Thank you for your interview with Andrew Wakefield, and for going against the grain with courage.
This is just what America needs. Thanks Matt for your service to our great country.
Matt Shea is a domestic terrorist and the enemy of America
Want to see a vision of what American would look like under Matt Shea’s ideas? Go no further then Afghanistan. Just sub-out radical Islam with suppressive Christianity. What would look different? Suppression of women, men armed to the teeth, summary executions by religious trial, limited education and intolerance of free thought.
Matt claims to be pro constitution, however he overlooks the greatest part of it, separation of church and state. He blatantly spreads false information and emboldens idiots with guns.
Matt Shea dresses up racist, islamophobic hate in the name of "traditional values" and false patriotism. He claims to hate ISIS while advocating for for his own Christian Caliphate (Liberty State) which would be govenered by the laws of God. As a proud patriot who enjoys living in a democracy governed by the rule of law (and not God) I can't think of anything more anti-American than that.
Climate change is real
Representative Matt Shea is a wonderful man who is obeying the Lord and furthering the Kingdom to the best of his ability!
Disgusting charlatan pandering for Christian jihad.
Just awful. Not Representing Christianity at all. Stirring up hate, inciting fear, not reflective of Jesus at all. Reminds me of the MI Militia group who fled and ran to Montana over 20 years ago because we were getting invaded, he was on the radio pleading for us to follow him. We were never invaded it was just a big Conspiracy. People like this are not representative of Christianity, all you need to do is look at Christ. That’s it. Someone Coined my user name False Witness. I didn’t claim that. I assure you- I am not the False Face.
Amazing interview with JB Handley. Smart questions, engaging discussion.