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Great technical insight and foreign policy analysis. Leave the liberal politics at the door. Other shows handle that just fine.
I love how they makes a point to use the proper technical terms while explaining the jargon so a layperson can track with them.
Details and information provided on the topic that a non-academic like me, wouldn’t normally have access.
Jeffrey Lewis and Aaron Stein have opened me up to a world of nonproliferation and I love researching along with them. I'd just wish they would invest in better microphones and podcasting equipment so their audio doesn't sound like they're speaking into a phone speakerphone from across the room
ACW is on the top of my foreign policy nerd list. This is a good thing. They really know their stuff and are technical experts that are able to communicate complex details to lay people in plain English. Can’t recommend it enough!
Random comment but why bleep the cuss words? Are there really children listening to this podcast? Seems pretty dumb
Here are some out of context quotes from this podcast: “Hey kid! Yukio wants to see your furby.” “Would you like to pet the peanut Dr. Hecker?” “Yevgeny, get scuba gear. Bring wetsuit.” This is also probably the best explainer on the complex subject of nuclear diplomacy and technology you can find.
Terrifying, yes, but that’s hardly their fault. The information is timely and helpful, necessary for the aspiring wonk (not me) and the curious lay person (me). Highly recommended.
This podcast is always at the top of my list when a new episode comes out, often in timely response to world events. As a engineer, I particularly appreciate the outstanding, detailed coverage of what is known of missile and nuclear weapons technology and insightful discussion of the technical and political implications. One will find Jeffery Lewis, cohosts, and guests cited in the media as experts in this area, and this podcast takes the form of a casual conversation about the thought processes behind those assessments.
I really liked this podcast when it began. As someone who doesn’t know much about arms it was fascinating to listen to people who obviously know the subject discuss arms. It has become unlistenable because they can’t help but badmouth President Trump at almost every turn. I wasn’t listening to hear their political subjective, often times juvenile jokes and negative commentary. I was listening to learn about a subject I didn’t understand and wanted to hear about. It’s their show and they have the right to talk about whatever they want but it would be better in my opinion if they stick to the content they have expertise and covered it in an objective manner.
I have never heard sounds like these before. It will make you feel privileged and ashamed to be smart. I listen to likely more podcasts than the average bear, and this one is alway my most excited to see in the feed. Also, hands down best theme music. I usually listen to it about seven or eight times to get myself in the mood before diving in.
If you have any interest in this topic you won’t be disappointed
Specialized podcast that marries STEM and international relations. Great content.
Jeffrey, Aaron and Scott offer wonky insight that really helps provide even the non-technical context for current global proliferation issues.
A new listener. This is a great podcast, always informative.
Once you get over the annoyance of hearing them constantly abbreviate podcast to "pod", this is a great tool for assuaging your (my) ill-informed but increasing panic about the nuclear arms control failures of the current administration. Listening to two bros talk so casually about the most mundane elements of the nuclear dilemma -- comparing yield measurement equations, describing 3D modeling software, name-dropping non-proliferation policy experts, and debating historical disarmament techniques --almost always puts me to sleep, and certainly takes my mind off the more hyperbolic and sensationalist coverage of the same issues I see elsewhere in media. I wish I could search and replace "nuclear bomb" on Twitter with "120 kiloton thermonuclear weapon with a tapered radiation case that's formatted to the tube and spherical secondary stage." 140-character limits really propagate hyperbolic brevity. This pod(cast) is the cure.
This used to be an informative and entertaining podcast. Lately, content has gotten significantly worse due tithe constant attacks on POTUS. Why don't you go back to discussing the issues of arms control and stop bashing the President? Leave your liberal bias out of this, and stop the fear mongering.
I enjoy the show
A great podcast that shines light on international geopolitics from an angle you won't get on tv or other podcasts.
They provide a great combination of information and analysis on policy, technologies and politics all wrapped in an interesting and entertaining way.
If you are a listener that craves insightful analysis and deep dives into the wonderful world of arms technology and arms control and reduction strategies (and North Korea) then this is the podcast for you. I just wish they would answer the question "When will North Korea have a missile that can reach the US"
I have learned so much by subscribing and listening regularly. What is never mentioned or explained anywhere else in mainstream news is revealed by these smart guys. In explaining about military weapons and defense agreements and the placement of military troops a great deal behind what appears to be incomprehensible governmental decisions and pacts suddenly is shown. Realpolitik defense or defense spending is often hiding behind any so-called humanitarian or political agreements or disagreements.
One of my favorite podcasts.
Been a subcriber to this for two years. I'm neither in a related industry nor an academic, but what I appreciate about this podcast is that it presents details behind some of the headlines we read every day. Also, the production quality is just great.
