Waxing Cinematic

Reviews For Waxing Cinematic

I absolutely love these guys! If you want good conversation, led by passion and humor, then this is the podcast for you! I love their spin off podcast episodes just as much! You have to listen!
These guys are so funny and good looking. Wish I could meet them in person!
Pretty easy to tell that they are passionate about movies and would be having these convos even if the mic wasn’t on. These guys are the authority on film and having fun
I co-host this podcast and I enjoy the sound of my own voice. Everybody should listen, it is a great show. P.S. John is my favorite one on Waxing Cinematic because he is very handsome and doesn't talk too much like I do.
It’s like you’re hanging out with these two guys in their private bar as they talk about what gets them excited: MOVIES! I tune in every week to hear more. The specials are great, too! I haven’t joined them via stre.am, but my Navy buddy says its fun.