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Was looking for unbiased news. This is very biased. Don’t want opinions- just facts. No thanks.


By Tuavale
The hate Mike feels for Trump is palpable. Yet justified and amusing all at once. I still can’t pronounce the Latin words he utters to close the show.
I love the Gist. Mike Pesca has been a high point and inspiration in my personal life for decades. He is smart, quick witted, level headed, entertaining, funny; but, most importantly, capable of laser focus in re: PRIORITIZED POLITICS. Hunter S.Thompson once defined politics as: The art of controlling one’s own ENVIRONMENT. So......,Mikey, don’t count yer ferkin chickens bee four days been haytched. Please pardon my syntax but —- weez in Murica. If you and Vjayjay Heftymann( whom I love) continue to dissect Democratic Candidates as well as policies that they expound, then we are lost. The republicans have a well oiled propaganda machine in place. As well as a prime time semi successful reality television star well gifted in the art of “ I’m rubber; you’re glue... “ Right? Right? Right? We love the truth. I love the totally IGNORED OBSCURE liberal or libertarian mouthpieces you mention. But let’s try to remember-: kill Trump PERIOD!!! Then remake the world with the power we take from HIM AND ALL OF HIS RICH RICH RICH Republican friends. WIN IT FIRST WIN IT FIRST WIN IT FIRST WIN IT FIRST WIN IT FIRST
Mike is the go to. Very informative, presents and explores all sides of the issue. Balanced and with a twist of funny!
This show has always been good, but has been even more of an essential listen for me since COVID. Mike is doing an awesome job covering the big stories in the country, and is very funny to boot.
My husband and I just finished listening to your show with Virginia Heffernan about public meetings attendees discussing masks. We could not contain ourselves. These days, it feels especially good to let go with a belly laugh — or 3 or 4. Thanks so much — you made our day, again.
A half hour of this podcast had at least 3 commercial blocks. I quit.
This was great to listen too I love democracy now but at times we. Need to add humor with good news. I just discovered you. I’ll pass it on to my suicidal friends Your devoted listener, Ronda
This is the only podcast I’ve felt compelled to post a review of. Brilliant.
Increasingly, I find myself looking forward to this show as a brief moment of respite from our fractious and exhausting cultural climate. I don’t always agree with Mike’s positions, but I am always impressed with his intelligence, curiosity and pragmatism. He brings great empathy to often difficult topics, and he makes me laugh, too. He is also hands down the best interviewer I’ve ever heard. Thank you for this wonderful show.
The host has an eye for macro trends, a razor sharp wit and a talent for articulating an argument. The Gist is fun and informative.
A contender for the smartest (almost) daily podcast out there. Not for everyone’s taste, but what is?
Perfect blend of informative interviews and humor.
Loved the podcast about coronavirus podcasts. May 7? Have checked out the best and they are indeed.
The Gist offers interesting guests, thoughtful interviews, and opinions based on considerably more than lazy thinking and anecdotes.
Mike does such a consistent job with his pod. It’s reliably released 5 days a week and always in the evening. I appreciate the regularity. Beyond that, I find his opinions insightful and well formed and while he might come off as anti-trump, it’s only because he is describing reality. He isn’t cloaking opinions in facts or spinning sound bytes that suit his narrative. Great job on this podcast mike!
If a guest can’t talk about their client he should not be a guest on the podcast. Nothing new other than this former inmate being able to promote his company. I’ve read everything he talked about. Waste of time and the host is below average almost amateur.
Mike has an unrivaled intellectual curiosity almost matched by his amazing sense of humor. The Gist is my go-to news/cultural source every weekday, and helps me interpret what I believe about current events. Great content, guest list, word-play, insight, and arguments have made me a committed listener for the past four years. Keep up the great work!
I was a daily listener to this podcast but not anymore. The episode titled "Isolation in the Nation" published on March 26 was so depressing based on the all the negative material said. There were some statistics mentioned but all in a negative perspective. Words like "staggering number", "more are coming" and "they're all gone" paint the jobs picture in a very negative light. There was no mention of the reason behind the unemployment claims and no silver lining. Words like work from home, temporary, hope, have faith, help is on the way, more unemployment benefits, we're in this together, stay safe were not expressed and that omission puts every listener in a negative mindset.
Mike has the goods. I don’t always agree but I always understand his takes. Keep it up! (And no, it’s not left wing or whatevs, it’s based on ya know, reality)
The Gist is the only daily I can listen to daily. Mike is a word-a-day calendar in my ear. I don’t always agree with his point of view, but he always presents a compelling, and often funny, argument.
Best overall podcast commentator today. Wish he were a bit more lefty, just because it’s where I’m comfortable as a boomer (70 years old holy cow when did this happen?) My week is incomplete without Mike.
Love Mike’s MSNBC appearances and enjoy this podcast. Agree with him 98%.
