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Don’t watch full house, this is cool tho
This is a terrific podcast. Five stars!
A highlight of my day is anytime I turn on an episode of this podcast! Full House was one of my favorite shows growing up and now I can enjoy all of its stupidity by listening to these great guys talk about it. The banter is great and I love the random tangents that the hosts sometime take. All around a great and enjoyable show! ❤️
This podcast is my absolute favorite ever! It doesn't take itself too seriously and Jon and Brandon work really well together. If you want a podcast that's as wholesome and sweet as Full House, keep moving! This is a Rude Dudes only podcast. I've listened through it twice and never get tired of it. Great job guys and keep it up!
Listen to everything Jon Pernisek says, trust nothing Candace Cameron Bure does. That is a general rule of life.


By aabogg2
Good stuff. I've listened to every episode. Sometimes I catch myself pronouncing words like Jon Pernisek (it's a problem).
If you're a fan of Go Bayside definitely give this a listen. Jon and Brandon are absolutely fantastic, they're banter never ceases to put a smirk on my face. I'd recommend starting from the first and working your way to the most recent (because their is a mysterious clue is given every episode you won't know the clue so listen carefully). Watching the show has not required to enjoy the podcast, if anything they're doing you a favor by laying on that blade for you. So yeah fantastic show I'll be sad when it's finished.
I remember all of these episodes from when I was a kid. Hilarious breakdown and commentary on each episode!
an amazing podcast to full house lovers and haters alike. having seen every episode prob over 10 times a piece, this may have been created for me. hosts are brilliant and hilarious and guests are always great. wish i could give it 100 stars. love.
These guys are hilarious and hold nothing back in this rockus deconstruction of the classic 90s sitcom full house. Relive every episode in the raunchiest of possible ways and let the hilarity ensue. John and Brandon are comedic gold! Best full house podcast you will find (I've listened to them all)
Best podcast about Full House! Can not wait for them to cover all the FH books
These guys are hilarious! They are delighful hosts, very funny, and engaging. I'm impressed with their dedication of rehashing EVERYTHING Full House and come at it with personal angles on the edge of sarcasm and absurdity. Highly reccommend!
Listen, y'all. If you are looking for a podcast that shows how Full House highlights religious principles, first of all, who are you? Second of all, look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a very funny show--funnier than Uncle Joey--about a TV show that was not good at all, well, here is your spot. "Sit down. Pop your earbuds in. Close the door."-Don Draper
Jonathon and Brandon may start out every installment of How Rude by saying their podcast is an "exhaustive deconstruction of the classic (?) 90's sitcom Full House" but How Rude is foremost a comedy podcast hosted by Chicago improv talent. If you are looking for a serious discussion of Full House, then perhaps this podcast is not for you. Perhaps no podcast is for you, because you sound like a wretched human being and you don’t deserve podcasts. What would a serious discussion of Full House even sound like? I imagine it would be torturous, as Full House is a garbage show that some sad people have misplaced nostalgia for. How Rude knows this, which is why it’s so much fun to listen to Jonathon and Brandon (and guests) laugh and cringe their way through the lameness and the treacle of this dated sitcom schlock. They are suffering mightily for our enjoyment. True bravehearts. Boys, you’re in the last season. The home stretch. You can do this. America believes in you.
The formula of this nostalgia fueled podcast is magic. Each installment finds these hilarious “rude dudes” joined by a new special guest to deconstruct an episode of Full House. The chemistry between the hosts proves amazingly entertaining. Fresh perspectives from guests with happy but hazy memories of this TGIF classic keep the show lighthearted and fun. Easily one of my favorite podcasts. Here’s hoping they keep the show going well past the series run by covering all media tangentially related to Full House and beyond.
So let me first start off by saying I was the one that left the last 1 star review. After giving it some thought I decided to remove it. My first review was removed by the host (which is their prerogative). I'd like to say that the latest podcast of HR where the host review season 7 was actually pretty enjoyable. The three person format definitely works better than the two person format. Instead of the host trying to one up each other with one liners, this pod seemed to be more of a cooperative effort. Even the improv wasn't bad, I believe because it didn't go on forever. With three people, there was always someone reigning in the other host when the improve started to go on a little to long. I do realize that watching a full season is torture for anyone and I'm surprised that the third host Brad is still talking to his other two friends after the marathon. In this pod the hosts actually talked about the episodes and because they did that more, it wasn't as frustrating when the jokes started to come out. When I did my original review my main complaint was that it was 90% jokes and 10% Fuller House discussion. I have to admit I did laugh at a few of the jokes(Joey is a loser, Garth is closeted,Jesses twins do sound like they've fallen off the back of the motorcycle one too many times). I was wondering a couple of things. Would you guys consider podcasting about one episode at a time instead of marathons. I can speak only for myself but I think a deconstruction of 1 episode might be more enjoyable to listen to than the rushed marathons. Also have you considered periscoping or twitching(video) and do a review as the episode plays. I think it might be funny to watch you guys watch an episode and talk about it just like mystery science theater 3000. All in all this was good, my only other criticism would be to be careful of the jokes about Kimmie and Jessie and Stephanie. Yes they were funny but those characters are young and some may take it the wrong way.
