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Just a thank you to Joey for sharing personal experiences tying them with real life health and fitness topics. Some of the things you say hit home and feels like you are speaking directly to me. Great show.
When I was a young 20-something living in Boston back in the mid-1990s, Joey was my personal trainer for nearly 2 years. He was instrumental in teaching me the importance of a nutritional diet (portion control) and the proper and most effective ways in which to exercise. He was always encouraging and made working out fun and less like a dreaded chore. Now that I'm in my late 40's and looking to once again make healthier lifestyle choices, it's nice to be able to listen to my old friend remind me of the basics.
This is probably the best podcast I've ever listen to. Each episode Joey makes me feel like I am the only one that he is speaking to, like I am right in the room with him. He is funny and engaging, knowledgeable and empathetic. Have you ever felt alone when trying to diet or trying to get yourself to exercise? Well I did. But when I listen to Joey, I feel like he can really relate to what I am going through, and makes me feel like I am not as different as I thought I was. He makes me feel like we all have the same problems, and that I am not alone at all. I always try to participate in his challenges and I try to use his advice, and they work! I am eating better and starting to be more active. He motivates me. And he doesn't ask me to change everything about my life like so many fitness people do. He suggest we go at our own pace. I have emailed him, and he responds. That makes me feel like he is my own trainer. Please don't ever stop making this podcast!
I'm so excited that you are able to dig deeper into the real benefits of Sauna. There are so many different opinions on the internet, which make it important to learn through long form conversations like what you are having with your audience. It’s important for us to evolve as a society by not only looking at the study, but taking a step back and thinking about WHERE the study is coming from. (like your sauna findings)
I look forward to this every week. There's always something new and helpful. Can't reccomend it enough!
This podcast is really fantastic. It's not sugar-coated, neither is it impossible. Joe really gives you the facts, the simple step-by-step ways to get motivated, and everything you need to know to succeed. I listen to this often on my way to college, and it really has a super-positive impact on your motivation. This no-excuse health podcast is for EVERYBODY! Not just for the die-hard gym fanatics, but for ANYONE who wants to feel healthy, be healthy, and have a place to begin. Definitely recommend!
Good information!
I enjoy so much listening to the Human Construction Site Podcast !!! It's fitness, nutrition and workout stuff, but he presents it from a different and really interesting point of view, with humor and putting himself as an example of what people go through when they are pursuing a healthier lifestyle.
I can't wait to use the great information provided.
A very informative and easy to follow podcast. With a smooth and engaging tone Joey does a fabulous job of relating a professionals approach to the non-professional listener.