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Can't recommend this one enough!
This is my favorite podcast because the information provided is thorough, relevant, and ACTIONABLE. Perhaps more importantly, the content is unadulterated by corporate advertising and corporate perspectives that so often confuse and distract us from the root causes of our problems. If you want to engage with the issues that are impacting your communities (from local to international) and our collective future, you should subscribe to this podcast. The hosts are extremely well-prepared and obviously committed to providing facts to the people. The guests are inspirational (and effective) advocates and activists who are working toward justice, sustainability, and peace. I have already learned a lot, and look forward to much more. thank you Occupy Radio!
As one of the original Producers of Occupy Radio it is great to hear Getch and Rivera continue and build on the early success we achieved. When we started, our voice spread however far 88.1FM KWVA Eugene's signal could take us. Now, the program reaches activists all over the region and country on Pacifica radio stations and many podcast hosting sites. O.R. has helped me stay informed as I started my post-grad life.
Really appreciate this broadcast. All the speakers, hosts, articulate issues in a clear and precise way and unlike many other talk shows I don't have to tweek my brain to understand what is being said. One small problem I've been having though is when at the Occupyh Radio and Podomatic sites the broadcasts stop suddenly, somehow my wireless connection disconnects for 5 minutes or so and then resumes, anyone else have this problem? I am now using iTunes but have not listened to a show on iTunes yet so don't yet know if this will happen here or not, hopefully not. This is not a criticism, but just letting you know of a tech issue. I really, really appreciate these broadcasts. Thanks!!!
I am enjoying hearing this take on current events and hearing about some of the civil dissent going on. It is important to get this facet of thought and perspective of the issues out there. Occupy Radio is a strong representative for those who necessarily question those in power and for the open-minded. Thank you. You are appreciated!
Occupy Radio is the best show I am currently hosting and producing. It's also the only show, so the competition isn't tough. Seriously though, you should check us out! Popular guests, intriquing topics, and a sensible hands-on approach to changing the world. Every Wednesday.