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Subscribe now. Click Episode 313 and listen to the amazing conversation with writing idols Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes. You will discover right quick why this show is truly phenomoneal. Hilliard Guess is a fantastic host, and the level of conversation had about screenwriting and level is worth its weight in gold. Subscribe. Now. Do it.
Wish I’d found this podcast a long time ago. Incredibly helpful - if you listen to script notes you should listen to this.
Love this podcast. I really appreciate the honesty of the hosts and guests. The conversations are fun and often pretty deep. I'm actually contribute via patreon. My only issue with this podcast (and others) is when the guests and especially the hosts eat while on the mic. The sound is so distracting. Not sure podcasters realize how this sounds to listeners. Its a small pet peeve and doesn't reflect on the content but it can be really annoying.
I am a screenwriter and this podcast is JUST what I need and more. So much knowledge, motivation and craft I am learning thru this podcast. Thank y’all for this.
If you want to understand and learn how the BUSINESS of screenwriting works, this podcast is that AND THEN SOME. Apologies for the all caps, but this is an incredibly important aspect of building a career as a screenwriter that I see so many up-and-comers ignoring completely. With podcasts like these, there is no excuse for ignorance when Hilliard, Lisa, Chris, and the guests are giving away so much game FOR FREE.
Caught on to Screenwriter's Rant Room by a different screenwriting podcast and I am so happy I've found it. I love how much Hilliard has to share about screenwriting and the business, but especialy his heart and how it shows in the episodes and who guest stars. Just having this black expertise alone is a gift and everything else is an amazing bonus.
Entertaining and informative. Hilliard, Chris and Lisa are smart and good at sharing what they know. Their passion for the work comes through every single episode and inspires me to keep writing. Almost every week there's a guest who has written, directed or produced some of the best films and TV. I've learned a lot since I found the podcast and while there are other pods I listen to regularly, this is the one I recommend the most. Thanks for everything!
Entertaining, informative, and full of valuable information. Wish I could be IN THE STUDIO enjoying this energy. Don’t stop.
This pod is really great at breaking down what it’s really like to struggle and succeed in writing for the screen. It’s about writing craft, critique, and navigating The Biz. The interviews with writers of color in particular are super helpful in knowing what goes on behind the curtain of the Hollywood Machine. Also great cultural criticism of the latest films and shows. I love this show because it shows that Black people are not a monolith and there are highly competent and talented writers of color out here ready to be staffed if only the gatekeepers would get a clue. Thanks Hilliard Lisa Chris and Lynelle! KEEPING IT WAKANDA ALL DAY EVERYDAY 💜
Hilliard Guess and his team are at the top of their game. Nobody other podcast about writing for TV and film does it with the equal amount of flair and insight as the Screenwriters Rant Room.
New listener here. The show is extremely entertaining and also gives lots of awesome and interesting anecdotes and advice for people interested in tv and film!!
I love listening to these during my morning commutes or while waiting in airports.
Today I was listening to Podcast 55 with guest Paul Guyot. I had a day of driving (from San Fernando Valley to Victorville & back) so this particular group helped the drive not be so dull. This podcast was so fun to listen to! They had me genuinely laughing. It preoccupied my mind a bit, until I discovered a bit too late that some joker took down the road closed take detour signs on hwy 138 & I got lost in the desert on unpaved dirt roads, where I avoided hitting a quail family then came across a pack of desert dogs (not coyotes but actually a pack of dogs: black labs & pit bulls) eating something I think they just killed. I didn't mind making my own detour. This is how much I enjoyed this podcast! Great show. Thanks for the fun day.
Rant Room of course is geared primarily for screenwriters, but also has words of wisdom for all Creatives. It fosters belief in your work, yourself and challenges you to get your art out there by any means necessary! One of THE BEST.
Fun, informative podcast. Episodes always leave me inspired and smarter about the industry. Xoxo Lady Buddha
If you have a desire to write for the screen, this show will encourage, educate, and delight you. If you have no such desires, just listening to the stories of Hilliard, Lisa, and their fantastic guests is a glory worth staying for, anyway. Let's get it in!
I listen to all kinds of writing shows, but no one is as authentic and real as these two. Not only do I live the way they talk, but I laugh as much as I learn. :)
Hilliard and Lisa do NOT disappoint! Entertaining, Check. Informative, triple check. I'm taking notes and more notes! Thanks for booking great guests that truly enjoy spilling their stories and your questions that dig straight in to what we are looking to hear!