A very detailed podcast about arms control issues that is also filled with good humor and does not stray from honest discussions!
Highly informative but also accessible to non-wonks, Jeffrey and Aaron have a fantastic rapport that makes listening to their knowledge-packed podcast an enjoyable and fun experience. One of my favorite podcasts.
Sick show bro!
I'm actually surpirsed it took me so long to find this podcast and the blog itself. The podcast provideds relevant information and even discusses historical issues about arms control. It helps with my morning and afternoon commutes. Great work and keep it up.
Probably my favorite news-related podcast. Always thoughtful, engaging and surprising. Arms control turns out to be a great lens by which to understand an awful lot of major news stories and world events. Subscribe!
Deeply Informative. Hilarious. This podcast addresses the continuing Farce of the 20th century - How narrowly humanity avoids self-destruction. It also answers the indelible question: "Vadim, Is that literal or figurative Bag of Dicks?"


In the search for primary resourses to inform what CNN does not, Arms Control Wonk is a long established paragon of clean data.
Frank discussion about nuclear bombs that doesn’t dumb the information down. Infectiously enthusiastic about their detailed approach.
The unvarnished and conversational nature makes absorbing the very real, precise, and considered opinions of the hosts easy. The technical and policy expertise is clear and the covered topics are time-relevant and interesting. Would definitely recommend!
Lewis and Stein (and sometimes LaFoy) take an incredibly dense, dry, and depressing subject and manage to transform it into a laugh-out-loud entertaining podcast. They provide a rare inside look at Washington and international politics that admits that "the good guys" aren't all-powerful while "the bad guys" have intelligible motives beyond just "being evil and crazy" (I'm looking at you, public discourse over DPRK). Their dedication to improving the world through concrete steps, despite all the obstacles to arms control and disarmament, has no joke inspired me to be even more persistent in my own life. That's right, a podcast made me a better person. It's good.
The hosts are extremely knowledgeable, have great chemistry, and know how to present complicated issues in a way understandable to the average listener. I find the topics fascinating, relevant, and always look forward to new episodes.
Lots of details alongside easily approachable discussion and interesting, relevant topics.
Really enjoy the pod, despite not having a background in arms control, disarmenment, and nonproliferation. Good reading for anyone interested in international affiars and global security.
These nerds know their stuff. Great info for going deeper in the world of nukes.
If you’re another arms control/nuclear weapons nerd like me, you’ll love this. The hosts are consummate experts and they know how to explain a topic, go into depth about developments, and still be funny. If you’re at all considering the podcast and found this, then you should definitely listen ASAP.
A unique quality of this pod are Jeffrey Lewis and Aaron Stein’s ability to make extremely wonky aspects of arms control easy to understand. I also enjoy the pairs ability to make a relatively wonky pod entertaining, it goes beyond the feeling that you’re watching a guest lecturer in a classroom.
This is the rare legal podcast that is insightful, amusing, and well-produced all at once. I always learn something new and I always leave entertained and ready forthe next installment.
These guys are funny and know their stuff. It can get wonky, but that's kind of the point. Also an audio course on open source intelligence and how we know what we know.
Hosts make an effort to explain terms, ideas, key players etc. without making it a introductory course.
I have been reading the blog for years. Just started the podcast and my very high expectations were fully met. Discussions of arms control and nonproliferation matters on the internet tend to be either journalistic -- shallow and allegedly neutral -- or agenda-driven -- more informed, but ideologically based. ACW is such a fantastic resource because it is very, very well informed, but its primary purpose is not mot make ideological (or political) points. Not that the hosts don't have opinions, but they separate them from their analysis. It's very informative about these issues. It's also, frankly, a pleasure, to hear people who obviously have a real enthusiasm for these topics mull them over. Some … many … almost all academics come across as stuffy and pretentious. These two actually sound like they are having fun, which makes everything better. But the bottom line is that they are very well informed, thoughtful, and skeptical observers of the world of arms control, and anyone who has any interest at all in the topic should be subscribed to this podcast.
As someone not in the field of arms control this podcast makes this important issue accessible to a me as a layperson. The depth of knowledge the hosts and guest have is immense, and their ability to eloquently explain the issues in a non-partisan way is refreshing. Seemingly arms control is a topic that applies to almost all global situations today and I love to hear a no nonsense, passionate, well thought out discussion on the topic. Keep up the great work, it seems like this summer you all will need to podcast daily to keep us up to date on the various arms control issues.
The blog is great and so is their podcast
Quite the opposite, in fact. I find it routinely informative and insightful. Nonproliferation is often a dense and impenetrable topic for laymen. Jeffrey and Aaron manage to make the technical accessible and even entertaining.