Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast

Reviews For Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast

I love the podcast, its a ritual to listen to each new episode on the way to work. I teach recording arts at the college and always recommend this podcast to my students. The industry news is so helpful and interviews are great. A small suggestion or wish is to hear more about the process, equipment and practical things than the history/background of guests, but that part is interesting also as you feel like you get to know the guest. Thanks and keep it going!
Thank you love hearing other thoughts on things I question!
I look forward to every one of his podcasts. Bobby keeps us abreast of the latest trends that recorded music takes. Much thanks Bobby!
Bobby Owsinski is so knowledgeable and such a pleasure to listen to. I really enjoy the topics he discusses, and the experience and insight he brings. A++
Bobby is so interesting to listen to, such a wealth of knowledge in the music industry. His books and blogs are gems in themselves, this podcast is a great addition to his vast portfolio!
This podcast compliments his book Music 4.0 so well and keeps the listener up to date on music trends, music business insight, and how to move your music career forward. Really great
Bobby keeps you up to date on industry news and trends, as well as gives tips and interviews music industry and recording experts. If you're a musician or work in the industry, you'll love this show.
Bobby is a Classic well seasons PRO! So its a little disappointing that he would approve and release an interview with such poor sound on the phone calls. I could not even finish listening to episode #79 as the crunched up cel phone caller was impossible to listen to more than 3 min. Surely Mr. O can set up a skype call with these heavy hitters in the industry. seems to be a joke to hear a person say “I just can’t stand it when a recording is put out with bad poor sound” only to miss most of the quote due to bad poor sound. Keep at it Bobby! Your a great resource to the Podcasting community. Just wish the interview sounded better.
Super informative !
Bobby Owsinski’s podcast offers a ton of great information. It’s a perfect combo of ‘old school’ know-how and forward thinking insights.
This podcast has the perfect amount of detail. Keeps you interested and is very informational. Keep up the great work!
This show is filled with knowledge about the business of audio as well as the art of it. Bobby is extremely insightful and open to sharing new information to future engineers.
I have been reading his articles and web sites about the music industry for a long time. This podcast is even better. I enjoyed the wide range of guests he has had so far. I look forward to each new episode.
I'm really happy Bobby has started his own show. Every time I've heard him in interviews and on other shows, I would say to myself "Wow. This guy knows his stuff. I wish he would start his own podcast" Well I guess that wish was granted. Great stuff and really looking forward to hearing future episodes. I'm definitely a fan for the long run.