Very smart host. Not lefty enough for me but close. Better words, the best words, very stable also. One of my favorites bc he consistently produces pods. I have other faves but I can count on Mike to be there five days a week
Why listen to this filth when you can waste your time listening to a far superior podcast - The El Chapo Trap House
I actually love him bit I don’t want to be a creep. And By the way, who doesn’t like his “voices”? I mean he may not be Dan Ackroyd or any of those consummate mimics but they are vaguely recognizable and the content is (almost) always funny. I am just saying- Mike don’t let them put a damper on your creativity.
I like this show a lot. I think Mike is chipper on a daily basis and provides interesting points and guest interviews. I have an issue with his politics. He labels himself a liberal-centrist (which is fair). However, lately he has spent a lot of his air-time defending (current presidential candidate) Michael Bloomberg. On the surface, this is fine. It’s important, as a journalist to cover and expose lies, double standards, and the like. However, Mike doesn’t preform the same level of defense to the other current democratic candidates. I recommend this podcast, but I do also wish Mike would be open about his support (or lack of support) for each candidate before going into a spirited defense of one (example Michael Bloomberg) over all of the others.
Mike P. is a smooth-brained, gormless, wonk with all the charm of Ben Shapiro and the charisma of an aging softball coach. If you enjoy sweaty defences of Mike Bloomberg then this is podcast for you. All others need not apply.
Chill my man Drink less coffee a little less red bull Your gonna blow Your words all over the Internet
Love mike’s wordplay great language!
And the only good podcast at Slate
This podcast, of the many I love, is the one that most informs me of the important (and sometimes unimportant) things going on in the world. If I go more than a day or two without listening, I feel like I’ve really been missing out.
Who is this dude? Can ask some good questions....sometimes. Thinks he’s funny, isn’t. His rants to end the episode are unlistenable. Good guests though.
I really like this podcast. I am a new listener, but I certainly like it a lot.
I have enjoyed the wordsmith and another point of view. But after 3 years, the poor reasoning and shallow, repetitive, closed-minded and one-sided arguments are all starting to sound the same. Sorry, Mike, you finally lost me.....
I'm not sure if it's him or me, but Mike's schtick is wearing on me. He bullies guests regularly, often because he seems to come into interviews with preconceived ideas that he refuses to let go of. He's not as smart as he thinks he is. He should try listening for a change.
I listen to every episode! Mike is more centrist than me, but I appreciate getting out of my echo chamber. I particularly love when he does silly bits.
Because I have to believe he’s going to end up on a major cable network doing his thing there. He is soooo good at this podcast stuff, and I love his show. But... he is destined for a much larger audience! Until then I will not miss an episode! PJ
So happy I stumbled upon Mike Pesca. 5 Stars!
Rating number 2,500 (thats me) is 5 stars. Just sayin.
Wordplay to tickle the intellect, eloquent elegies about diverse topics of the time! Mike is always insightful, and brings widely covered topics up in new and unique ways. Incredible breadth of knowledge and unique viewpoints create a rounded show, always approached in a creative way. The guests are high caliber, and somehow always seem to leave with a newfound respect for Mike. One of the best podcasts for those who prefer a higher level conversation!
Big sports fan, but Mike makes theater, politics, comedy, etc interesting and increases my knowledge of the world. Thanks
I began listening to The Gist because I had heard Mike as a sports reporter and always enjoyed his insights. Little did I know I was listening to an entertaining genius just playing with mere toys. Sandwiched between blistering essays is always an expertly conducted interview that I always think I’m going to skip, only to be hooked into it from the get-go. Mr. Pesca performs a public service.
In addition to the fact that I am infinitely amused by the show (“Um Peru, De Peru, Du Peru” never gets old), there have been many instances over the years where listening has prompted me to physically react in some way or another. Whether it’s expressed via involuntary verbal proclamation or a spontaneous round of applause (yes, really), The Gist stands alone as my absolute favorite podcast, period. Among the many many non-fiction podcasts I listen to (some easily qualify as much more “heady” than The Gist), I have never ever had to pause one of those podcasts because someone used a word I was WHOLLY unfamiliar with and was unable to deduce the word’s definition in context. Yet, this show’s host has dropped me new a totally new vocabulary word on multiple occasions, and he’s done it casually. Anyone that appreciates the spoken word and/or good argumentation will agree that Mike Pesca is TRULY a master of his craft. Regardless of whether or not I agree with what he’s saying, I respect that it’s delivered with thoughtful analysis; Mike’s ridiculously brilliant, as is The Gist.
Mike covers a wide range of people and topics in a way that is fun, entertaining, and enlightening. Keep up the good work!
If you’re over The Gist, What Next is a far more nuanced and smart daily podcast from Slate. Slate’s Gabfest has far more political insight. Truly, I regret following the Slate feed only because I can’t unsubscribe to this podcast.
The only political podcast to which I subscribe. The only political podcast to which I subscribe. I was going to drop my rating because I disliked the bullying interview of Lauren Ducca, but one bad interview out many is a very good average.
Very fun and addictive I could watch it over and over again
Mike has about the quickest, brightest mind on any platform today. Better yet, he uses it generously, without vitriol, to enlighten and entertain. My fav podcaster with absolutely endless discoveries and insights into human experience.