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What an amazing find! Show themes and guests look super interesting. Excited to add to my roster of inspiring podcasts.
Great Show!
Scott is a great communicator and delivers valuable content always!


Scott's podcast is on my weekly rotation! Always tons of useful information- half the time I have to pull over and take notes!
This podcast is fantastic on so many levels. The sound quality is excellent, the guests are interesting, and Scott is just an amazing guy. He's so positive, and you can tell that he genuinely cares about people and wants to make the world a better place. The podcast talks a lot about business, but it's coming from the intention of creating value, not just making money, which is where a lot of other companies fall flat. The mindshare is usually my favotire part. Scott shares a technique he's been using successfully, and tells you how to make it work for you. Whenever I feel lazy and unmotivated, I listen to episode 24 (Questions), and usually start to feel better. I'm not super interested in business, but I love this show for the personal development techniques and to hear about all the incredible things other people are doing. By using these techniques, I've learned to manage my thoughts, intensify positive emotions, and live in a state of gratitude. I highly recommend this show, especially the episodes about personal growth.
Scott consistently brings great guest and asks them great questions to bring out their unique perspectives, I'm glad i found this podcast.
Scott, awesome show. I am learning a lot about mindset and strategy. Keep up the raucus. :o
Scott has a great show filled with a goldmine of wisdom. He is authentic and is an excellent interviewer that knows how to pull out the best from his guests for the listeners benefit.
Love the variety of topics that cover a broad range of topics that all lead to one thing - personal development. Love this show!
Fun and easy listen. Engaging and entertaining. Looking forward to listening to many more!
I'm so glad I was lead over to iTunes and The Compepitive Edge podcast. I started with the eposode on outsourcing vith virtual assistance because that is where I have the most need. I am looking forward to listening to more episodes.
I listened to the Tony Robbins episode and thought it was very inspiring. I like your interview style Scott. Keep up the good work!
Scott delivers a solid podcast with quality content. Great guests and great insights. A look forward to all the great episodes in store! Omar Zenhom, The $100 MBA Show Podcast.
Wow Scott is a guy who really can tell he loves what he does. Scott has a great and positive perspective on life. His attitude is infectious and you can hear is just catching it.
Great info combined with the genuine personality of Scott makes for a fantastic show! Keep up the great work Scott! And make sure to check out his website and subscribe to the email list! Scott is full of amazing info! Joe Pardo Dreamers Podcast
He has such an awesome array of guests and just delivers outstanding content
Scott is awesome to listen to. You can’t help but be inspired by his attitude and upbeat personality. In this age of compliance, having a competitive edge may be all we need to stand out and do well in life and business. Awesome content, Scott, keep it up.
I love how Scott doesn’t stay on the surface, but really dives deep to try and help give actionable advice to help the listeners take their life and/or business to the next level. Keep up the great work!
Love how Scott puts it all out there as a heart led leader! Being happy is so very important. Great to see you have an entire episode dedicated to such!
Scott and his guests share some great info and do a really good job of helping get the competitive edge and improve your mentality for success in life and business!
I like that he has both interviews and solo episodes. Great information and insight into “success” topics. Cool guests. Great questions. Interesting and informative answers.
Great resource, easy to listen to and amazing advice! Very encouraging hearing other entrepreneur’s success stories and failures to learn from. Keep up the good work, Scott! I will be back to hear more episodes.
Really interested in the topic of outsourcing and using virtual assistants and this episode was very informative.
Nice work, Scott. Please keep these great interviews coming.
Scott, I am incredibly grateful that I came across your podcast. It has helped grow the abundance of happiness in my life and lead me to shape my own intentions. I highly recommend this podcast to friends, family and anyone who is fortunate enough to find it! Thank you!
Thanks for the helpful tips and strategies!
Great episode with Maren from Virtual. Lots of ideas about things to outsource...heck even driving. You gave lots of ideas about things I can outsource and how to think about it in smaller task levels. That's really helpful. I have been thinking that processes are too complex, yet you showed how component parts are easier to do. @lisacummings | Career Q&A
I got some really great tips from Scott’s podcast, and can really see how he improved over time. I love the partner journaling tip and got some great tips from Tucker’s show too. Awesome.
Scott is very knowledgable in the marketing and entrepreneur space. If you are looking for an unconventional way to level up your business this is the place.
Great ideas! I too am a learner! Love this info packed podcast!
