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Reviews For The Matt Locke Show

Matt is a straight shooter. I enjoy listening to his show. It’s a great way for me to keep up with what’s going on back home, while overseas in Germany.
Love the Matt Locke Show. If your a person that needs the brutal honest truth with some occasional humor then this show for you.
I totally agree with u on the mail in voting. Against it, but this whole rant against mail carriers is not fair. Yes there are some bad ones out there but that’s with any company.
Matt Locke’s honest, brutal, and direct analysis of what’s going on America is one of the best podcasts you will find! He wil make you sit up and take notice of where this country is heading and what you can do to help! He will make you laugh, you might even cry, but you will be entertained and educated by a true conservative patriot! Locke and load!
Matt is a man who truly loves America. Gives honest information on the hottest topics of the day.
Listen every day and enjoy it very much!!!!
Love the show and listen daily. I appreciate his honest opinions and no bull approach to politics.
I love your no BS approach!!! Also I really enjoy Beer for Brunch! Keep up the hard work
Beer for brunch with party foul Steve
Really enjoy your Beer for Brunch show on Fridays. You need to take the show on the road and visit breweries. Love to have you come up to the Pacific NW. It’s the Mecca for craft beer.
Loved the show!!!
Matt does a great job at covering the news. Very funny and easy to follow.
Your show on September 10 hut close to home. Minus a few details, what happened to you and your children and the false accusations and the custody fight, is a current battle I and my wife (step mother to my kids) are in right now. Thank you for sharing your story it helps to hear that others have gone through the same things. New to the show and that particular show was actually my first to listen to and I am so glad I did. I listen daily and love the show.
Matt, I truly enjoy your show. I was listening to the September 26 show and was loving your ranting. Then all of a sudden it stopped. When you referred to those on the left who are working against POTUS as retards you crossed a line with me. I am not a politically correct person but the derogatory use of that word just flat pisses me off. I haven’t decided if I am coming back or not. That remains to be seen.
I first listened to Matt Locke on 1190 wowo when he was filling in for Pat Miller. I got hooked! Great pod cast! A common sense conservative!
Love the show. Matt truly tells it like it is. I like that. The world does better with truth and facts, even if it might hurt a little. That’s called humility and that’s a learning point.
Loved your appearance with Chad. Then I heard you say you were from Ft. Wayne, IN as am I. I grew up on the NE side off of Stellhorn/SR37. Started listening to you today. Loving it. Keep up the good work.
I’ve been listening to The Matt Locke Show for the past year and it is well done, direct and to the point. I get my information and enjoy listening.