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Really enjoying this podcast as a companion piece with my first viewing ever of Babylon 5. We watch the show and then listen to the podcast (so far thru season 2) up until the episode discusses spoilers. Thank you for being thoughtful and really warning the listener when spoiler discussion will occur. I find the hosts to be thoughtful, intelligent and articulate. I appreciate that they love the series but are willing to be critical in a constructive way as they feel necessary. I especially love that the hosts rarely speak over one another or all at once like some other very annoying podcasts do (especially another Babylon 5 one). These hosts are very professional and respectful to one another even if they offer a differing opinion than their colleagues. (Would love to give extra stars for this if I could.) Nice collaborative effort! I hope the podcast will still be around and I can access episodes as I work my way thru all the Babylon 5 TV episodes.
I’ve been rewatching B5 for a couple of months - I’ve also been listening to this and one other podcast along the way. I have found the hosts somewhat condescending toward those who don’t hold their views - religious, political, or artistic, but I’ve overlooked that just to have someone revisit with me my fond memories of B5. That said, ... I didn’t vote for Trump, not do I watch Fox news, but ... To fail to realize that today’s mainstream media is epitomized by ISN just shows how blinded the hosts are by their particular bias. And to try to equate it, even in a drive-by, with Fox News - the lone conservative news channel in the lions’ den of liberal news media, is simply silly. In their defense, the hosts were honest about their prejudice at the beginning of the podcast - hence 2 stars instead of 1. Sorry guys, I was hoping for a little better from you.
I love the format and easy going explanations as the B5 story is laid out for our listening pleasure. Thanks!
I liked the podcast and the hosts, but their condescending natures in the political realm was grating.
Since Babylon 5 showed up on Amazon Prime, I've been tearing through season after season. This podcast has been a constant companion through the journey. So much fun visiting this now 4 year old podcast. I'm so glad they kept all the episodes up. I would be lost without it!
Finally a podcast for the best show ever. The little station that could. The superior version of Deep Space 9. The show that still manages to be relevant today with its politics and philosophies. And the show that launched my straight girl crush on Bruce Boxleitner. Absofragginlutly the best sci-fi space opera ever. No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There’s always a boom tomorrow.
I gave this podcast an honest shot but I can't take it anymore. The trio of hosts are carried by one of them who provides good insight into character development. However, the other two fall back on just exclaiming "this is why I love Babylon 5!" without ever given much evidence as to why or defending the fact that "oh I have that in my notes too." When I found myself hoping a host would get sick again and not be able to record I knew I had to stop listening. Oft times I wonder if we are watching the same show. Far too often they just read from the Lurker's Guide because they do not have their own arguments or insights beyond "this is on my top ten worst episode list" or "this changes everything"--which happens repeatedly (so does it really?)
Smart & Funny B5 reviews: well paced and enthralling conversation that covers the best sci-fi series of all time. Having a newbie to the show chime in is brilliant. Thanks Stephen.
I am so grateful to these fine people for doing this podcast, Having myself been a fan of Babylon 5 since its debut, it is so good to know there's a community of thoughtful, well-spoken folks out there who care enough to take the time to discuss and critique (not just gush) this great show. B5 is the only sci-fi show I ever care to re-watch besides original Trek, and this podcast has deepened my appreciation for it more than ever. Thank you all so much!
I love the setup with the "Spoiler-free" section and then the "Spoiler space" section - the first part helps bring back the feeling of seeing the episode for the first time - and then taking a look at it with the benefit of having seen it all the way through. The husband of one of the hosts is watching it along with his spouse for the first time, and it's fun to hear his input on some of the episodes as well. Very enjoyable podcast!
I've listened to 3 episodes so far and there's been no discussion of what actually happened in the episode. I watched the series many years ago and was hoping this podcast would go episode by episode reminding me what happened in the episode and how it fits into the whole series. Discussing character development and cheesy props is cool, but at some point an episode summary would be nice. And yes, I listened all the way through the spoiler full section.
This was is of my favorite Sci-fi shows. I greatly enjoy this podcast and the format. Thank you for doing this; it is greatly appreciated!
Been listening for a long time, finally reviewing. Babylon 5 is my favorite tv series and I enjoy listening to the discussions and analysis of the episodes. Hosts can be a little corny, but so can B5.
I came to this podcast and Babylon 5 through the Verity! podcast. We have been binge watching the show and are nearly at the end of season 5. Then we'll have to start the podcast over and listen to all the spoiler sections. Fun!
I love this podcast. I'm looking forward to hearing them cover my favorite episodes of Season 3. This show really shines when it has extra guests. Surprisingly, I enjoy it even more when those guests are clueless newbies who have no knowledge of the story arc. It's enjoyable to hear the fresh perspective of this show - something I can't remember ever having had twenty years later. The European guests are a real treat, too. Overall, a solid effort. I hope they make it all the way through season four of the show. (Incidentally - I notice that the hosts pronounce the Ls in words like “walk" and “talk.” Instead of rhyming with TOCK as in “tick-tock," it rhymes with “Falk” as Peter Falk. It’s a little jarring. Is this a North Carolina thing?)
Having always been a fan of "Two Minute Time Lord" I looked forward with great anticipation to this podcast, knowing how thought-provoking Chip's other effort has been. Wish the episodes would come more often (but I understand...)!
These podcasters know how to communicate their passion and love for such a great show, discussing it first only in the context of what a new viewer would know, and—later in each episode—in the context of the whole series. A great guide and book-club experience for such a fantastic show.
Just listened to the Ep 0, and this sounds like it's going to be great. I've heard Chip and Shannon from 2MTL and Erica on Verity, and enjoyed the hosts and personalities heading in to it. Add the awesome B5 universe, and this is going to be a rockin' podcast!!!
Each podcast has a “spoiler-free” section, discussing nothing beyond the specific episode, and then a “spoiler” section, discussing the episode in the greater context of the series. Although we’re only three episodes in, the podcast is off to a great start. The hosts, while clearly fans of the show, are far from uncritical, so the listener gets the bad with the good. I confess to being a newcomer to Babylon 5. This podcast came along at just the right time: I’ve seen most of the series, so I have some context for the discussion, but I can still remember many of the episode details. I’m looking forward to this voyage.