Aquatic Wetline with Aqua Alex

Reviews For Aquatic Wetline with Aqua Alex

Alex does a good show love his fish shows and tragedy hours. It's a great way to spend your time at work
Love the show man keep it up
The Aquatic Wetline is awesome! I have learned so much from them! There isn't any other show I would listen to for freshwater fish. Awesome topics. And for the reviewer who stated something about the show not being around for 6 more months, I think they will be very successful in 6 months time. The audio clips sound just fine to me.
Alex is awesome and has very good info


Topics are interesting but the constant volume changes gets to annoying. Bad production and audio made me stop listening. I will come back and try again in 6 months to see if it got any better but if they don't fix the issue I don't see it being around in 6 months.