These guys are hilarious! MUST LISTEN TO ALL OF THEM !
Single greatest full house podcast around!
This podcast is hilarious. I listen to many podcasts (around 15) and How Rude is in my top 5. If you are nostalgic about full house but not so much you hate people making fun of it, this show is a must listen.
I started listening to their podcast last year and binge listened to all the episodes to catch up. They were so funny that I had tears coming out of my eyes. They also were very detailed almost scene by scene which I liked. Somewhere around Season 3 it seemed like they were drawing away from talking in detail about the show, to spending most of the hour doing a bunch of off topic cutaways and improving. Some is ok, but when you only spend 20 mins discussing the show of which your podcast is about and the rest doing whatever, it makes me feel like they've lost touch of what they set out to do in the first place. I find myself relistening to their older stuff like Season 1 and 2 because to me that's when they were the funniest and more on par. I'll still continue to listen because I want to remain a faithful listener, but it just feels like I'm getting cheated out of my Full House experience. They're on Season 6 now, so hopefully with two more seasons to go maybe they'll revisit their old roots and make me laugh again. Keep up the good work guys! Here's to making Mondays great again.
When I first heard there was a podcast about Full House, I didn't believe it. Then I listened to it and now I believe. FIVE STARS! Now let's go order a vegetarian pizza
What a fun podcast! I never watched the show growing up, but this is great! Jon and Brandon are v funny!
Love this podcast and both of these boys! Keep it up
I really cannot stop listening to this podcast, you guys are hilarious. I have always wanted someone to give an honest option of this show that stayed on so long. Keep up the great work! I can't wait until you guys get to the episode when the family visit from Greece.
Joey rides his car down the empty road. So many impressions, so many wasted years. The bottles of Jack rattle in the front seat next to him. Meanwhile, thousand of miles away, Brandon and Jonathan laugh as they record a brilliant podcast.
The How Rude podcast is a hilarious modern day commentary on the 80’s - 90’s sitcom Full House - the deconstruction of a show that gives more of a lesson about white privileges rather than non-traditional families. The hosts Jonathan Pernisek and Brandon Shockney give the show a comical and completely visceral commentary that undermines the awkward inconsistencies though a 21st century lense. While the masochistic urge to sit through what I regressively consider to be one of the most aggressively obnoxious program in history perplexes me, but Pernisek and Shockney take a critical eye to those fans that may still be in a nostalgia-induced haze. The honorary rude dudes showcase members from the Chicago comedy scene and acts as a 'Humans Of' Series. Keep up the good work boys!
I was used the word muppet…”f…???” along with a few other descriptive examples in my last post as well as titling it: Fleetwood Mac: The Dance. I had no idea iTunes was so 1950’s about their reviews and so troublingly anti-Lindsey Buckingham. But in any case, they were all compliments, cause I love this podcast, which I read about on the Mental Floss list: 15 Podcasts for Extremely Specific Kinds of Nerds. Full House was a big favorite of mine when I was little—I watched it from day one until the finale, where I was inconsolable- both because it was over and because it was a horrible finale. Brandon and Jon are hysterical- I love the way the show is set up, how they interact with the guest and of course, their Balki & Larry, Moe & Curly dynamic. I just started it a few weeks ago and I’m already on episode 21, so I’m averaging about two a day. I’ve recommended it to friends, and they love it too. And one of your guests growling “GIMME YOUR PEE PEE!” from Look Who’s Talking has permanently adhered itself into my brain. I had an even better review than this, but much like said pee pee, it was eaten by a porcelain Tim Cook and Mel Brooks.
I was a fan and loyal listener of this podcast even BEFORE I got to guest on episode #65. Jon and Brandon make me laugh every week and getting to record with them only solidified the love that will keep me tuning in until they have reviewed every godforesaken one of the 192 episodes Full House aired. There is no better Full House podcast review show out there.
