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I get so much helpful advise from this podcast and through all of Amy’s different platforms. She is knowledgeable and helpful and gives me so many tools that help me create better video and to be a more organized and better business owner. Thank you, Amy!!
I came across Amy when I was about a year into my YouTube journey, and she has changed the game for me! I treasure all of her advice and could literally listen to her talk all day! Thank you Amy for inspiring me so much every day and helping me go after the life that I want! Xoxoxo
I love Amy I found her my accident when I was looking for fashion advice and I was led to her how to always look put together. And I was hooked because I liked the way she speaks. She’s. A no nonsense person
I'll add my voice to the others, i'm sure, who have almost certainly pointed out that the lack of a "sound engineer" was painfully obvious in this particular Podcast episode. Being a Podcast rather than a YouTube video, the Tesla situation was impossible to hear clearly for about half the episode due to road noise. Amy's advice to break topics down into smaller bites made a LOT of sense with this particular guest. Helpful, as always.
This might be silly but I love the podcast because I can listen as I’m doing the manual labor of my business but I don’t have to leave the screen open like I would on YouTube (I am too cheap to pay for red) because I love listening to Amy’s content and so this audio format is perfect for this. not to mention feeling inspired while doing the not so glamorous parts of running my business.
Such great content, and so great that this can follow me to the gym and I'm not on YouTube!
Thank you Amy for your inspiration every dang day! I live your content but most of all your personality shines in all of your videos and podcasts. I’ve opened my mind up to so many possibilities since subscribing to your channels! Thanks for keeping it real! And congratulations on the marriage! Landino is so much easier to remember btw😉 cheers 🥂
Amy knows her stuff! It's a great show and if you have any interest in online content creation or running an online business, she's the woman to listen to. However, new shows are highly inconsistent with spans of a couple days to a few weeks in-between episodes. Get it when you can but don't rely on a consistent schedule of new shows.
🌈❤️ super excited to By her new book: Vlog Boss. This podcast host is totes legit. We could be best friends. Transparent/ funny/ down-to-earth/ matter-of-fact Entrepreneur! Stoked on her success and accomplishments to start setting my goals to a higher level🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥇🏆
Amy mixes it up here in a fresh way. It's content integrated with conversation in an authentic way.
I love this podcast. Laughing and learning. Hilarious and hard hitting tips that you can immediately implement. Keep it up Amy!!!
Awesome podcast for anyone interested in digital and social media marketing. Enjoyed her unique and interesting perspective. Definitely recommend
Amy is a rockstar!
I've been following Amy's YouTube content to some time and became a recent listener of the podcast. Didn't think she could do better than the videos honestly. But she absolutely delivers every time with insightful guests and quick and easy tips. A major contribution to my personal brand and business development. This is a can't-miss podcast by an awesome industry leader.
Amy talks quickly and gets to the heart of her topic fast. This is a good thing. Think about it. You get in your car, load up Amy's latest episode and within 20-40 minutes you've learned something very valuable to help grow your business. Happy B-Day Amy!
The Marketing Lifestyle Show is something I look forward to each and every week! Amy has a fun and informative show and a great personality. But added to that she is an acutal practioner! Marketers tend to talk in generalizations and abstracts, but Amy backs up everything she says through results and actionable advice!
I have learn alot from listening to it!👏👏👏👏 Currently listening to the podcast as I write this review!💯💯💯💯💯💯 @johnathonoquin on Twitter
I'm going to be honest- I love the new format of the show. Currently the episodes vary in length where there are some solo shows Amy puts on that will give you actionable tips that you can employ in your business RIGHT NOW. She also brings on some cool guests from time to time who also give some great insight. You'll never be let down with this show- Amy has the same personality on her podcast as she does on Youtube. If you love her videos or want someone with a great personality telling you how to upgrade your business every week - This is a must subscribe.
Her videos have inspired me to take the first step. But I enjoy the longer form on the podcast. Keep it up.
I just love your personality, your style, your awesomeness. I look forward to all you give and would love the opportunity to help you in anyway that i can to say thanks! Need a health coach? wink wink.. Id love to support you in your goals (for free)for yourself so you can continue to be your best!
I got hip to Amy via her YouTube (which I really like). Her podcast is more of a ramble about ? - unless it’s an interview.
Found this podcast when I first began my graduate marketing program at WVU. It’s an educational and entertaining show for anyone interested in social media marketing. I love Amy’s personality and realism. She has one of those online personalities that makes someone want to be her best friend. I wish the show also covered how to start out in marketing when you have no previous experience and are making a complete 360 career change from sales (retail) to marketing. I’m having a hard time trying to find a position at a marketing agency as I near graduation and often wonder whether I should just jump in to working for myself. There is so much material out there on how to maintain a stay-at-home freelance business, but I’d love to learn more about the early stages of becoming a marketing professional. I love everything Amy does—her videos are fun and she has inspired me to start my own website! If you’re interested in sales or marketing, you must listen to this show regularly.
I love this show! Amy's enthusiasm and energy are contagious and the interviews offer valuable information and insight. I never miss an episode! As an entrepreneur and biz owner I have learned so much from Amy and her guests and gotten real info I was able to apply to my biz right away!
Amy! LOVE SSS and MLS! Anytime I listen to one of the podcasts I get a nugget of gold to use in my own marketing plan. Have not stopped using Word Swag since I heard about it from you! Thank you for having me as a guest and keep on providing solid content for the masses!
