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Great podcast, great recommendations, great puns.
Want to hear Zack Zarrillo and Jesse Cannon circle jerk for an hour? Subscribe.
Great insight in the music scene, and Zack and Jesse are hilarioius. Loved the "tech" side of the last podcast as far as useful apps.
my week revolves around the days when my iTunes refreshes and I can finally hear zack's dreamy voice once again…
I began listening on a recommendation from the Podcast, and this podcast is at least as good. I learn a lot every episode and am always entertained.
A great weekly listen, with great perspectives on the music industry! I look forward to this podcast every week! Keep up the great work! I appreciate it!
This is one of my favorite music related podcasts. Zack and Jesse create a nice balance of different perspectives that makes this podcast interesting and also funny. Very entertaining.
It is VERY hard to find a podcast like this! If you like Music, you need to check this out.
Love the give and take between Zack and Jesse, a great podcast, keep it coming guys
New to this podcast, but man it's amazing good job guys
I've listened to every episode so far. Although I don't agree on everything these guys say I feel like I'm right there every week and just wanna jump in the conversation. Jesse has a ton of experience and an obvious passion for punk music and the culture. And Matt manages some great bands and gives great insight too!
Not too big into the music scene anymore but find myself really enjoying this podcast.
Here is a podcast on everything relevant and interesting about the music industry, presented by two young dudes with decades of experience between them. If you're a band or work with bands who want to succeed in any manner then this podcast is a must. Even though I don't listen to nor have even heard of many of the bands Jesse and Zack work with or make reference to, the meat of their content is still extremely relevant to any person involved in music. Taking a grassroots DIY approach to building a fanbase, Jesse and Jack provide us with valuable information and resourceful tools that can be applied immediately, an important thing in such a nebulous and ever changing industry. The sound quality of the podcast can sometimes be (ironically) spotty, and certain discussions can become slightly redundant at times, but far overshadowing any minor technical flaws is a wealth of intelligent, valuable, relevant, engaging and earnest discussion on the business of music today.
Bigger than pop-punk. The information provided can help any band that's looking for insight on how the music industry works. Really appreciate the information; please keep up the good work!
Great Podcast! They have some great talking points and they bring a breath of fresh air to music podcasts.
Jesse and Zack continue to host intelligent and educated discussions about the extended music scene. That’s a rarity lately, because it’s hard to have a full-fleshed conversation about the genre without a moron posting a doge meme. Thanks for being you, guys.
I listen to a lot of podcasts, especially about music promotion. A lot of them are a little too goofy with too many personal, non-relevant asides. OTR is full of valuable information for bands, labels and managers. Jesse and Zack are just personal enough and know a lot about the music industry of today - not 1990. I highly recommend this podcast and always listen as soon as I can after it comes out. Zack and Jesse are accessible and informative. I have forwarded several episodes to band members. I wish I could force them to actually listen! Maybe I can bribe them?
I look forward to these podcasts every week. They include information that you will not find anywhere else. They are delivered it in a very entertaining a fun manner but offer topics that will really matter to you if you are in the music business. Fun people with a serious message.
Jesse and Zack provide detailed information about the music industry from an inside perspective in a way that anyone can understand. If you have the slightest interest in being in a band or working in the industry, definitely give these a listen.
This pod cast is excellent for both general music fans and those looking to work in the industry. Jesse and Zack have a perfect mix of knowledge and expierience about what has worked in the past, present and what to expect for the future in the Alternative Music Scene. GREAT STUFF!!
Off The Record is a unique podcast that provides to similar yet different perspective on the ever changing music industry. The discussions that Jesse and Zack are casual enough for the every day listener who may not be well versed in the particular "scene" which is one of the better characteristics of the show.
I've always wanted to listen to a podcast that approached the music industry/tech world, from an inside baseball's pov. Jesse and Zack are doing that with OTR. Excited to see where this goes. Great job by those guys.


much music. very podcast.
Great podcast!
Once again - AMAZING!
Really great podcast featuring two of the great minds in today’s music industry. You guys are obviously knowledgeable about the things you discuss and it shows. Little long though, and hard to follow at times. Otherwise really enjoyed it - looking forward to the next one!
It’s like the sound comes in waves!
Looking forward to more episodes.
Jesse and Zack know what they are talking about and speak very candidly about their work in the music industry. If you like pop-punk or even know what that word means then this is the show for you