Screw The Nine to Five

Reviews For Screw The Nine to Five

Screw the nine to five has become one of my favorite shows. I love the fact that it's full of actionable tactics and strategies to grow our business, but at the same time it’s fun to listen to. Very memorable and engaging. Great energy. Five stars!
I started my entrepreneur journey 2 years ago and I would listen to this podcast religiously to inspire me to move in the direction of living my dream. I can’t thank you enough for helping me and millions of others reach their dream life.
🍏 Josh and Jill have a knack for educating entrepreneurs on the most vital subjects while being genuine (because they’re doing the work!) Gratitude for showing up every week for us, looking forward to your next podcast🍏.
I just love the bite-sized nuggets of gold that Josh and Jill give out every week. I’ve been following and learning from them since their first big Facebook group days. I’ve loved their evolution and the different ideas they talk about for building a business online. If you are not sure where to start in your online business-building journey start here.


I loveeeeee you both and look forward to every episode!!!❤️❤️❤️
The perfect balance of inspiration and practical know-how. Love every episode!
These are the two most fun, authentic people who seriously put your business first and bring you the info that YOU need to move your business ahead in a way that is fun, totally practical, and leaves you wanting more. These two bring out the best in the experts on their show, every one with practical yet mind-blowing information one can implement immediately. The info in each episode alone can be a complete game changer for your business. Plus, it's entertaining! No one is a stick in the mud and you will have fun and laugh as you learn. Doesn't get better than this.
Super practical stuff for online business owners + two super fun hosts = the perfect professional development resource for my mornings!!
I’ve been following Josh and Jill for a while now, and they are genuine, kind caring people who are truly working to help entrepreneurs build businesses that make a difference in the world. The show is always jampacked full of great insights, ideas, wisdom, and lots of laughs too. I listen to this show every week, and it’s always valuable and encouraging.
I'm lucky my wife cooks really healthy food and helps me to not eat the wrong thnig. We walk a minimum of 2 miles per day. Thanks for this
You two are f%*€n’ awesome! Love the easy flow between you and the great practical advice you’re throwing out to us. I’ve struggled for years to get out of the 9 to 5 and you give me hope that I may still make it. As a 50 something I don’t have a lot of time left.
This show is a must listen if you have an online biz. They give practical advice that you can implement the minute you listen. Each episode is full of awesome nuggets of info & helpful takeaways!
The last episode on Facebook groups was EPIC. So glad you're back after a long break. Value packed stuff as usual, And... congrats on the wee one. Kathe, host of the Rock Your Retirement Show. *********************************************************************************** Previous review: It's been since they've created a new episode, but I'm still going through the old ones, which are still relevant by the way... Josh and Jill have a playful co-personality yet they always teach us something new. Whatever break you need, take it and then come back... We love you! XXOO
I love how real and honest Jason and Kirsty wer about what it took to create their businesses. I love that Josh drills down on the behind-the-scenes to highlight that it takes work, perseverance and persistence to make it work. And that it doesn't always work the first time but stick with it. This is what people need to hear. Thanks for featuring Jason Brown and Kirsty Briscoe.
I love this show. Not just because of the massive amount of information on how to carve out your place in this world, but also because it sounds like Josh and Jill are having a ton of fun, which makes the whole thing a pleasure to listen to.
This is one of the few podcasts that I make sure and listen to EVERY week! I always learn something, and usually several things that are helping move my business forward. JIll and Josh are delightful, and hilarious. Thanks you two!
Loving this podcast. It’s full of amazing tips that you can take and put to use in your own life. I also really enjoy the dynamic between the hosts. Keep up the great work!
As someone who is hustling to make dreams come true, I appreciate their guidance and tips. It makes it easy to listen to as they are real, kind and fun.
I love the professionalism Josh and Jill bring to their show. Love the quality. Great listen!
If you love podcasts that are entertaining AND educational, LISTEN. Screw the Nine to Five will challenge you, call you out, and give you directly actionable steps to grow your online business! Josh is awesome and consistent, and Jill…. Jill is like a raging disco party all bottled up into one small package! Keep up the great work.
This podcast is only one piece of content that Josh and Jill put out that is great quality. You WILL enjoy it trust me. They're very down to earth and I can connect with their personality. The SCRUM episode was definitely one of my favorites. Check them out.
Ok that may sound dramatic but it is the truth. Because of them I have 100% changed my focus. But honestly, the best part is that I just love these two and how they are together. This show is a must!!!
These guys are like the Bonnie and Clyde in the business podcast category! (I say it as a compliment) The greatest power couple in business in my opinion and proud to say that you can't go wrong with this show. Not only are they funny (which NO business podcast out there is) but EVERY EPISODE is full of great actionable content you can use in your business! A must listen if you want to get any kind of success within entrepreneurship! you will love them! #5Stars for sures!
Fun business podcast, tons of valuable insight. You guys make learning fun, keep up with the good work. Amy
Holla - Jill & Josh are both outstanding! The best podcast hands down - so entertaining and offer too many great “tips" to list on the details of starting an online business that others don’t. Even got wife listening. I’m still in the 9-5, but seriously planning my escape thanks to ya'll! Please keep forever Screwing The Nine to Five - you guy rock!!! Ric in San Antonio TX
Absolutely love Jill & Josh. They are full of knowledge and experience.. and they want to help you succeed. Listen to them now if you’re linking about leaving your nine to five behind so that you’re prepared to make the switch when you’re ready. <3 you guys!!
Love the branding and the message behind the podcast itself. I really like how actionable the episodes are!
I'm definitely "picking up what they're putting down." Not only do J & J share what works in online business, but what doesn't, through their own personal struggles, and THAT'S where the real gold nuggets are found. Add a healthy dose of fun, laughter and encouragement, and I'm hooked!
Love your podcast. Great personalities and useful information. Looking forward to future episodes. FYI, heard about you on the Flipped Lifestyle podcast. Keep up the good work. Jesse
I have a lot of fun listening to this podcast. It motivates me and brings a smile to my face. Especially now that I’m re-venturing into my own entrepreneurial adventure. "The Brooklyn Teddy Podcast!" My mouth waters when Jill announces that she’ll “Show Us Her Tips!” and adds her brand of spontaneity ( I love that she curses). Josh on the other hand is the anchor, keeps the show grounded and is a little more civil. They make a great entertaining combo. Thanks for all the information, the podcast and continued success.
I listen to a lot of podcasts…A LOT of them. As a life long learner and & someone who’s appetite for knowledge and all-things entrepreneurial is insatiable, I’m continually on the hunt for great sources of relevant, new info. Well, you can imagine how delighted I was when I found the “Screw the Nine to Five Podcast” by Jill & Josh. Their unique delivery of high value content that’s enveloped in an easy to understand, humorous (and sometimes downright hysterical) style is addictive. Put this on your weekly “must listen to” list & thank me later :)
I love this show! Awesome tips, awesome guests. Love the edginess! Keep it up!
Jill and Josh have a unique style and are so easy to listen to! Every show is fun and packed with valuable tips. Most other internet marketers tend take themselves too seriously. With Jill and Josh its always about having a blast, keeping it real, and taking care of their audience. We love this podcast!
This is the place to have a great time while you're building an incredible life for yourself. Tips and tricks that doesn't take itself too seriously. Entrepretainment!
I just discovered this podcast via the EOFire interview. I have my own website that I am trying to monetize, as well that I run the online presence of a brick and motar store. The solid Facebook marketing tips were mindblowing! I am going to try them out immediately. Thanks, Jill and Josh!
I love that this podcast feels like a conversation among friends. Cussing and bloopers included, not to mention ever-present wine and innuendo - it’s like sitting in on an awesome dinner discussion about online business and relationships :-)
Josh and Jill are moving the pendulum in the right direction for couples in business together! They have a great idea and are really adding value. Thanks and please continue to do what you’re doing.
Lots of great information.
Very informative! I love the idea of screwing the 9 to 5
This couple is fun, entertaining, informative, and inspiring. They show that you can enjoy what you do and you don't have to settle.
I have been searching for years to learn how to create the lifestyle I've been dreaming about with an online business. Screw The Nine to Five is the answer! Jill and Josh Stanton are delivering a powerful message and incredibly valuable information in this podcast. Screw The Nine to Five rocks and I love it!
Been following Jill and Josh for some time now and they always put out quality stuff with just the right amount of sass. Keep it up guys!
In our families quest to screw the nine to five we came across Josh and Jill and we are hooked! Their podcasts are helpful, funny and give real examples that you can put into action right away. They aren't too long and their banter is all part of the fun. Holla! Proud to be a part of their Lifestyle Affiliate group! Thanks guys!
I am really enjoying the podcast and the energy this couple brings to online marketing. I just signed up for the lifestyle affiliate program. The information they give is right on, and very down to earth.
Love the tips and couple’s spotlight! Thanks for starting this! :)
Check it out. These two are doing what people say they’d love to, but just keep putting off. They’ve recognized they can live by their own definition, and are better for it. If you want to make travel a bigger part of your life, then you’ve got to support your dreams and Jill and Josh can help you get it done.
A great show from a fun couple with a lot of passion. If you are a couple who wants to start your own business together and travel the world, check it out!
Now this is how life should be! Spending time where you want, doing what you want when you want. We are all along for the ride in Josh and Jill’s podcast, ready to learn and grow our businesses. Check it out now if you haven’t already!