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Pynchon is my favorite writer and this team of thoughtful readers give him just the sort of close reading his work deserves. It’s great literary investigation with lots of humor and humanity. If you want to discover one of America’s greatest literary masters, this pod will be a great companion to you!
This podcast is so good. I thought I loved pinecone before, but the GR episodes have brought that feeling forward in my day to day life. All the cast are great, it's actually funny, the insight is probing and rewards rereading. Keep it up, I beg you
Their reading of GR happened to coincide - hmmm - almost directly with my own. Guess you can read more about it in my dossier, but the short version: intelligent, varied insight from a set good natured, well read, and goofy foax. Sometimes wish the recording quality were better, but - eh what are you gonna do? Would recommend to established fans and newcomers alike.
This is just what I was looking for after tackling Gravity's Rainbow. It was a tough read, but these well-researched, insightful, and funny discussions really helped me feel like I was getting the most out of my reading
Great work on a tough subject. Insightful and great chemistry among hosts. Please keep going!
A reviewer below said, "I'm so glad this show exists." I feel exactly the same. I love reading Pynchon and it's super fun to hear the discussion. I'm currently re-reading Gravity's Rainbow (2nd time through) along with the group and it's been so helpful to have this podcast to help keep things straight, learn and hear about things I'd have otherwise missed. I'm definitely getting more out of GR and enjoying the read more to have this discussion to listen to after each couple of sections. I hope these guys keep it going through the rest of Pynchon's novels - I'll read along with every one!
The Lot 49 episodes really helped me better understand the book. I will definitely turn to this again once I start Gravity's Rainbow. Great job!
Blah at best
I’ve listened to many, many podcasts about authors and their work, but this one is not only fun to listen to, but offers incisive and thoughtful analysis of the most challenging author of our time. Pynchon’s work is daunting in it’s complexity, but this podcast is like having a literature class (without the wooly headed professor) in my car! For anyone who has tried ( and failed ) to read Pynchon, this is the place to go first.
I got hooked after the discussion of Bleeding Edge, which in particular helped me make sense of Nick Windust in a way I hadn't been able to do on my own. I've been enjoying the Inherent Vice episodes, though sometimes they do get a bit unfocused and slightly silly. In any case, kudos to a thoughtful group of contributors and a noble undertaking.
Been hoping for a show such as this ever since I started reading Pynchon’s works. They demand intelligent discussion and this podcast delivers it. Thank you all for your hard work and keep it up!
I’m so glad this show exists. Once I started diving into these books I had to reach out for some assistance. I wanted to hear what other people thought and managed to piece together from them. I love the Chums of Chance song – bravo! It’s very fun and catchy. I read Slow Learner along with these guys and appreciated their insights. I look forward to what they have to say about Inherent Vice and Pynchon’s longer works. I wonder how much draw Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie with bring to the books. I’m not sure if There Will Be Blood did much for Upton Sinclair though. But hey, there’s no end to how much there is to discuss about books like Mason & Dixon and Against the Day. I don’t know how they’d break them up into episodes, but I’ll be there listening with my red & white blazer and sky blue trousers – cheerio chums!
Fun, insightful discussion - eager for them to dig into some of Pynchon’s longer works! (Love the holiday episode!)