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Bravissime! The Honey Badgers see through the charade of “nice” feminists, how they try to position themselves as the “real” feminists, in contrast with the Catharine MacKinnons of the world, whom we’re supposed to believe are on the fringe and therefore irrelevant; nothing could be further from the truth. In our culture, there are severe penalties for men who express this truth forthright; thank God there are women willing to express it, and in such an engaging manner to boot. If I could give six stars, I would.
Two regular guys, no fancy studio or equipment, who take time to share their Buckeye love with us. They know what they are talking about, I think they both played, but they aren’t breaking down the film and dissecting plays. It’s like overhearing a couple ex-jocks talking Buckeyes at the bar. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy their banter. That blonde in the corner with her friends isn’t into you...
like what, what are they even thinking
Just sit back and listen.
I’ve only listened to the Russel Brand episode. I didn’t listen to the whole episode because I was trying to skip through to find some dialogue that wasn’t just berating Russel Brand or disagreeing with one component or another of Russel and his guest’s dialogue. I found a few interesting parts but for the most part it was just critical and a waste of time. Why don’t you actually dive further into subjects and be open to actually learning something instead of seemingly deciding that anything these two people say is wrong.
Shows have no set length, with multiple different types of shows in single feed. For example, you may prefer the Polecast shows but dislike the rankzerker,but both with show in your feed with no means of filtered out the other. Would work better split into several different podcast. But the makers refuse to do so or unable to. Would not recommend till the honey badgers clean it up.
I wish I could do more than just write a positive review for all they have done.
I was initially pulled in by the rugged beauty that is Karen Straughan via her conversations with the "Thinking Ape" but immediatley was hooked by the funny, witty, and honest banter about today's social justice issues. I'm a life long gamer and a veteran of two of America's war's in the Middle East and I just want to say that this show has made my life a saner and better experience by listening to these great and eccentric thinkers of our time. I hope to be able to contribute to the Patreon soon! Stay Straughan guys!
I’m sure there is plenty of good content and things worth hearing in this podcast, but honestly the presentation of it all is so low budget, dull and unstructured that I find myself tuning out. Please get better microphones, too.
It's refreshing to hear some common sense struck against feminism and the social justice warriors. Some constructive criticism: A lot of talking over the hosts happens. I would suggest going 1 less host for the episodes. Also, reading straight from internet postings often loses the effect. The episode #s should go static, as it is confusing.
Love this podcast!!! They talk a lot about corruption coming from strict feminist.
It is a great series so far. Been following since episode 1 however you more recent guests have been lackluster and the drunk girl episode the guest was outright painful to listen to after he confirmed he was in fact duped.
The conversation is slow paced and tends to just devolve into why they don't like feminists. They hardly talk about games or geek culture at all. In fact they hardly talk about actual issues men face either. A good example of how MRA folks just want an excuse to ramble on and on about why they don't like feminists. It gets very repetitive. I think the typical geek would be bored by this podcast. I think it'd only work for someone who was obsessed with hating feminists for some reason. For nerdy podcasts I recommend sticking with podcasts like Indoor Kids, ones where they actually talk about games and nerd culture.
Really genuine conversation amoung the guests, not just a podcast on anti-feminism but the hosts have a great ear on current nerd and gamer culture.
The host is very clearly well educated and remains honest and fair. This is not so much an "anti-feminist" podcast (although feminists will see it as such) as it is an exporation of the fractured reality that contemporary feminism presents. The sound quality is good, too. Kudos on a bold effort to break the mold.