Let's Read Together with Kevin Froleiks

Reviews For Let's Read Together with Kevin Froleiks

Truly a wonderful alternative to moving one's eyes across a page.
I love this podcast. Kevin is a great quck witted host, and the concept of reviewing a book you havent read is brilliant if you have ever had to take an english class. Highly Recommended.
I never wasnt to spend time with a book, but I want to be a part of people's conversations. That's why I listen to this podcast because THEY DO THE READING FOR YOU. It's amazing. I couldn't ask for anything more.
In fact, crackerjack and a half!
Perhaps you don't know me personally, but I promise you can trust me. I used to write Amazon reviews. This podcast is amazingly fantastic and did I mention it's free? I'm also a teensy bit jealous that I didn't think of the idea first. But it makes sense. Kevin Froleiks: Jimmy Cagney for our time.
Really funny podcast with a sharp, creative premise.
So good so funny very yes much!
Or maybe the episode I listened to was just a dud.
What a fun show! Great idea and great quality! I'm Hooked!
Got hooked and have now made my way through them all! A really fun podcast. Perfect for readers and those that want others to read for them.
from beginning to end this is a great show
Haven't listented yet, will shortly. But his interaction with Superego on Twitter made me click and subscribe.
Just listen its great.
Kevin Froleiks is one of my favorite comedians. Great idea for a show, great host, makes me want to read more
This podcast is fantastic...definitely worth checking out. The host (Kevin) and the co-host(s) (various other comics) always have great chemistry. And the theme song is fantastic. Check it out for quotes like this: "Can you call someone postmodern when we can only exist in the modern era?" -Kevin on "Gravity's Rainbow"
With an attitude...
It's called Let's Read Together, and while Kevin Froleiks and his guest are not actually reading a book out loud while you read along at home, the podcast is about books, so the title is not a complete fraud. Books are discussed on the show. Also, Kevin has a pretty sharp looking beard, and even though you can't see it because podcasting isn't primarily a visual medium, it FEELS like you're listening to a man with a nice beard. It's also very funny and insightful, especially concerning the dietary laws of Sweden and Norway. Five Stars, yay books.
This is brilliant! The guests are funny, the host is like If Ira Glass and banjo had a baby! It's crazy how little these guys know about the books they've "read". Easily one of my favorite podcasts! I've also heard "Worst Landlord" is good too...