Reviews For Who Makes Cents?: A History of Capitalism Podcast

This podcast familiarizes the listener with the work of a new scholar each week- it’s like readers digest but with academic books and in audio format. I’ve just listened to them all and I hope they make many more; it is a true public service to report on these kind of ideas.
This is a great podcast covering great topics. I would enjoy it even more if the speaker was asked each time to provide a brief overview of their work and *conclusions*. Some of the podcasts spend all their time on why the speaker chose their topic or otherwise delving deep into the backstory of the research, and the overall findings and conclusions of the work sometimes do not come through and we’re left wondering how, in fact, business elites opposed the New Deal and influenced it institutionally for example!!
I love this podcast. There are no better ways to spend your listening time if you are looking for a history of capitalism.
This podcast is instructive, illuminating, down to earth, with wonderful authors and skillful questioners. I feel smarter about how capitalism works after listening to each episode. Bravo and keep podcasting. I highly recommend this podcast.
Okay so like after the election I thought "how do I make sense of the many intertwined forces that have brought us to this hellish moment" and so I started reading way more and listening to way more and watching way more and within that entire blitz of political and social education I have not found a single podcast more relentlessly eye-opening and stick-with-you educational than this one. And I have no idea how they do it, because the format is standard—but the trick is that they book amazing guests, give them plenty of time to talk about their work, and always push the conversation into macro territory without resorting to dry or barrier-creating rhetoric. Listen to it now—it's monthly so you'll have time to savor it!—and then buy the books that the guests wrote.
The guests are smart, the topic choices very good - I’ve learned a lot about the nitty-gritty nuances of capitalism’s effects on people and processes in the 20th c. US. I wish that the hosts didn’t sound as if they were reading questions aloud, and somehow they sound as if they aren’t really having a conversation, but taping the interview and then clipping in cleaned-up and elaborated versions of the questions already asked. I would guess this tactic is intended to be helpfully explanatory, but it interrupts the flow of the conversation and is distracting; also, the male host sounds as if he is talking from the bottom of a well, which is also a bit distracting. These are quibbles - it’s important work these folks are doing and I am thrilled they’re on the scene. Update: the sound issue with male host seems to have been fixed! Glad you made it out of the well, dude!
It should be titled "issues with modern capitalism". Good history but completely one sided. They pick through some of the issues capitalism has had (biased but honest if that makes sense). But a few episodes in and no mention of you know...the fact capitalism has brought us from a poor agrarian species that existed for millennia with short lives and horrid inequality to one where I have 99% of the knowledge of human civilization accessible through a phone in my pocket in a few hundred years.
Learning a whole lot about who wins and who loses from the structure of contemporary capitalism. Thanks!
They make sense. A clear discussion of how the economy works and how we got to where we are today.
We need more people, in the world and the U.S., thinking about the historical development of this system called "capitalism." Only by understanding the history, and hence the present situation, will we be able to make some attempt to improve the present system. These podcasts cover some of the best historical scholarship on capitalism.
This podcasts masterfully investigates crucial aspects of capitalism--the origins of consumer credit, mass stock ownership-- and how they've changed over time. The experts they interview are brilliant and highly entertaining and the hosts are charming. Great for anyone who wants to better understand the world around us.