The 10th Wonder Heroes Podcast: Reborn

Reviews For The 10th Wonder Heroes Podcast: Reborn

Okay so I really liked your podcast it's great to hear people that actually want to understand the nuances of the show how powers work and you guys really paid attention to the details that other people may have missed. But the last episode turned from the recap to quickly talking about how great it was to do the show and you went on a tangent so bad that you didn't do the recap the proper way so certain aspects were ignored or forgotten. But over all the podcast was excellent so you still get 5 stars but still disappointed with that final episode so much.
Thank you guys for doing this again. I was very much into the show and this podcast years ago the first time around and only the real podcast i listen to.
This was the first podcast I ever listened to and one of the best I've ever heard, it's the only one I've ever seen with enhanced aac, i hope you guys include that feature again. If you like heroes than this is your go to podcast
Back during Heroes' first run, I tried a couple of different Heroes podcasts, but kept coming back to the 10th Wonder Heroes Podcast. When I heard Heroes Reborn was coming, I came right back to Graham and Co. Can't recommend them enough.
THIS is the best Heroes podcast. I was very disappointed to see that NBC has singled out a different and not as well reviewed unofficial Heroes podcast to promote on its Heroes page in the iTunes store. The 10th Wonder Heroes Podcast is not only hosted by three smart and funny guys who have been here since the original series was on the air, but you will not find anyone more dedicated to Heroes than Joe! You guys do a great job and have excellent discussion! NBC, you need to recognize.
I loved the 10th wonder podcast when following along with the original show. So glad to see it back for Heroes Reborn.
What could be better than hearing that Heroes was coming back to television? Finding out that it would be joined by one of the first podcasts that I ever listened to - and one of my favorites - The 10th Wonder Podcast. If you like Heroes, do yourself a favor and subscribe. It will make watching the show so much more interesting and fun. One of the things that these guys do so well is create a community out of a group of fans. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
There is no way I could watch Heroes Reborn without you guys! You make week to week so worth it!
After a five year absence, one of my favorite tv shows has returned. And with it, one of my favorite podcasts has also been resurrected. Graham, Joe and Derek are back for a new season of Heroes and they are just as entertaining as ever. 10th Wonder is the premier Heroes podcast and the only one you need to listen to.
These guys are Heroes Pros! Listened during the original series and listening now! Love the insight and banter about all things Heroes. I was excited when I heard Heroes was coming back, even more so when this podcast showed back up in my feed. Subscribe to this, you'll be happy. Once they're uploaded, go back and check out the original 10th Wonders too.
This podcast was amazing when the original series was on the air. Glad to see that it's back! These guys really add to the experience of watching the show. Even 5 years later this podcast is still in my top 3 in the TV show variety.
It's really nice to get all 3 of the guys back, if you are rewatching the original series try to catch up on some of their old podcasts. Also after 5 years it's nice to hear how their perspectives on the show and characters changed since mine have changed a great deal. Hopefully there are some live shows too :)
These folks work hard to produce this podcast and it shows. Great companion to Heroes Reborn the TV show. I listened to ALL of the 10th Wonder “classic” series when the original series was on and couldn’t wait for these guys to come back with their insightful theories, interviews, and news. If you want to talk with real fans of the show, these guys are it. YATTA!
Looking forward to the new Heroes season and getting to listen to you guys afterwards. Keep up the great work!
So glad to hear the 10th Wonder once again. Graham, Joe and Derek cover Heroes like no other podcast. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this show.
Great podcast! Been a listener for a long time. These guys make the show more fun to watch.
I loved the 10th Wonder Podcast the first go around and am excited that they’re back for Heroes Reborn. Can’t wait to hear what Derek, Graham & Joe have to say late September when the first episode airs. Welcome back guys!
So glad to hear you guys are back for Heroes Return! I just had a sudden thought today to check about that ol' Heroes podcast and was pleased to see you guys are back at it! Still on episode 1, but have missed you guys! Everyone, download now and you won't be disappointed!
I only know of one Heroes podcast, and this is the best.
Loyal fan of the 10th wonder podcast when Heroes was on TV. The hosts are fantastic with a wealth of knowledge and genuinely excited about the show. I am so excited for heroes to return.
I been with this show when episode 1 came out oh so long ago. i only email the show once. but i am SUPER HAPPY That they are BACK!!!!!! This was my 1st ever Podcast i ever download back in the day. BEST SHOW ON ITUNES EVER!
These guys are smart and articulate and provide great insight into Heroes. The perfect companion to a Top TV Show. Don't be disillusioned if there aren't many episodes of the podcast early on, if these guys don't have anything worth saying they arent going to say it and waste your time with mindless chatter. However, when Heroes comes back they will have plenty to say and it will be well worth your time to listen and enhance your enjoyment of Heroes Reborn.
It'll be interesting to hear what happens with the show and with its most in-depth reviewers. "The 10th Wonder" back? "Heroes" coming back? Crazy with an emphasized 'azy.' It don't get much better than Graham, Derek and Joe. Look out 2015!
I love that you guys are making an effort to bring this back. I was a fan through much of the show and one of the elements that fueled my weekly addiction was your podcast. On the weekly I would listen after each episode. I’ve always enjoyed your analysis and insight into the shows concepts and I look forward to your future efforts. I know until there is more news and content it will be hard to keep up the show, but I’d love season recap shows until more news is out. I think with the new perspective of years passed that may offer some great context and I’d really enjoy hearing your views from now as opposed to when they aired. You might be able to add some other great ideas—HRG and Molly were great concepts—that influence the future of the production.
Glad to see this come back even if it will be for a "mini"series show. So Joe, Graham, and Derek welcome back from TheJerichoFan. I almost forgot that was my name during your live shows.
These guys went out on top, and they’re coming back even stronger. Graham, Derek, and Joe are simply the best guys to have covering this show’s triumphant return, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Here’s to many more seasons. Cheers, guys.
So glad to have you guys back! Can't wait for more episodes.
From the very first episode and throughout the entire run of NBC’s Heroes The 10th Wonder podcast was -the- standard by which other TV podcast’s were measured (along with Starkville’s House of El). It wasn’t unusual for the podcast to be more entertaining than whatever episode of the show Graham, Joe, and Derek were discussing that week. That’s not a slight against the show so much as an example of how funny, informative, and entertaining this podcast is. With Heroes being “reborn" next year every serious fan of Heroes and/or podcasting wondered (pun intended) would 10th wonder return? The guys did not disappoint, with nothing more than a nine second teaser they went to work without missing a beat. Sure I’m excited Heroes is coming back but its even better to get more 10th Wonder.