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Mark! I’ve been listening to you for about a year. It started with YouTube but I am on a tractor or a mower all day long so I found your podcast because it’s just easier for me to get the full dose while I’m working. I am a life long dedicated hurricane so I’m always looking forward to your Wednesday episodes with Cam. I do not get much time to watch the live streams or get on YouTube anymore until late at night but I love what you’re doing and listen to several other programs, particularly the Florida teams and Georgia but several of the others as well. Literally always tuned in. Thanks for all the great content. I hope I can contribute to your channel one day. Just know there are probably others like me that do not catch the live streams or comment on the YouTube stuff as much as others but we are tuned in. Thanks for what you do!
Knowledgeable, to the point, worth while podcast 💯👊


I love what you do keep it up and keep the Canes talk going!
Love hearing recruiting updates and analysis of all teams!