Hilliard and Lisa bring a loose and fun atmosphere as they discuss writing in TV & film, as well as other writing pursuits with an inspiring pantheon of writers and critics.
This show tells it straight no chaser. And HG and Lisa B are as true as they come. You need to listen to this joint early & often! Let me add the energy of the show is great. You need motivation to write listen to a show while you write or before. I do it and it's works all the time.
Hilliard and Lisa are so full of knowledge, enthusiasm and fun. Hilliard was an alumni of Sherwood Oaks Film School and has helped so many students. Listen and learn you will love it!
I stumbled upon the Screenwriters Rant Room a few months ago and now I look forward to new episodes every Monday. The hosts are personable and sound like they're hanging out at Starbucks or something. They always offer a wide range of guests; some who are well-known and some I'm just learning about. I always get a great insider's perspective about how the game works. I really enjoyed all the episodes with the Empire screenwriters and also those with Horror aficionado, Jeffrey Reddick.
Whew! I've finally discovered a screenwriting podcast that hasn't made me fall asleep behind the wheel of my car during commutes. This podcast is fun, engaging, discusses the films/shows that I'm interested in, and answers the REAL & practical questions of the screenwriting business. Hilliard and Lisa have a great back and forth that makes me feel like I'm a part of the conversation. This podcast also has AWESOME guests that have worked on some of my favorite shows. Keep doing what you're doing and, for the love of the goddesses, don't stop! Seriously, this podcast has been a lifeline and I hope you're around for a long time.
These guys speak with such a great passion. I really enjoy the segments about diversity (or lack of) in the TV/film industry. The conversation is so natural and great, it feels as if you're in the room with them.
Hillard and Lisa B. host a very insightful podcast covering topics of writing, filmmaking, producing and many other aspects of the game. They have great guests that drop serious knowledge from their experiences of working in the business and their personal philosophies. The show is always funny, especially when Lisa does her clap-backs. You really can’t go wrong listening to the Screenwriter’s Rant Room if you want to break into the screenwriting business. And incidentally, it’s nice to hear points of view from people of color about writing, though that doesn’t outweigh the lessons in the craft of writing in each episode.
This podcast is great. Always real, great advice and so honest. I've been eating up old episodes and can't wait for new ones! If you're looking for the truth look no further.
I have to fight laughing out LOUD when I listen to this on crowded trains or in stores. Heard Hillard & Lisa on another podcast and got hooked. Hillard's laugh / energy is contagious and these two have such deep unfiltered discussions about the screenwriting world. Honestly, their podcast fills a void many other screenwriting podcasts simply can't. I can't believe I'm only just now discovering this podcast! P.S. The 2 part episode with John Wesley > 😂 too funny 😙 too real !!
If you're a screenwriter, you really need to be listening to Screenwriter's Rant Room. Hilliard asks the questions you wish hosts on other podcasts would ask. Lisa says things that you've never heard a screenwriter say. Every writer in Hollywood is so afraid of offending anyone that they never say anything real. These two keep it real and keep it honest. On a technical note: - The audio is excellent. It's a professional setup, not just one Blue Yeti on the coffee table to record the whole room. - The format is casual but structured. They go on for as long as the stories are interesting. I hate when a 45 minute podcast just gets rolling and then it's time to wrap up. Conversely, I also hate when people ramble on for hours in a casual conversation that you don't really care about. They have different segments that reoccur when they have the material to do them, but they don't force them in when they don't have the material. It's a long form podcast that doesn't waste your time. This is everything I've ever wanted in a podcast!
Love the podcast! Keepin' it 100!
I had a long drive ahead and thought I’d spend that time with the "Rant Room." I thoroughly enjoyed it. They shared their knowledge and experiences as screenwriters. Very informative, enjoyable and down to earth. A must add to your Podcast list.
Lovin the podcast. Just discovered you and already I've learned so much about screenwriting and the reality for writer's of color. Thanks for your inspiration and for keeping it, 100!
This is a great podcast for screenwriters, both working and aspiring ones. I highly recommend it, as it is insightful and honest as can be.
If you are a fan of screenwriting, movies, TV, etc, please do check out this show. Completely authentic.
Finally something real and unfiltered, uncut and loose, flavored and savory..The Rant Room is the Truth!