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This podcast has very quickly become one of my absolute favorites. Sean and Aaron bring comedy, leftist politics, utopian-visions, and the best bits in their eps. I’m already a patron. srsly wrong is srsly great.
Jokes. Time travel. Deep dives into political economy. An ongoing saga about a fictional town. Brain worms. Dunking on Jordan Peterson. The Only Honest Politician. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll learn. Get on the Wrong Train folks.
This is the political podcast of my dreams and yours too. If you dig critical utopian content with the cutting wit of Chapo Trap House and the radical wholesomeness of Fred Rogers, then this is the pod for you.
I love Srsly Wrong because they’ve got a fun, sensitive, and positive approach that fits in with the idea of a prefigurative politics working towards the utopia we want to create.
Food for thought for changing the world.
Injecting some of the best leftist discussions with a novel and fun format
Love the content, love the editing, love the utopian social ecology. Keep it up!
And I know, everyone says that about a lot of different podcasts. But this actually is the greatest one. Shawn and Aaron are true geniuses and their podcast will bring peace to your life and the world as long as you don't get too anxious while you wait for the next episode, which you won't have to do for long because they are generous, efficient, and prolific podcasters and they will never let you down.
I love how in all their discussions they try to wrap it up by keeping in mind that while there are terrible things happening, we need to primarily remember that all people are human and deserve SECOND CHANCES and FORGIVENESS when they earn it! So many people just want to write anyone off the second they do anything problematic, and it's so refreshing to hear these lovely guys trying to bring people together instead of tearing them apart :)
Funny and for lack of a better word “woke”.
These seriously wrong guys can’t move into my neighborhood any time they want, as long as they’re not yellow sweater roderist. Then I would have to destroy them.
I don't want to be right. Srsly, you guys give me life :)
Truly brilliant
Always has something interesting to say, has changed my perspective on several things. If you've heard of them, and don't give them a listen, you're missing out.
I look forward to it every week!
I've known Aaron for years and I had no idea he was such a great podcaster. This is the show that got me into podcasts, and it has changed my life. Before listening I was depressed all the time, constantly thinking about how we're all doomed and the only thing we could do about it is stop consuming stuff and hope the solar energy revolution happens. Now I think people having stuff is good, nuclear power is a good thing, and sometimes a little party boat nihilism can keep your spirits up. Some of their jokes keep me laughing for days, especially the recent episode about human nature. You will not be disappointed with this podcast, and if you are, you're seriously just wrong.
Good audio and editing. Love the tone. High concept and hilarious. The best of the Left Twitter podcasts.
This podcast is a rare treat that explores themes of radical-left politics (while keeping one foot planted in liberal reformism and populist common sense) with wit, humor, insight, a high production quality, and a refreshing lack of ads. Shawn and Aaron are a lot of fun and have made something thoughtful and lol-sy that fills an important niche in the podcast space--particularly for anarchist-approximate types overwhelmed by liberal ideologic podcasts and underwhelmed by terrible-sounding, slapped-together work made by radical friends.
Simply a great and funny +informative podcast
10% world peace already accieved, tune in to help us get the other 90%.
Funny and informative! This podcast is surprisingly good. Give it a listen.


Would listen
Good discourse. The Femmephobia episode blew my mind. 2 Rad Dudes.
I like it!
This podcast will change the world!!! I now know that i'm srsly wrong in the way I precieve the world. Honestly the best podcast ever!!!!
it does not end. these guys are good. A little editing would trim some fat nicely but the quality of these guys' discourse is very right.
cool concept, lots of potential, keep up the great work!