and wellness goals! Great work!
And check this podcast out! Ted is a great host who is super knowledgeable and totally willing to drop wisdom on every episode. If you want a healthy lifetsyle, listen to this show!
This podcast had me hooked from the opening words. Alternative medicine is not “alternative” because the alternative to a healthy lifestyle is an unhealthy lifestyle. If you are a health enthusiast like me, or if you simply want to be healthier, this is the podcast for you!
I just discovered this podcast, and it’s a definite winner. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This podcast is really great. I love the note in the Nutritional Hack episode that these are evidence-based tips of food preparation, not alternative methods. Highly recommend this podcast. Every time I listen I learn more about my body.
Just listened to the ep about fasting - really blew my mind. Looking forward to listening to catching up in the archives for more amazing fitness tips!!
Ted’s podcast is very inspiring and there is no BS. He explain that there is no magic diet or supplement for losing weight, adding muscle, and getting in shape. That is so refreshing and honest. He get it. His tips really help a lot especially the episodes about travel, surviving the holidays, and supplements you should take. I just wish I had more to listen to.
This is so helpful to understand the how the science of food effects the weight gain. Most people don't know how this really controls their eating habits. Great info, must listen of you want to take control of your weight loss journey. Ken Baker
Great info for a men looking for a better life. Definitely worth a listen!
This podcast is an excellent resource to help you build a healthy lifestyle. The guests are outstanding and knowledgeable. The information is very applicable as well. Keep up the great work!
I'm a health nut, and I've got to say this is one of the best health and wellness podcasts out there! Enjoy!
I’m so happy that I found this podcast! I have learned so many expert tips that are helping me with my training. Keep up the great work!!
I started weightlifting a few months ago and the further I go into the health arena, the better. I'm planning to be the fittest 80yo around and this podcast is a big part of shifting my mindset. Thanks Ted!
Easy to listen to, motivating, positive, funny, practical advice on fitness. Going into my regular rotation.
I just listened to 5 Stranger Things That Build Muscle, Burn Fat.... wow. I read tidbits of health tips and listen to some podcasts but this is unique! I enjoyed this episode and might just have to try one or tw of these... thanks so much for an interesting and useful episode!
So informative! Love that he talks about nutrition too! I'm one of those people who have been walking around with a big bag of kale, haha! So good to get the scoop!
Listen to it everyday on my drive to work, best podcast, real information, no bs!!!!
The 'Legendary Life' podcast is simply the BEST source of information, inspiration, and motivation for anyone seeking to improve their health, fitness, energy, and quality of life!
In a time that we are all so busy, it seems that we have very little time to learn how to become healthier. Legendary Life Podcast is exactly what we need in our lives today in order tgo get better! Keep it coming, we greatly appreciate all the great info!
One thing I love about the Legendary Life podcast is that you get done with episodes and get incredibly tangible actionable steps to take. For example, in the episode on staying on your health game during vacation he nailed some of my biggest problems and had easy to implement solutions. Thanks Ted from John Arnold The Practical Disciple
We all know that once you hit 30, staying in shape gets harder. Well this podcast shows how easy staying shape can be for everyone. This podcast provides great methods to help you begin or maintain your healthy lifestyle.
Great show that brings everything together to lead a legendary life!
As the host of The God Zone show podcast, I recognize the need for and benefits of implementing the great stategies in body and mind as Ted offers in addition to practical soul and spiritural tactics as I present on my show.
Ted is on point on the benefits of exercising. You feel better, stronger, and it ripples in other areas as in positivity, relationships, and motivation. It makes you go out and want to do things. You have the energy to do those things. And in the end, you want to stay healthy as we get older. I want to be alive for a long time because I believe in one life and I want to make the best of it.
Can't wait to listen to more episodes of this podcast. Nicely done and of course a topic that should interest everyone.
Tim brings the straight talk on health and fitness. I appreciate how he doesn't hold back on his advice and tells the listener what they need to hear!
I'm tellin' ya. Ted is going to MOTIVATE you. If you follow his tips and advice, your body is going to be JAMMIN'. I can't stop listening!
This show definitely will get and keep you in shape. Great content-rich podcast that provides practical information you can use everyday. A must for anyone serious about getting healthy and staying in shape!
Ted is a great host and does well is covering a variety of topics that have been of interest to me. Keep it up!
I love Ted's podcast. Many health related podcasts leave you with more questions than answers. Each episode leaves me with actionable tips that I can integrate into my life. My favorite suggestion is to never eat two bad meals in a row. It's easy to get into a pattern of making bad food choices and I love how easy this is to set you up for success. Highly recommend this podcast!
Interesting and engaging topic. I enjoyed listening to this podcast, it keeps me motivated. This is a great resource for men young and old. There is so much to learn.
Being a guy over the age of 30 that cares about his health, Ted's podcast really hits home. If you want to take your health to the next level, I definitely recommend checking out Legendary Life Podcast!
As a man in his early 40's, it's not as easy to stay healthy and fit as it was in my younger years. That's one of the reasons why I like the Legenday Life Podcast so much. It gives me relevant information that I can implement right away to live a healthier, more vibrant life!
I love all the value that each episode givees! I can’t wait to hear more!
What a great podcast for men that are busy and need efficient ways to take care of themselves.