Reviews For Podthingy

Funny and they are pulling the big talent now! We all grew up with "Pretty In Pink" and it counts if your first watch was Sunday reruns, so I really enjoyed Jon Cryer's humor adding to the shows backdrop of geekdom. Of course, most of us know him from "Two and Half Men", so when is he going to at a ComicCon???
OK I'll admit I've listened to a lot of geeky podcasts (and non-geeky too, come on, can't I be normal sometimes?) And these guys are hysterical! They are definitely in the loop in regards to pop culture and know their stuff and will make you laugh (while learning something at the same time.) Its like bringing the comic out of the con without being at the con. I hope that makes sense!
I honestly love every episode more than the last. I find the discussions, on point, current, interesting and informative. Its very entertaining. What more can a fellow geek ask for? I highly recommend. Tune in and enjoy the ride.
Podthingy is awesome! Tons of humor, insight, and alcohol which is the perfect recipe for reviewing all things nerd related. The glue that holds it all together is the comraderie that they have, and how well they play off eachother, all of which leads to a hilarious and entertaining hour out of my day. Thanks for doing it, and doing it well.
The is right up my alley. A fun mix of nostalgia (if you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s), geek trivia, and alcohol. The hosts are witty yet casual enough that you feel you are right there with him at a drinking party. So much that I’ve caught myself laughing out loud thinking I was there only to be embarrassed in a public place. Highly recommended. Keep em coming !
I listen to this guys (and gal) on my morning walk, and it always gets my blood going! I find their views pretty on point, and really enjoy their back and forth.
4 of the funniest and most unique Geek Pop Culture minds come together with their friends Jack, Jose and Jim to bring you the latest in pop culture, entertainment, crass humor and anything else they can think of. Informative and generally hilarious, Podthingy has something for everybody. Except kids. Definitely nothing for kids.
Been enjoying this podcast since its first. Great show. You never know what random topics will be covered but what ever is touched is good listen.
How do *I* get a job drinking and nerding out with other nerds. I <3 Podthingy and all things Hot Nerd Girl. Funny, smart, and nerdy. What more do you want?!
Podthingy is great! Very comical and informative. Fun to listen to with great hosts. I feel I am right there with them! Good job guys!
These guys are funny and on point about recent movies and TV shows. A good assortment of personalities and backgrounds gives well rounded perspective.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to get into another podcast, but these guys (along with the hysterical Hot Nerd Girl) manage to keep things fun and interesting. Very entertaining, well paced, and I caught myself chuckling more than a few times at their drunken antics. If you're into nerd culture at all, I'd definitely recommend giving them a listen.
This podcast is a breath of fresh air to listen too! Fun for the drive home. Friendly banter, great characters, and interesting conversation. Takes me down memory lane growing up in LA area in the 80's... The Rock Star, Nerd Girl, Author, and Outlaw all share there knowledge of movies, comic characters, Sci-fi, and cocktails. You never know what my come out of thier mouths or what foot they will out in it!.thanks for the laughter.
Comical and inspirational, Podthingy spews hilarity on information that I never would've known without their diligent research. Always entertaining and I highly suggest listening just before bed. Love you guys! Superheroes proliferate!