Clash of Casuals

Reviews For Clash of Casuals

I really love the fact that it is clean and my kids can listen to it also.
The podcast is very insightful for new COC players, good information and tips are shared but the show isn't that great of a listen. Mix in some humor guys, i feel like i'm listening to NPR. Tell some jokes, use some sound effects, just loosen up a bit.
Keep up the good work.
Just started playing Clash of Clans and I had no clue what to do.. These podcasts are a breath of fresh air and a huge help. It's definitely upped my game overnight.
After just listening to the first episode I’m loving the layout / format of the show. Simple topics, recapping videos and strategies, good hints and tips. Family friendly is a huge plus as I can listen with the children in the car, my oldest son who is 5 loves “attacking a base” before bedtime. Overall I love the “clean” tag and I’m excited for the future of the podcast.