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If you’re tired of hearing boring movie review podcasts but love movies, check out this one! Super unique idea!
This is a refreshing new idea in a market awash with movie podcasts. Great idea and well executed! I'm always entertained, sometimes laughing and sometimes yelling at my pod machine when they disagree with my opinion! Ha!
A great twist on the movie discussion podcast form.
Man, I bet this show would be way, way more popular if they hadn't given it such an obscure name. As you can see if you scroll through the past episodes, the main host and a huge variety of guest hosts discuss an absolutely enormous variety of movies (movies is more fun to say than films, btw). I've been bingeing on a load of said past episodes since I (somehow) stumbled upon it. The hosts are consistently smart and funny, but maybe more importantly, they're also very down to earth. I can't stand affected "podcast personas", and these guys seem like they'd be the same people on or off-mic. When you're gonna be listening to people talk for around an hour and a half, that's super important. I also like the main (and smartest/funniest) host's accent a whole lot (we've gotta blow up those dumb regional stereotypes for good). Thanks so much for this show!
I love how Michael takes a newer film and matches two older films with a similar theme. Witty and wise stuff here.
Michael does a great job providing a blunt and intellectual opinion to his topics. His style of genre goes outside the Hollywood formula and tends to lead towards the more independent. Michael gives his audience great movies to recommend that go outside the box and look at smaller films to appreciate. His concept of this podcast gives him free range to say whatever with humor attached to it. Overall, Michael should be considered a great film critic that doesn’t steer toward the popular opinion. A funny guy and a great guest to have on your podcast if you want an eye opening stance.
This is a great movie review podcast. I love the way they take a movie and compare it to its predecessors, other works from the director or a movie that is similar. The audio summaries of the movie are stellar! Even the addition of the trailer reminds you what the movie was about or piques your interest to hunt it down and binge watch. This podcast has opened up so many more movies I never would have watched or have heard of. Great content and easy to listen to, this is a must add to your rotation if you love movies! – Jen from @_youdontknowish
This podcast is great for a cinafile or a casual movie watcher such as myself. The podcast is so fun to listen too has made me watch movies I never thought off and made me laugh a ton. Kepp up the good work.
As a co-host of the podcast Wine & Crime, I came across War Machine vs. War Horse through the independent podcasting community on Twitter, and I'm so glad I did! I've never been able to get into tv/movie critic podcasts before, but I really like this one. The hosts rarely agree, but it makes for a more interesting conversation. Great insights plus great guests! Definitely check it out :)
Watching a new movie, and two older movies that are related to the new one in some way, and making them all part of the same discussion, is a deceptively obvious idea. The insights that often result are far from obvious, though, and the hosts and guests who participate in the discussions always have interesting things to say. A casual listen to a couple of episodes had me hooked. Now it's one of my favorite podcasts, and has more laugh out loud moments than some of the comedy podcasts I listen to!
The is a very good film podcast. Check it out!
Michael does a great job of facilitating very intelligent and entertaining conversations about movies. This is a podcast heavily invested in the art of storytelling and very smart about it. You will glean more information than is contained just the movies in question. Great show.
I love this show! Its a perfect blend of solid analysis and general insanity. As a young boy, I often dreamt of the day I would discover just such a podcast. Call it a premonition. On a vision quest some years ago, as I wandered the desert with a near lethal dose of peyote coursing through my bloodstream, I saw an image of a horse riding a tank. The equine looked me right in the eye, staring into my soul, speaking an unspoken language to me, and I knew that my quest had only begun. And it would only end once I found this tank-riding horse once again. I was not disappointed by what I discovered whence my vision came to fruition. What i found was this stellar podcast…and a strange rash. But that’s for another review.
I'm still impressed with two things about this podcast: their format of taking a new release and comparing it to two other films with a similar theme, and the sheer amount of episodes they are able to churn out. I mean, who has this much time on their hands? But still it's a great conversation on new movies and old movies alike along with some great guests though I may be partial to a certain Mark Millar inspired episode.
If you like intelligent discourses about films from a couple of dudes who don't necessarily sound intelligent, this is the podcast for you! The War Machine boys go balls deep into cinematic themes that other shows just touch upon. Go listen now!!
Great concept, knowledgable & dedicated hosts and an all around good time. if you’re a movie geek or even a movie lover, this is the show for you. Mike and Shane (and their sometimes guests) bring you deep insight into a new movie and two comparable you would’ve never thought of. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this show. It will never disappoint.
The format of War Machine vs. War Horse is really clever and makes for a fascinating juxtaposition. I listened to the Nausicaa vs. Mononoke episode. Big Ghibli nerd here! I loved the thoughtful conversation. Wonderful show for movie nerds! - Non, co-host/creator of the Joy Sandwich podcast
If you're into film podcasts this one is worth your time. They do their homework and present it to you in a fun and organized fashion.
I'm a movie fan. The problem is I don't have much time to go watch new releases. This podcast takes a newer release and two older movies to discuss each show. It helps me figure out which new movie may be worth the time and I also get to enjoy some very fun and interesting talk about older movies that I already know and love (or maybe not so much). Michael and the crew have great chemistry and the guest hosts are always great. They have a ton of content and a lot of good movies have been covered in their back catalog. Check them out!
A great blend of old and new and the hosts are just hilarious.
This is, frankly, a brilliant idea. These guys get inspired by a new movie , then go back and watch two older movies and debate the merits of all three. I absolutely don’t always agree with their opinions but I always enjoy the discussions. I happened to find this podcast via tumblr of all places, and I am so glad that I did. They do excellent work, and truly enjoy watching and talking movies! My kind of guys. Well done!
These guys are intelligent and have a great concept and they exceute it superbly. They have great guests, and a good chemistry and they keep us laughing along the way. SUBSCRIBE!
I love the structure of this show and the brand of humor that these guys bring to movie reviews. This show brings a fresh take on the traditional film podcast and it is a show that I don't skip over.
Keep up the great work!
This is a very good movie podcast in which the hosts talk about a current movie currently out in theaters and then discuss two older movies that would match with that one's plot or themes. I have only heard a few, but I am hooked on seeing what two movies they will match up next. The hosts are a lot of fun and they add great humor to the show too. Jason AKA The Vern - As You Watch Podcast
M/J/J do a mini review of a new release and then review two older movies with similar themes and they decide which movie does it better. They give great insights on the themes and issues and make me want to revisit some of the older titles. They have a good time and they're a great listen! I appreciate their consistency in their format and they have fun guests from time to time. If you like entertaining movies and Bill Paxton, this podcast is for you! -Peter (HLFPodcast)
With an interesting format, using themes of new movies to relate to older movies, War Machine vs War Horse provides a great look into film. By adding a ton of comedy, and bolstered by a dead ringer for Jude Law, this is one podcast you cannot miss
Great stuff.. keep 'em coming!