Reviews For Encouraging Words for Working Moms with Christy Largent

Interesting guests - Christy does a good job of asking the questions that I would if I were there! Enjoying every one!
I just stumbled across your podcast and I just looove it! Please continue to keep up the good work.
I love this podcast!!
I love great free resources for moms! Thank you so much Christy for doing this show!!


By Mrs.KRS
I am so blessed to have found Christy's "Encouraging Words for Working Moms" because she is so encouraging, uplifting, relatable and her laugh makes me laugh :-). I appreciate there being a podcast aimed at us hard working mama's that gives us topics we can understand and relate to and she helps us to not feel guilty for our choice to work as well as tips on how to balance work and home life. She is truly encouraging!
Great Podcast! Looking forward to all she has to offer.
This is such a gem! Christy you are such an inspirational lady!!!! Really enjoyed.
I love Christy’s story and am excited to see her platform grow as she connects with people though podcasting.
Christy has an engaging way of communicating great information. You don't want to miss what is next! Great job!
I am really enjoying this podcast! She is helping me pursue my daughter's heart and get to know her better. I thank God for this podcast! It is an answered prayer.
Christy is a great storyteller! She incorporates elements that appeal to & explain all the personality types. Her transparency is refreshing!
Great stuff here! We all need encouragement,forgiveness and laughter. You bring it all. Christy,thank you for sharing yourself on podcast! I am looking forward to many more sessions!
Wonderful encouragement for parents!
If you can get past her bubbly voice then you will benefit from this podcast. Sorry Christy, don't mean to sound rude when saying that (I am a blue melancholy person after all LOL). Great info, will definately put the information I have heard to good use.
I love Christy's enthusiasm and energy that she brings to the show, but even more so the insights and real encouragement that help working moms find their way through the chaos. Very needed! I'm excited to hear more.


Wonderful information. Great for all moms. Thanks for the inspiration.
Christy knows her audience. She is fun to listen to. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience. Glad I found your podcast!
I know the podcast says it is Encouraging Words for Working Moms but I would say it really is for anyone who wants to get some weekly encouragement in the midst of their busy lives. My favorite so far has been the podcasts dealing with different personality types…I won’t say which one I identify with! Thank you Christy for being honest and most of all encouraging. I have subscribed to the podcast and look forward to hearing more.
I am really enjoying listening to these podcasts. Christy describes and breaks down the different personality types and helps us understand why some of us react the way we do. Everyone has different communication styles and these podcasts give insights on how to better communicate with just about everyone. Thank you Christy for breaking it down.
I am so very glad that I have found this podcast. Christy is so enjoyable to listen to, her topics are appropriate for moms with children of any age, and the personality descriptions, not only helps me understand my family better, it helps me understand my co-workers also. I HIGHLY recommend listening to her.
Great for working moms and dads, Christy is energetic and inspirational!
I wish I had such good advice back when I was raising my children, but at least I can tell my daughter about Christy and she can benefit from her good advice with my grandchildren. Good stuff!
The information contained in these pod casts are fantastic. Christy presents the material in an easy to grasp format, sprinkled with humor and fun. The topics and strategies are timely, educational and applicable to life with or without children. My life has improved through implementing some of the tips Christy shared. I highly recommend subscribing to the podcasts so you never miss a topic and as a bonus, you can go back and replay the podcast any time.
Christy is a peppy, upbeat working mom with lots of encouraging and useful support for working Moms and/or Dads. A good topic for so many in her shoes.
Love to listen to Christy. She is so real and relatable. The personality information is extremely beneficial in every part of life.
Christy is so fun and easy to listen to! She gives useful information about personality styles and shows how she applies that info in her life and how we can also. I am not even a working mom. I am a working dad, and I am hooked on this podcast!