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Engaging host, descriptive language. Show has a regular "theme" that keeps it from being rambling. One can only imagine how good it'd be minus producer Grima.
On a scale of 1 (burn the phone that downloaded the podcast) to 11 (wait! That’s not sweat I’m mopping from my car seat!) I give it a 10 for nearly pants peeing funny. my favorite for lotro podcasts. Hope you can keep up the pace. Great combination of in-depth topics and mixed nuts like Gollum and Grima. Never quite know what to expect.
Listened to all of them in reverse order.. Great Podcast. Taking a light look at the game and always with a positive spin on things. I recommend the podcast highly
Braag is not only infinitely entertaining (i.e. Little Drummer Boy, self-gratification comparison, Top 10 (or 13? maybe 15?) Lists, sponsorships) but the good dwarf knows his LOTRO stuff! I’ve been listening for the last year or so (sorry for the delayed review...) & playing the game for going on 8 years, and I have learned quite a bit from this little harry guy. Fair warning fellow viewer (and...you know...) just be cautious while driving: tears of laughter can distort the distance of the vehicles in front of you 😂 Keep up the great work Braag & maybe I’ll see you on Landroval some time! Fielder
This podcast is a sure mine of mithril! Love the informative banter and fun nature. Braag is a great host and very talented! Always looking forward to the next episode.
Braag keeps the information fun, relevant, clever, and rolling. The beacon sound should be changed, but the show is a must-listen. Baruk Khazad, Onishi Farquestor of Landroval
Braag is an excellent podcast host who provides a new and interesting show for the LOTRO community. I enjoy the specific instance and quest details mentioned throughout each show, as well as his top 10 lists (grinds anyone?). Sponsor "commercials" are creative and funny. As an avid LOTRO player for over 3 years, it is impressive how many LOTRO details the host is able to recall and articulate, and I look forward to learning something new during each show. Special props for mentioning the band Rush (best band ever) in an early episode! Keep up the great work!
For me, this podcast bounces between 3 and 4 stars within a given show. Braag is interesting and a pleasure to listen to when he's going into depth about LOTRO or related topics. But it's a very jokey, shtick-driven show; not really my cup of tea. But solo podcasting is about following your own beacon, so I hope he keeps at it. Give it a listen and see what you think.
I like the host, who is knowledgable and clever. I like the format and the original content. The mix is inviting and encourages me to delve deeper into the game and lore of Middle Earth. Keep the beacons lit!
This is a good show that has witty comments about the game. It feels like a combination of several LOTRO podcasts, taking the best parts from each one and then the host adding in his extra flair. Truly amazing that a show this good can come to LOTRO this late in the game. Great job Braag!
Speak "Friend" and listen to this excellent LOTRO podcast! Braag provides a unique flow to the show, corresponding each beacon of Gondor with a section of the show. His knowledge of the game is apparent with each episode, and he infuses his own humor to make this show an enjoyable listen. -Zyngor
Very enjoyable and informative listen. Braag certainly has the chops to appeal to both new players and seasoned veterans. Add this podcast to your LOTRO rotation immediately! - Braxwolf
Light the Beacons is a great addition to the lotro podcast community. Braag is an entertaining host who provides insightful, well structured dialogue regarding the great game set in Middle Earth. Definitely a must listen for lotro fans. I look forward to the (hopefully) many episodes to come! Auranir
New Lotro podcase with Lots of potential. Give it a try!