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Always looking forward to new episodes, I hope they do more movies about mangas. Great podcast for comic book fans!
I appreciate so much hearing the back stories and gossip behind the production of these films, far too many movie podcasts ignore this aspect but I like to KNOW how the Hollywood sausages get [email protected]
Thank you guys for all you do. Love to listen every week. Please do a review of the next 3 episodes of Harley Quinn. Would love to hear your thoughts on King Shark.
You may remember me from such reviews as “I stole my daughter’s iPad” and “Dr. Dan Dew doesn’t live here anymore!” This is easily my favorite podcast. So much so that I take other people’s iPads and iPhones to write reviews! 👑🐸
Sorry this took so long, since I’ve been listening for a few years. But, I finally took your advice and started rating all of your shows (humdingers, nonetheless!). Please check out my work on the other review from when I stole my wife’s iPad. King Solomon’s Frog 👑🐸
I love these guys. Been listening for a while and didn’t realize I never gave a 5 star review. Fun and informative, it’s a great listen and these guys have great banter. Living in Charlotte, I’d love to go see a movie with these guys sometimes. How bout a beer and movie meetup?
Happened across this podcast searching for Superman 2. Listening to this podcast is like hanging out with my friends. Love it! Can’t recommend it enough!
I randomly came across Bruce’s Heroes and Villians Podcast, which is amazing, and got turned on this Podcast which he is also apart of. The three hosts have a great dynamic together. Bruce’s infinite comic book knowledge is the foundation of this show and his voice is relaxing and calming like a white noise machine. Bruce’s Comic Book Connection always teaches me something interesting from the history of comic books. Sean’s gruff and grumbly tones make him sound like he should be working at a fish pier outside of Providence RI, not on a comic book podcast, but he “Brings the Noise” with his weekly Stallone Connection, impossibly connecting Sly Stallone 1 to 1 with every movie they review. And then Adam is also there.....:. After listening to the entire back catalog of their show I’d say my favorite part is hearing Adam beg for money and to find out if he got a job yet or not. It makes my crummy life seem a little better. No offense Adam, purely Schadenfreude. All kidding aside, I love this show. All three host are amazing. And I think you should ditch calling your fan base HMPers and start referring to us as Humding-a-lings!!!
Mandi is wizard!
Mandi is wizard!!!
Awesome podcast, awesome hosts, and mostly awesome movies. But even when the movies aren’t awesome the episodes still are.
Just wanted to take a minute to tell you guys how much I love what you are doing. I love the Stallone connection. I love listening to the comic book connection. I even love Adam’s fake movie trailers. Have you guys ever thought about bringing back the fake sponsor ads. Super smart Dolph Lundgren promoting Huggies was hilarious. I hope we have many more years of listening to you guys talk about Superhero movies. Thanks for making the drive to work a little better.
I’ve been listening to this show for about 3-4 years now and from week to week, they keep me wanting more. With a perfect blend of geek talk, laughs, and genuine movie insight, HMP is a MUST for any comic book/comic book movie fan. Simply delightful all around 😊😊😊
I have followed you guys for year and absolutely love you probably my favorite podcast but after Bruce’s captain marvel rant I can’t help but not want to listen anymore especially if you’re going to play fake outrage and side with the casual SJw comic fans. My heart honestly hurts this morning...I’m not mad Leslie just disappointed! Fake pandering is disgusting on any side
This podcast is easily one of the best ones out there.
These guys are great, and they put together a hell of a podcast! Bruce's comic book connection is always a great way to start things off every episode, and satisfies the inner nerd we all have, but struggle to satisfy. I don't know how they connect every movie to Sylvester Stallone, but they do and that's just a beautiful thing. Long story short, I recommend this podcast!
This has become my new favorite podcast. I'm sad it took me so long to find it. I may not always completely agree with them, heck, they don't always agree amongst themselves. But their discussions are never heated and are mixed with humor and a friendliness you can hear in their voices. It's partly due to them knowing their subjects so well (and a little research doesn't hurt) that they've earned each others respect. And now they've earned mine.
These guys are great I just found this podcast randomly about a month ago. Been catching up on old episodes and really enjoy the end of year podcast. Only listen to two of them so far but would love an award for the best Stallone connection. Anyway great shows guys keep up the great reviews!!!
This is the best show on the air Bruce’s voice and wisdom shines light on movies most never knew were comic related Sean goes above and beyond to make his Connection to Sylvester Stallone entertaining and his behind the scenes knowledge adds to the unique atmosphere this show has and Adam does stuff to lol ( sticking with the steak) my personal favorite keep up the good work
I typically get my podcasts on Stitcher but had to download just to review. This cast is amazing, it’s got humor & a lot of knowledge. There seems to be great chemistry between all of you which makes the show that much better. Keep up the great work! I don’t always agree with the reviews but we all have our own opinions. Thanks again for an amazing podcast!
Listening to these guys is like hanging out with some friends and talking movies, except they know more than your friends! At first I just listened to the movies that I really liked, but this show is so good and they have such chemistry that lately I’ve been watching movies that I never cared about just so I can listen to those episodes too. Bruce is hilarious, Sean offers great “behind the scenes” insight on the movie making process and industry, and Adam keeps it all moving and (mostly) on track. I found it through the Heroes and Villains show, which is also awesome. Give them a listen, you’ll laugh and learn! P.S. Adam if you had time stamps on the Film Find I’d listen to that too!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I look forward to each episode. They are funny, engaging, well prepared and true geeks. Now lets see how this post relates to our good friend Mr. Sylvester Stallone.
This Podcast is awesome. This is a daily listen for me at work, whether it be listening to previous episodes or the weekly new release. The guys are very insightful and understand how to make even a bad movie fun. Great work guys can’t wait to hear more of your stuff.
Love this podcast. After seeing Ant Man and The Wasp and realizing there wasn’t another MCU movie for the rest of 2018 I needed a fix and these guys do the job. Funny and insightful.
I started listening to HMP a few months ago because I was attracted to their wide range of episodes and that they include older movies as well. However, I still have not decided how I feel about the episode. There are great segments such as the comic connection though you can tell it is scripted. I’d suggest maybe writing down some bullet points so it’ll feel natural. The Stalone segment is terribly scripted and does not fit in the show. Finally, I do not understand the rating system. You do not explain it in any of the episodes I’ve listened to. As Stan Lee says, every comic is someone’s first comic, and this too applies to your podcast. I shouldn’t have to listen to the first episode or go to your Facebook page to understand what it means when you rate a movie “Tim Drake”. It’s a subjective scale that is contrived. If you want to use it, explain it in each episode in case someone hasn’t listened before.
I love superhereo movie, and have been disappointed a lot, but Bruce and the gang bring the fun. pointing out there not all bad movies. Join them for there awsome reviews, classy style and bruce, and the women that do the things. Ps please do the show Misfits a British superhero show on Hulu
On my non patented Batman rating scale.
As an old saying goes: In order to educate, one must first entertain. These guys achieve this superbly in a very smart way- their enthusiasm is unmatched. Keep up the great job guys.
This show is great. