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I grew up reading the Book of Mormon as an LDS member, but ever since I resigned I have forgotten some key details in the book. Having stumbled upon this podcast, it has been very enjoyable to listen along with someone who has not been exposed to this text before, and mutually gawk at how ridiculous the BOM is.
This is how religious scripture should be read.
Plus, who doesn't love a drinking game! I really didn't know anything about Mormonism. A few names and a general idea of how it came about, but not all of the craziness, wars, drama, and twists. And Marie and Bryce are amazing hosts. Engaging and funny!
It is extremely entertaining to listen to a person reading The Book of Mormon for the first time while giving their initial thoughts on it.
I don’t understand the hate directed at Mormons. They haven’t done anything. This isn’t comedy, this is hate speech. If you want to hear the truth about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) then don’t listen to anti Mormon literature. That’s like listening to the Crusaders talk about Muslims. Go to or at least an unbiased source. This person clearly hates Mormons for some reason and is not telling the truth.
Great show for anyone like me who wants to soak up all that is the BOM. Love this show and hope it continues for a very long time! Start at Ep1 with David you will NOT be disappointed!!!
There is not enough, came to pass, yea, and look. Needs more of it.
David did great work, thanks for all your hard work and for choosing excellent successors Marie and Bryce. They are funny, insightful and informative. Enjoy and support their efforts.
This podcast help me through my transition out of Mormonism and my divorce. I have been listening for years, both David and Marie are wonderful host and Bryce a great co host. I recommend it to everyone


Listened to the first 6 episodes. Haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.
It's funny how someone can read through a book and point out all the things you were trained to NOT think about. And do it with no preparation at all. David Michael and now Marie Kent fly by the seat of their pants and offer insights that most Mormons have likely never thought of. Listening through this podcast helped me realize that, yes I was crazy, and no I'm not crazy anymore.
It’s interesting that someone would make a living off of this. Mocking a book or group of people who are trying to better themselves for someone’s personal gain is an unfortunate way to live. There are so many other good & positive ways to evoke humor and laughter in the world. The Book of Mormon is a good book. The best way to know is to read it sincerely. It’s easier to mock than it is to try to truly contribute to the world.


By Rdh63
Life long Mormon...challenged to read/listening BofM by my Stake Pres... to see if it’s true, so far the verdict is, nope!
I enjoy listening to this podcast. It is funny and interesting. There is one huge thing missing. David skims the spiritual growth part and mocks the confusing parts. Some of his jokes are funny but he lacks the balance of laughter, and an education on the core of the Mormon church. If you are Mormon, you'll either love it or hate it.
David Michael may well be the greatest orator in American history. He has made entertaining the Book of Mormon, a work described, justifiably, by the superlative Mark Twain as "chloroform in print." Anyone who can make Mark Twain a liar deserves only the highest praise.
I was raised LDS and the BOM was excruciatingly painful to try to get through. This is the most entertaining and most comprehensive way I've been able to go through this. Now I'll be able to tell family I have read it when they want to argue with me 😉. Thanks for your time and dedication. This podcast is great.
Just a wonderful podcast.
David called me personally after I had been binge-listening to his show and sent him an email describing my life. I was a student at BYU-I, a Mormon college, who had deconverted from the religion I thought I was going to spend the rest of my lift believing and supporting. The circumstances of my life made impossible to just get up and leave, and since I was more than a year out from graduating, I was pretty lonely and in a dark place. This show is worth supporting and sharing with others for a long time to come, even though David himself has since moved on from the show. It's one of those rare places where the outside world bursts the Mormon bubble and reaches insiders (not merely to take their faith from them, but to find those who feel trapped or alone and reaching them with a humorous outsider's perspective of their religion's central texts).
I love listening!
This reading is fantastic and I really enjoy the comentary.
Very funny, 10/10 would recommend
So far, I have really enjoyed listening to David read the Book of Mormon. Humorous. Light. Coherent. Imaginative. Thorough. As a transitioning Mormon, I find this very therapeutic. The so-called, "Most correct book of any book" sure seems less incredible when not tainted by the preconceived notions of a TBM reader.
And it came to pass (drink!) that I did become exceedingly enamored of this podcast, yea (drink!), even unto the awarding it a five-star rating, for mine ear delighteth in the honesty and goodness thereof.
This is comedy gold! Thanks to Mormon Stories podcast for bringing this into my life.
This podcast is very entraining to listen to. David does a great job. And it’s very interesting to see an outsiders point of view of the BOM. His reactions to the LDS books craziness is some of the funniest things I’ve ever listen to.
I am an ex Mormon... Now atheist because of the historical inaccuracies in the BOM and the hypocrisy of the church.... And the lies wrapped up in any religion. By far the best reading of the BOM I have ever experienced... And believe me... I have experienced a lot of BOM readings. Keep up the good work!
Love this podcast! Learned so much about the BOM hearing it from a nevermo perspective! Dave Michael does an awesome job. Love his great voice, his view point and his great sense of humor. Also have loved the Pricey Pearl and am loving the D&C with Brice. Keep up the excellent work you 2.
What an inspired podcast. God himself must've moved this man to create such an enjoyable experience for us all. All jokes aside, this is an extremely entertaining and absolutely fascinating podcast! It's not every day you get to hear a completely outside perspective on some completely ridiculous doctrines and concepts that many of us have been raised to ignore and accept.
I'm way behind the release here, but I just got done reading the Hebrew bible, then then New Testament. A friend asked me to read the Book of Mormon and I didn't think I had it in me. This is just the ticket!
Ever wondered what a non Mormon thinks of the Book of Mormon? Here's your chance.
I grew up reading the B of M and having it read to me. I never saw any racism, plagiarisms, inconsistencies, anachronisms, or historical problems. I just believed it was all true. After becoming an adult I studied the B of M and found out it contained ALL of these attributes. I was blinded. This podcast helped me, because allowing myself to listen to someone read that book that was not a believer, had never read it before, and was objective. Helped me see how outrageous this book is.
It is no easy task to make a religious text reading interesting... But David hits it out of the park! If you have ever wondered what was in the book of Mormon but are instantly put to sleep by traditional readings, then this is the podcast for you. Don't forget to also listen to the "Naked Mormonism Podcast" for extra background and historical info.
My Book of Mormon is the most unexpectedly good thing possible. Who knew the book of mormon could be so funny and boring and horrible and interesting. I listened to the first 90 episodes (how many were out when I first started) in about 4 weeks. I pretty much listened any time I wasn’t doing anything that would stop me. It’s addictively entertaining.
David does what many have not done, even among the believers of this work of fiction. That is, actually READ it. As with my experience with the bible, there is no better antidote for faith than reading the source material. I hope he keeps it up! With his buttery smooth voice and a sarcastic yet honest look at the Book of Mormon, you could do a hell of a lot worse in looking for an excellent show!
Doing a great job with awful material.
An awesome show to listen to. Helps me remember all the insane things I was raised with and puts it in a light I never imagined while growing up. It's crazy I'm binging these episodes like crazy and loving them. Thanks David for honestly making it easier to wade through insanity. But that's normal for an Exmo Humanistic Anti-theistic combat vet. Josue Angel Mejia
When this podcast first came out it was somewhat interesting but seemed to rely too much on snideness and snarkyness. As it went on it just seemed to be beating a dead dog and lost my interest.
As an atheist I never thought I'd read/listen to The Book of Mormon. This podcast makes it easy to get through a book that is totally made up by a crook. After listening, how can anyone be a Mormon?
I finally got up to date. I wanted to thank you for doing the heavy lifting of reading this thing. I was born a Mo in SLC but managed to excape just before I got the mission call - phew. So even though I have a pretty good understanding of LDS life I could never talk about what the church canon contains. Your podcast was an eye opener. Thanks again
As an ex-Mormon, it is refreshing to hear someone read the Book of Mormon for the first time and hear their perspective of the book. Excellent podcast!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!
The show 101 comparison between the original copy of the D&C and the most recent version was powerful. Please keep comparing these texts to their original version. Brice brings so much to the show, glad he is a permanent addition.
Just starting listening to this podcast, I'm only about 8 episodes in but I'm loving every second! David is hilarious, and makes so many good points that I never occurred to me in my own study. Would highly recommend!
As a former Mormon myself, I really love this podcast. David Michael's reading of the BoM, the Pearl of Great Price (or Pricey Pearl), and the Doctrine and Covenants is simply great. His comments are spot-on and it's absolutely amazing that I never noticed most of these things when I read the BoM.
I'm about fifteen episodes in, and I'm hooked. I've been out of the church for several years but I find it really interesting to read through the BoM again this way, having been away from it for years. I find that I excused so much of its content to be 'beyond my human comprehension', but now I can see the errors for what they are. Almost therapeutic, in a way. If you want to read the BoM through an LDS-approved filter, he's not your guy. If you're looking for some deep seminary content, he's not your guy. But if you want to listen to a true outsider pick up the book and read it for the first time with no Mormon insight at all, that's what this is. And it's kind of nice to have David be my reading buddy, even if our conversations are one-sided. :)
Mormonism fascinates/puzzles me. The narrator takes us on a fun ride through the silliness that is The Book of Mormon. Even the boring parts are a hoot because of the added commentary. This is one funny dude. Not recommended for devote Mormons, but if you're questioning your faith and thinking of leaving the church, this podcast is for you. Thanks!
I love listening to the Book of Mormon, I've never read it like he is. He highlights some pretty terrible logical, factual, and historical flaws in the book which is hilarious. This book is such a fraud. However, it's sad that he throws the Bible into the same category. He has a lot of very glaring misconceptions about the Bible especially with the Genesis account saying its just a talking snake and not the devil and also saying that the devil was telling the truth, I'd love to clear that up for him... However, still worth listening to. Thanks!
I saw the ratings on this podcast and was intrigued to say the least. All 5 star ratings? Seriously? That's pretty tough to come by. After listening for a few minutes it reminded me of a morning drive radio show that features two DJs mocking everything and everyone in the news, except there's only one DJ and he's mocking someone's religion. Not cool and certainly not 5 stars...unless you're into the DJs in the morning kind of thing.
Could have probably powered through The Book Of Mormon on my own but this makes it much more palatable, even entertaining. I limit myself to one or two episodes a day to avoid burnout.