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Great podcast
Hopefully we get more 24?!?! This is the perfect podcast for 24
Not too serious, but not too critcal. Just the right mix for a 24 podcast.
I am not a big 24 fan but my wife is, so I have to suffer. Listening to Jim and A.Ron break down the action is much more enjoyable than the actual show and keeps me coming back week after week. Great job, guys!
Followed you guys from Breaking Bad to Walking Dead to House of Cards and now to 24. You’re doing a great job - keep it up!
Hilarious take on 24. The show is ridiculous fun and the bald move guys' sarcasm laden podcast review is a priceless compendium.
Laugh through the ridiculousness of 24 with Jim and Aron. My question - is 24 actually a straight faced comedy? The scene in the first episode where the commanding officer ignores three (!) warnings to evade immediate missile deployment before being pasted comes to mind...
Jim and Aron have some fun with this cast. As long as you don't take 24 too seriously this is a great TV podcast!
I listen to and love all the Jim and A-ron podcasts and this one is no exception. I especially like when A-Ron imitates Jack and I when Jim did his Scottish accent! It’s just fun!
Keep up the great work!
I found your podcast once and then I couldn’t find it doing the 24 LAD search. It doesn’t show up. So glad to find your podcast(s) - you all are hilarious. Yes I do love 24 but you’ve really just got to laugh at some of the things they get away with. Chole & her eyeliner YIKES!!! Can we put some time in the show so she can take a quick shower?!?!
I'm so relieved you guys decided to continue with the podcast. I am a fan of your TWD podcast and now for this podcast. You guys crack me up all the time. I probably look like a lunatic while driving. Keep up the great work. I'm trying to get caught up with Mad Men (I'm finishing season 4) so I can listen to your MM podcast. Thank you for all your hard work.
Fun 30-minute conversation about the show. I'm not sure 24 observes this attention but Jim and A Ron always have good commentary. Makes the show more enjoyable.
I don't watch a lot of shows regularly, but luckily Jim and A.Ron podcast for two of them. I laugh and learn something new about the show every episode.
Every podcast you guys do is awesome. Keep up the good work
It's a lot of fun to listen to these casual viewers chat about the action, politics, inconsistencies, and idiocies of season 9. Definitely worth checking out.
Jim and A-Ron are in full throttle mode on their 24 podcast!! Started listening to their Breaking Good podcast, then Walking Dead, then Game of Thrones and House of Cards. These guys are so wonderfully good, like hanging out talking smack with close friends. These guys are to podcasting what Click and Clack was to Car Talk in the 90's. And with 24 there's so much to laugh about that these guys are in full stride hilario. Keep 24 podcasts going fellas!!!
A.ron & Jim are always guaranteed to get the energy and tone right for every show they cover. The 24 podcast is no exception. It's just a blast & a bright spot in my podcast week.
Good quick to the point talk about 24 but going forward would recommend focusing on FX shows like The Strain, SOA, Americans, Justified. AMC is no longer the front running cable channel now that BB and MM are basically over. Please do not review that ridiculously stupid Halt and Catch Fire. Dumb premise atrocious actors. I would rather have a Low Winter Sun podcast than that pile. I would be up for a House of Cards style cast for The Killing returning on Nflix, the first 3 seasons already there so catch up.
Seriously, its like you guys have ported into my brain and asked me what shows you should cover. Nice work, as always.


Really enjoy this podcast, it makes watching the show more enjoyable
24 is 24, but I love hearing A. Ron & Jim discussing it. I like that they embrace the show, but still point out the dump truck sized plot holes :)
Hey guys, on your last podcast you mentioned that you might quit the 24 recap because of a lack of interest. Just so you know, for some reason this particular cast doesn't seem to show up when you search for "24" or "live another day" on iTunes. Nor does it come up when you search for "bald move" or appear along side other Bald Move podcasts in the "related" section. I only found out about it from a brief mention on your Game of Thrones cast. Not sure if it was tagged improperly, or if it's just iTunes being crappy as usual, but this may explain the lack of traffic. Sorry to post here, but I don't do facebook, as your site's comment system requires.
This is the only good 24 podcast out there, so you have to keep doing it.
Great 24 podcast. By far the best one out there!!
Guys, I listen to your Mad Men and Game of Thrones casts religiously every week and I only found out now that all this time you've had one for 24??? You guys need to up your pimping game.
All of your podcasts are great and this one is no exception!
Quick instant-take reviews of fast-paced 24!
This season of 24 may not be breaking any new ground, but it is still so enjoyable to watch! I’ve gone through withdrawl of Jack Bauer and I’m finally getting my fix again. This podcast is a decent Bald Move effort- Jim and A.Ron are very entertaining and down to earth guys to listen to. I do think they’re not quite into 24 as much as their flagship shows like Walking Dead, as they haven’t even seen seasons 7 & 8, and I’d love a full hour of recap and commentary. Still they are professionals and well worth listening to! What choice do you have… it's the ONLY PODCAST YOU’VE GOT!!!