Scientist the Human Podcast

Reviews For Scientist the Human Podcast

While a few other podcasts feature scientists' latest research, this one is unique in that the interviewee also explains the path which led him or her into science in general and a field of research in particular. Hope to hear more soon!
The "fireside chat" style of this podcast makes a traditionally complex, and sometimes intimidating, field much more approachable. Looking forward to future podcasts!
This is really cool!! 👏👏👏
Easy to follow for those who aren't completely familiar with psychology. Topics discussed were interesting and relatable. Can't wait for the next podcast!
Great podcast, contains the most intriguing topics of cognitive psych and social psych condensed in a well orated episode. Good review for those familiar with psych research, must listen for those interested in research or social psychological phenomenon.
If you're interested in research as well as understanding the complexity it takes to get to where some of the most established people in their respective fields are-- this is the podcast for you. In the same vein as some of the best current literature like "The Disappearing Spoon" by Sam Kean or "Napoleon's Buttons" by Penny Le Couteur, this podcast focus on current experimental science in fields ranging from Psychology to Biochemistry, while giving you an inside look into the human element and influence science can have in the world around us. Fantastic for anyone interested in staying up to date in modern research, and wants to get to know the incredible people behind it.
This is a great and unique podcast!!!! Hope to hear more wonderful interviews!