Do Anything: Real Women. Real Change.

Reviews For Do Anything: Real Women. Real Change.

In a world of business and lifestyle podcasts dominated by male voices, finally here is one for real women. Missy is a great interviewer who gets to the heart of the story. This is like listening to a great conversation among friends.
Great topics, awesome stories, unique approach. Excellent show.
Looking forward to sharing these stories and helping you get moving on your latest project!
Missy's podcasts are super: honest, real, accessible and engaging. You walk away feeling inspired (versus thinking I-could-never-do-that). I recommend!
I listen to a ton of podcasts, but so many of them don't speak directly to a women's perspective. This is what I love about Do Anything. I listened to the first few all in a row and can't wait to hear more. This podcast is absolutely going into my rotation.