I enjoy listening to the podcast. I generally listen at night when my distractions are at a minimum. I like how Scott openly shares what has and hasn't been working in his business. I enjoy his guest and also his approach to interacting with them. Recommend for any aspiring business owner.
Love the pod, even if his picture in iTunes is "smug"! jk, Scott!
Scott's putting together a knowledge base of the best and brightest minds communicating exciting and revolutionary concepts. From business development to personal improvement, each episode is packed with ideas to inspire. I like the variety of guests, but more importantly, appreciate the quality of content. If you're already successful, the Competitive Edge with help you achieve more, faster. If you're finding your direction, Competitive Edge will orientate you. Scott asks good questions and provides copious notes on each episode, including a follow up "Mindshare" discussing key takeaways and application principles. Listen in your car, at the gym, before bed-whenever, but make the time! You'll benefit in business and improve personally-I know have!
Very informative information from a down to earth guy.
Not only have the podcasts themselves changing the way a live and view life, but they are now making me work out harder. I can ride a bike or run for an hour listening to one where as I use to only ride for 5 or 10 minutes because of boredom. Now time flies when I work out! I highly recommend this podcast to every person, whether you are an entrepreneur or not!
Scott provides a strategically curated roster of speakers and elicits not only powerful theory but immediately actionable tactics. Great Podcast!
Absolutely timeless content a must for anybody wanting to improve themselves in business health or mindset this podcast is leadership.
In every episode Scott provides great content that is both valuable and applicable to all walks of life. Even if by some astronomically impossible chance you already know all of the content in the podcasts, Scott’s energy and enthusiasm is enough to make it worth your while. Keep up the great work Scott!
Simply put, the best way to feel productive during the daily commute.
His content hits right in the sweet spot of business and personal development. I have been listening to a number of other podcasts, and hands down Scott's brings to life proven techniques and thought wisdom from some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs. I have to say the name is fitting, it will give you just that, "a competitive edge." Check it out!
Scott’s podcast is fantastic. Full of actionable information to change your life. The key here is action. So many sites, blogs, books claim to make a difference but don’t
This is not your average podcast! Scott’s podcasts offer fantastic insight on how to make the most out of our life in a way that is truly effective and resonates in the most logical ways. No B.S. rants, just raw positive, productive info. Thanks Scott!
Scott’s done a great job of pulling together amazing guest and having the right mix of principles and tactics. Specifically, for example: - The podcast with Aaron Ross should be required for anyone selling to businesses and building a SaaS startup. - In the podcast with Mark Divine, I love the jingle that Scott has to keep himself feeling positive … you’ll just have to hear the podcast to learn what it is :)
I heard of Scott through another podcast I listen to called Novice No Longer with Dann Berg (which is also great by the way). I find Scott’s attitude toward helping people really refreshing. Scott is the best when it comes to answering the questions we are always thinking when we encounter situations in business, life, and everyday interactions. I also really, really like how Scott asks the “How did you get Started?,” “How can a listener get started in that?,” , and “Why did you start with that?,” questions to engage the listens and provide actual useful advice and information. I will definitely recommend his podcast to anyone looking to improve their life.
My favorite episode is the one with tips for cold emails. So much useful info. The podcast is well produced, easy to listen to and has become my new favorite.
Good quality, useful information! Scott is easy to listen to and entertaining. It is hard to keep my attention and rarely do I listen to a full podcast without, at the least, fast forwarding, but Scott has continued to hold my attention and keep me wanting more.
Biggest thing about this podcast is that it wears many hats!! Whether you're in high school, college, a career, or just wanting to improve the way you interact with people, this podcast will change your life. Kudos Scott, you deserve an abundance of happiness.
Very knowledgeable and leaves you with a ton of great information that you can take away in EVERY podcast. I haven’t listened to one yet that has not made me smile.
I don’t have enough good things to say about this podcast. If you need any convincing of whether to listen, just look at these reviews. Scott’s podcast is a great way for anyone interested in Life Hacking to find out about things that you’d never heard of, and as soon as you hear mention of them you’re like ‘I have to have this right now’. Not only is Scott a great host, asking the questions I have before I’ve even thought of them, he gives plenty of room for the interviewees to shine. I can also say that, while I’d never heard of any of the interviewees before this podcast, I wanted to go learn everything I could about every single one of them after listening. Finally, Scott is very open about everything. His mindshares at the end of each episode provide invaluable insight into his success that you could never get otherwise.