Lessons From A Geek Fu Master

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I wasn't a huge fan of the "Heaven" series...a little too "out there" for my tastes, but these essays are great. Each one is around 5-6 minutes and covers some topic of "geekdom". They're highly entertaining, and can be enjoyed by anyone, geek or not. It's also refreshing to have a podcast with no annoying intro, outro, advertisements, or "recaps".
Mur is Smart and Funny! What more could I want. =)
Mur Lafferty is a great writer! These are smart essays--funny, germane, and truly geeky. I listened to all the current episodes on a drive back from Minneapolis and I can't wait for more. Since Episode 26, the focus appears to have bogged down on gaming, which I hope will not become a permanent fixture, and for this reason I give the podiobook 4 stars. I expect she'll return to her wider focus soon. Give it a listen!