Great job guys very numerous great job john and Brandon
One of the funniest and most entertaining podcasts around! Thanks for making my Monday mornings more amazing than DJ's sweater collection!!
This podcast is vulgar, vile, shocking, and just plain, RUDE but I love every minute of it! I remember watching Full House when I was younger and it's great to to finally get some insight to some questions I had while watching many years ago. Such as, why was Uncle Jesse ALWAYS eating fried chicken? Why was there a car just parked in the "backyard?" and most importantly WHY IS UNCLE JOEY SO UNFUNNY? Accept no other imitations out there, fellow listeners. These guys and whomever is the special guest for that day, are the real deal and the true originators of this x-rated Full House review game.
Hilarious podcast! Jonathon and Brandon have a great back and forth with each other. The show is well thought out with equal parts of planned segments and riffing off each other. They also keep the guest in the loop and engaged the whole time. Looking forward to more episodes!
Two "rude dudes" discuss in depth every episode of the greatest sitcom from the 90s.


I really enjoy the show. I've binged the first 49 episodes in the last couple of weeks. Really great riffing. They wipe the rose-colored tint right off the ol' nostalgia glasses and really question what this show said about us as a country that this was and is a pop culture phenomenon. The guest interviews at the end of each episode are really interesting looks into adolescence and creativity. The only criticism I have is with the storyline between the Jon and Brandon characters. This Jesse and Becky love/hate/sexual tension thing has gone on too long. Time to move past the slow burn and elope to Lake Tahoe! I now pronounce you two Rude Dudes!
If you have warm memories of "Full House," sitting in the soft blue glow of the television with your parents and siblings, there is a chance this podcast may not be for you. If you watched the TV with a blank look and a bowl of snacks, this may be a podcast for you. If you would like a modern take on an older sitcom, with all its most backward humor, fashion, and gender politics, this is probably a podcast for you. And if your taste in humor runs anywhere toward irreverent snark then Jonathon and Brandon are your guys to turn to.
Part of my daily routine waking up in the morning, and I’ve never seen an episode of Full House.
Typed in Full House as a search as a bit of a joke and the name made me laugh: How Rude! The Full House Podcast. Gave it a try and have been with it ever since. If you love Full House, download this! If you hate Full House, download this! Great stuff! You guys better make it all the way through every episode now that I'm hooked...
This is awesome its my favorite show and now on here too!!😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️❤️
I stumbled upon How Rude completely by chance and my life has never been the same!
I can't tell...I grew up with the show, remembering it being on Tuesday nights on ABC...I feel like there's not much I don't know about the show from just watching it (original and rerun)...but you really didn't know Stephanie's real name? (Jodie Sweetin) I guess you guys are young-ens...but I'm not too old myself (29) Do some research, Brian Wilson wrote a song called Vegetables, not Broccoli. The episode he's on, he's awkward because of his decade long psychologist who screwed him up with illegal prescriptions and terrible therapy.
I specifically sought out a Full House podcast after the hilarity that is Go Bayside, a Saved By The Bell podcast. It takes a few episodes for these guys to find their groove, but when they do, you will be rolling on the floor laughing. I adore this podcast. Highly recommended.
This is a Full House podcast, and should be advertised as such.
Love the snark on this show!!! So glad I found it!
Definitely the best of all the Full House podcasts around. Very funny and entertaining.
I really enjoy this podcast despite being an actual fan of full house. The only problem is as follows: if the guest is overly negative, the whole show becomes a sour affair. The Rude Dudes are best when balanced by a guest who has even the slightest sense of positivity (or at least lacks open animosity.)
This is a great podcast! Jon and Brandon have a great rapport and I can't stop listening.. Haters can buzz off! I wish I could express my delight for this podcast better, but unfortunately, like Michelle, I can only poop in my pants and make cooing noises at this point.. :)
While traveling recently, I stumbled across an actual episode of “Full House” on the hotel television. Gross. I find the comedic conversations of Brandon and Jonathon much more entertaining than their source material.
Just found this podcast today and have already listen to all that was available! You all are so funny and do such a great job at describing each episode! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next episode!
An extremely fun podcast. Brandon and Jon are hilarious and they have a fantastic back and forth with each other and their guests. I watched Full House constantly growing up and making fun of MST3K style while watching was a daily past time. Glad to know others felt the same way. Highly recommended, especially to fans of April Richardson's GO BAYSIDE! (Saved by the Bell) podcast.