Reviews For MobileTechRoundup

I've followed this show for a while and they consistently put out a great show. One of my favorites.
I look forward to this one since it's like spending time with friends that have much larger gadget budgets than I. I get to experience all the new tech vicariously.
Enjoy listening to Matt and Kevin each week to see what the latest gadgets they are using are and to get their insight on new products. They both claim to be trying to simplify in 2014, say it’s not so guys.
I have been a fan and listening to this show (video and audio back in the days) for many years. And this show continues to get better. Totally Unbiased. And enjoy listening to Kevin sell Matt on a new device every show. The soft spoken, straight to the point pace of the show makes it that much more enjoyable. I wish it was longer (the hour just goes tooooo fast). Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!
Great podcast. Kevin and Matt are two VERY knowledgeable guys, who really has no bias whatsoever and They BUY their devices, so we won't hear stupid opinions. My biggest gripe (though small) is that most of the time, the mic volume levels are different. Sometimes Matt is too loud, other times he's too low. Same with Matt. Please fix that, normalise the volume! Great show!
I found this podcast when researching whether to buy a Kindle Fire HD or a Nexus 7. The hosts are very knowledgable and from the 8-9 shows I've listened to, they actually purchase the products and test them out. You're not getting regurgitated facts from a sales brochure or from 15 minutes of hands-on time at a trade show. However, the audio quality could be improved. Often times one of the hosts will be talking in a normal tone but I can barely hear the other, so I turn up the volume, then he lets out a breathy laugh right onto the microphone and it practically blows me outta my seat. This weeks show had an annoying clicking sound when one of the hosts was either clipping his fingernails or playing with something. Then one of them was blowing their noses unmuted. I wish they would level their audio to match so their volumes are the same and get rid of the background noise.
Besides having great content, these guys are just enjoyable to listen to. Yes, Kevin reminds me of Ned Flanders of The Simpsons, but In the best possible way. Two wild and crazy geeks. Two thumbs up!
Great podcast for information on the actual daily use of mobile devices. No bias to any one platform, they both use and discuss all of the platforms available.
These guys offer a solid discussion for the latest mobile tech news. Really informative and insightful.
Bunch of Google fanboys. If your a iPhone 4 user this is not the podcast for you.
These three very knowledgable people present one of the best podcasts on mobile technology available. Organized, to the point, excellent audio, makes this the podcast for mobile technology.
I have listened to this podcast for a long time and never miss an episode. Kevin, James, and Matt are easy to listen to and know what they are talking about. This Is a great program if you're interested in the latest from the world of mobile technology.
These guys are great and have a good hands-on-knowledge of the devices they discuss. I look foward to their podcast each week and they make for a good balance to the Engadget podcast.
Three knowledgeable guys with a variety of backgrounds discuss the latest mobile tech news, whether that's Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, netbooks, the latest Mac laptop, or mobile-tech accessories. They keep it well-paced and interesting.