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The hosts are Easy to listen to and their personal stories and observations are entertaining as well as informative. Quality stuff by quality people! Peter is just okay tho. Jk. -Mikey
Did you call Billy Bob, Billy Ray? Greatest football movie ever made should never get this kind of disrespect.
Peter is such a prolific podcaster and fantastic host. This show is my favorite of his as it’s a great look back at some of my favorite movies especially from the 80s and 90s. Not afraid to look at scenes and characters through a modern day lens, Peter and guests deliver every week. Love the show!
Other than the unfortunate slip of saying Nick takes his girlfriend Rachel to meet his family in China (wrong! Singapore!), I was happy to run into this show when I was looking for shows that talked about Crazy Rich Asians. Just glad that finally diasporic and Asian immigrant communities in the US are now getting to know the even bigger universe of other diverse immigrant communities, societies and multi-cultures of Southeast/East Asia.
Fantastic podcast with guest hosts almost every week. Peter has an easy way about him so the chemistry always seems to be on point. Entertaining podcast coverage of vintage movies that cross many genre. Subscribe now!
Peter and his various guest do a great job of offering their perspective and having fun doing it. The added “what was happening when” piece gives his movie review a nice pop historical side.
This podcast is so entertaining and you get to hear about all your favorite movies. Plus Peter is just amazing. He has the best guests from your favorite podcasts. That could be a biased statement but we choose not to think so! If you haven’t given this podcast a listen. We 100% recommend you do! XOXO, Justine & Brittney


By jfunds1
Really easy and fun to listen to especially while gardening which is my podcast listening to time
Peter is the best at bringing you back to the movies you grew up with and making you feel young again. Nostalgia at it's best. Listen to Podstalgic for some great memories and great overview of some of the best films ever made!
Peter is, hands down, one of the best in the podcasting scene, and the enthusiasm he brings to this show is absolutely infectious! The best compliment that I can give this show is that when you're listening to him talk about an old movie that you & he both love, you really wanna join the conversation. And when he's talking about a movie that you and he disagree on, you wanna join in just the same! If you love movies from yesteryear and today, then you can't go wrong. Give it a chance, and you'll be hooked!
Peter's show makes me remember so many movies I'd forgotten and makes me want to watch them again. I enjoy the fond rememberence of my childhood while listening to the show. I love the range in movies discussed as well. The conversation is always lively and informative. Highly recommend!!
New listener to podstalgic and already loving it! Each show covers, for the most part, a movie we (millenials/Generation Y) grew up watching...and breaks it down scene by scene...so even if its been years since you've seen the movie you're easily able to see it clearly! It's also great seeing how many guests end up on episodes who sometimes were in the film! Overall a great movie podcast from someone who loves films!
This show is as fun and informative as it gets for movie related podcasts. Every week a new guest is invited on, to talk about movies new and old. The opening of this podcast will get any fan of Back to the Future excited and ready to listen. Do not miss out on this show!
Loved the show and love all the information provided! A fun and enjoyable listen! Check it out for sure!
Great hosts✔️ Great movie discussion ✔️ Funny✔️ Unique movie reviews ✔️ What more do you need?! Subscribe now!!
Charone here from the Habeas Humor podcast. I enjoy this show. They've got just about every film I've ever seen and lots of interesting commentary on them all :)
Peter is such a fun, entertaining host. Not only is he a great discussion guy, but he can share little bits about the films that always keep me interested. I love following his convos and he always picks movies that I love. The show is really well produced and I love that he supports other film podcasts. Check this guy out RIGHT NOW!
I love the films ths podcast covers and Peter is an excllent host.
Recently listened to the Power Rangers review, and although I didn't agree with the entire review they brought up great points and most importantly it was entertaining to listen to! I'm now a regular listener and love the positive energy Podstalgic brings to the podcast game!
Peter does a tremendous job providing insightful knowledge and entertaining guests. His job as the main host gives his guests plenty of space to speak their opinions and no one cuts off the other. His hosting is incredibly selfless and still gives considerable awareness of film when he needs to. On top of all this, he developed a great concept that requires much dedication. Go check it out!
