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Doc is amazing and brings the latest in medicine right to your ears. Im not a PJ. Just a lil ole street medic and I have no other show that offers more.
PJ Medcast is an engaging, informative, no-frills podcast with phenomenal guest experts from a variety of disciplines discussing the latest in high performance team psychology, quality special warfare medicine, elite operator mindsets and other similar topics...so that others may live. Dr. Rush is the perfect host: experienced, knowledgeable, passionate, and deeply insightful.
Love the podcast! The two episodes with Dr Steffian were so informative. I love how he tied in ACT as a tool to increase resilience. Bring him back for additional episodes!
I’m not SF and definitely not a PJ but the content is interesting. The doc runs the show well and his guests are typically experts in their chosen field. Very applicable to medicine in general but the stories are what keep me coming back.
New to this Podcast, excellent and relevant resource. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I’ll continue to listen and learn.
Proud to call you a friend and advisor. Great job giving people the care, knowledge and inspiration they need..
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and information with us ! Stoked to have found this podcast.
Great show! I have been in public safety for the last 17 years and it’s good to see what you guys are doing, as it almost always trickles down to the civilian side. Keep up the great work!
Great work, easy to digest info and useful info from refit to deployments. Sometimes overlooked tips to ensure safe and effective training cycles. RLTW
Great podcast. I’m currently an emergency medicine resident at an Army training program. Having had little exposure in my prior background to prehospital care, care in theatre, and to the scope of practice of our advanced medics, I find this podcast invaluable in gaining an understanding of the experience and point of view of an operator, the level and quality of their training, and their unique skill set and roles down range. We have a number of 18Ds coming through our ER and this podcast has given me on a few occasions common ground on which to frame discussions and teaching for them. I continue to recommend it to my Co-residents as many of us hope to fill operational jobs over the next few years. Thanks for putting this together and for the high quality content.
I’m a rescuer/EMT for Seattle Mountain Rescue. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate this podcast. So much pertains to the work we do in the mountains and far up trail.
This podcast is very informative.
Thanks for doing these!
Great opportunity to listen at your convience. Doc Rush provides a clear, simple approach to pararescue medicine. Thanks!
Great resource for continuing education for PJ meds and protocols!!!
Keep them coming
Great resource
These are really good!
Well worth the time, even if you’re not in the career field. Goes well beyond the typical TCCC assessment/MARCH lessons.
I passed the link along at the GA SLWG. Thanks again for another great tool for the men to use.
Great review of the basics in tactical medicine. Can't wait to see what comes next