This is by far my favorite podcast. It's HILARIOUS and I wish my real life friends were this funny.
Just the right balance of humour, honesty, irreverence, and sincerity. Just what I need on the Stepford planet I currently inhabit.
Fthisplaydate is a funny, no holds barred account of what motherhood is really like in the trenches. Laurel and Jenny speak the truth about being a mother, a wife and a woman and the weight all of those titles hold. They are witty, smart and refreshing. No subject is off limits and neither is any cuss word.
I love this podcast because I feel like Laurel and Jenny are moms I would actually want to play date with. They are real, unpretentious and hilarious.
Laurel and Jenny have something really special going on with Fthisplaydate. They have me laughing out loud each week and then moments later have me pondering meaningful questions about life, motherhood, and just being a human being. I have never been so entertained and enlightened by a podcast before. They are simply amazing!
When I'm having a rough parenting day, nothing makes me feel better than an episode of Fthisplaydate. I'm reminded that I'm still a human and a lady. Laurel and Jenny are super funny and smart Moms. Check it ooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttt!
Crazy funny podcast series. Laurel and Jenny take the outwardly mundane world of being a wife and mother and expose it in unexpected ways. They turn their quick-witted and often dirty humor on themselves as they spill the beans on their own parent- and partner-related topics and take them to a level that is shocking, relatable, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. They blend humor that is fresh and honest with wit, wisdom, and musings that are warmly delivered and leave you feeling like you have made two new friends.