Reviews For Plumluvfoods

I tune in every Thursday at 10, and love speaking with these good brothers every chance I get. Happy I can call these guys friends!
Great show guys! Love the Chefs and creepy stuff keep it up!
I really liked this sweet prophetic song.
The most beautiful podcast I've ever heard
this is lovely
simply beautiful...thanks
thank you for the beautiful episode!
beautiful, well thought out. heard many songs I have never heard before and absolutely love. and heard many favorites. thank you so much!
What a beutiful podcast is this .I love it !
I love this podcast and its very usefull.Thanks
Great show very funny and full of great culinary content!


Chef Plum is a wonderful host, and an all around Authentic Chef in the truest sense. He appreciates the culinary world in such a way that the content is entertaining, engaging, and educational. I also won a Ergochef chef knife! Cheers to my new favorite podcast! As somone in the industry for most of my professional career persuing Technology degrees, sommelier certifications etc. I am sure that this podcast will be an indispensible educational resource and source for entertainment as well as motivation.
This dude is the real deal!!!!! His passion bleeds!!! Each interview comes from the heart and is real talk about our industry!!!! I look forward each and every week to listen to who he has on his show!!!! You can really learn a lot from listening to his shows!!! I would highly recommend subscribing to this channel!!!! Kevin levine @chefscatoris @hotbloxx
Great guy great show better chef
What a gem to find here in iTunes! Chef Plum is so witty and his insights are great. I have seen this guy everywhere! love to “pop the top on a cold one” on monday nights with this show!!
This is the real deal in your face up in close reality of what life is like in the kitchen!! Chef Plum brings his audience to his table. His stories are great and his jokes are HILARIOUS! if you haven’t found this radio broadcast you have been living under a rock. Has many great guests appearing on the radio and makes you feel at home with his FLAVA!!!!