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Peter is a fantasic host, and has some great guest! It is a really fun time listening as he and his guests revist movies he enjoyed and movies he has never seen before. The breakdowns, and reviews are welll informed as well as fun. If you like movies, and delightful banter this is a show for you! - Jon (Nowintechnicolor)
Peter is so awesome! Love the podcast! Five stars! :D
For good reason. It has great quality, great conversation and reviews as well as guest interviews.
Huge movie geeks should definitely subscirbe to HLF. Great movies! Fun guests! And Peter's not bad himself. Always a pleasure to listen to! Two thumbs up!
Hydrate Level Four is a really good podcast, Peter have so much knowledge about movies !! Keep up the good work my friend.
I can't even tell you how much I enjoy this show. 5 stars is too few.
HL4 has amazing interviews and great reviews, and they really know how to hydrate a good pizza.
One of my all time favorite movies is Teen Wolf and hearing the generational opinions was alot of fun. This is a very original concept in podcasting and look forward to playing catch up on so many of their older episodes.
Love this podcast and all the classic movie reviews!! Bringing back my childhood!
Love this show! Peter is an awesome and charismatic host and always has awesome guests on the show to co host. Listen to his take on movies that you grew up watching and get hydrated!
We had the opportunity to be guests on the Robin Hood: Men In Tights episode and had so much fun! I've since made HLF part of my regular podcast rotation. The show sounds professional, but also fun. Conversation with the guests is comfortable and fluent. Totally worth the listen! Thank you for making an awesome show Peter! :)
The main host Peter puts a lot of work into this podcast. I respect that a lot. Its a great listen and very entertaining. By far one of favorites.
I love that I am able to join in and listen to these great conversations about some of my favorite movies, new or classic! Thank you for providing this to us all!! Keep up the great work :)
I loved the concept so much I ripped it off for my own podcast. But seriously, these guys do it better. Peter really knows his '80s and '90s movie minutiae. Every episode is like a walk down an old video store aisle: remember James Spader in Tuff Turf? This guy does. Give it a listen; you'll enjoy the trip.
This show gives you a little bit of everything. At one moment, you get an informative look at a nostalgic classic and at the next you get a fan's love and excitement about a movie that holds a special place in their lives. This show is honest and entertaining and shouldn't be skipped over.
They discuss movies that I'm usually fond of, but often haven't seen in some time. I love revisiting these titles through their discussion and sometimes (like My Cousin Vinny) they make me want to watch it again.
I’m beating a dead horse here but love the father / son combo, can’t wait till I can do that with my kid. Def recommend this show!
When you listen to this show it's clear Peter loves film and puts in a lot of work into each episode. On top of that Peter has the best guest and has become one of my favorite interviewers. This show is a must suscribe!
New fresh and diverse for movie buffs or podcast fans alike! Check it out!
Every time I listen to this podcast it's like a trip back in time to my childhood!! I love it, and can't wait to listen to more!!
Hydrate Level Four is an entertaining time! Peter & Phoenix make for a fun dynamic, reviewing movies from the past. I've enjoyed every episode and so should you!
This show is really cool. The movie review from a parent and kid perspective is the coolest concept! I love this show. They make make wanna have movie marathons and watch with my kids. Look forward to listening to more of HLF.
The concept of a father and son movie podcast where the father is introducing his son to films from his youth is a great idea, one made all the better by the unexpected take that Phoenix will have on his old man’s favorites. The generational back and forth makes for a very funny, charming, and informative film podcast.
Great duo of hosts. Interesting to see how a father and son combo approach different things such as movies and just stuff in general. If you like movies, you will never get tired of listening to this one.
Great movie review podcast hosted by a father and son. A different take on your normal movie review podcasts. Also, great freakin name for a show! -88 Miles Per Hour Podcast.
Peter and his son make an excellent podcast duo. Peter is an avid movie buff and quite knowledgable, and his son makes good commentary. I would highly recommend his podcast.
I appreciate hearing podcasts with really good sound quality. Good selection of movies, keep up the great work!
Hey I found your show through another podcast I listen to. I like the kids perspective. Awesome that he's willing to give some of those older movies a watch. It's different and worth checking out!