Personal commentary mixed in with a weekly interview. Conversational and idea generating for the marketing lifestyle.
As a writer and YouTuber looking to better understand the world of online marketing, this podcast is amazing! A fresh voice and outlook on the world of marketing makes this not only entertaining and informative, but inspiring as well. Definitely a must listen podcast!
I’ve been watching Amy on YouTube for a few years now and I just started listening to the podcast (sorry Amy). As a marketing major/youtuber this podcast is the perfect blend of information and entertainment. Everything she talks about is relevant to today’s marketing world and environment. 2 thumbs up!
This podcast is one of the very few I set time aside to listen to every week. Amy's got consistantly solid content and EXCELLENT guests. I often find myself listening to episodes twice: once in the car and again later at home while I take notes. Even her sponsors relate to what I do/need (example: FreshBooks... a great solution for invoicing/budgeting; just the solution I was looking for for my growing business). I'm kind of bummed there are no more rapid fire questions at the end -- it gave a quick insight into what top minds use and how they think (Mac or PC, Firefox or Chrome, Morning person or night person, etc). Interesting to see what people at that "level" of marketing knowledge use. If you're looking to improve your marketing, I highly recommend hitting the "subscribe" button and get new goodness on your device every week.
Amy has given us an entertaining podcast that helps build a supportive community for living the marketing lifestyle. Content is king and Amy delivers brilliant observations on all channels. Definitely check out this podcast to stay inspired to create great content, shift your thinking on your marketing approaches, and be more accountable to your audience. I love watching Amy’s expert YouTube vlogs at the SavvySexySocial channel but Amy in long form on this right-sized podcast is truly not to be missed.
Now, I'm biased. I've followed Amy for years on twitter, and I was at her first #SSSLive event. But I had not listened to her podcasts until this week. Here, Amy continues her highly personal approach making the listener feel they are a part of a conversation. The information is delivered in a sassy informal manner allowing the content to be enjoyed AND understood. Amy is a clever woman and you're doing yourself a disservice by not following her message. I am using her advice to market my first book, Archangel.
I always feel like It's just Amy and her friend and me. Very friendly and not scripted.
Amy has great energy and is a power house of information. Her show is fun, spirited and informative. You will learn something new each episode.
It doesn't matter what platform of social media you are using, this podcast can help you grow. The interviews sound like two friends meeting for coffee and chatting, but there are so many useful tips from people who know how to market themselves. It's great to listen to while driving or at work. And the host is fun! Try at least one episode and you'll be hooked.
When Amy publishes a new episode of The Marketing Lifestyle Show, I download it and listen almost right away (and I don't do that for every podcast I listen to!) I enjoy the shows with guests, but I also love Amy's host-only shows. If you follow Amy's YouTube videos (or even if you don't), you'll love this podcast, I promise you that. Amy is hilarious, entertaining and super smart. Can't wait to see how the show evolved in season 3! Keep up the fabulous work, Amy.
I found Amy’s podcasts through a friend only a few weeks ago. I’ve listened to 3 or 4 of them and I found them: 1. Entertaining 2. Informative 3. Professional Keep up the good work Amy. Your professionalism is refreshing in this space. I’ve tried to listen to quite a few folks who claim to offer similar content to yours but they aren’t at your level. I like your edge and confidence as well. Best of luck to you!
Amy has networked her way into awesome relationships that lead to great guests on this show, and her other show teaches all the things that you can't learn on the podcast about leveraging social media for you business.
I'm backing this show 100%. Amy's Marketing Lifestyle Show has brought a breath of fresh air to the marketing podcast genre. My top 3 reasons I love this show is: 1) Lots of original and knowledgeable guests. 2) Terrific engaging interviews. And 3) The show is super freaking entertaining. She has proven herself time and time again to create incredible content, coupled with great storytelling, stemming from her YouTube channels and this podcast. Keep up the great work Amy, you rule!!
I was recently a guest on Amy’s podcast. Man. LOVE THIS SHOW! Amy is a natural. She’s funny. Funny. Human. Tells it how she sees it. Makes her guests feel at home - very natural flow, questioning, and so on. Also, anyone who can get Guy Kawasaki to admit he has no idea what Imposter’s Syndrome is, is okay in my book.
Even if you are not into marketing, Amy is an extremely entertaining and engaging host! I've listened to quite a few episodes and enjoyed every one of them!
Love this podcast! Amy always has fantastic info & guests. She's upbeat, unique and entertaining.
Amy is amazing and awesome at what she does. This podcast is one of my favorites. Best part is the lightening round!!
I have been a fan of Amy's videos for several months now so was quite excited when she started a podcast. She does a great job interviewing her guests and it is an excellent blend of entertainment and practical information. Added to my just listen collection.
The podcasts fly by and are full of inspiring and useful content. I also find them very entertaining. Amy's natural flow with her guests makes you feel like you are part of a Marketing brainstorm party. For those looking to launch or revamp your marketing approach, I highly recommend your subscribe to Marketing Lifestyle.
Amy has really showed why she is the go-to person in her industry. The ability to adapt and go where the client is at, that is what makes a great leader. She continues to show her personality in her shows and that is what you want from a person who has their own business. Authencity rules everytime.
Fantastic podcast, amazing content and great delivery! As a small business owner she definitely helps with understanding the world of Social media, marketing and SEO. Keep up the awesome work :-)
Just listened to three shows back-to-back while working from home and loving it. Looking forward to hearing what your future guests have to say. Thanks a bunch, Amy!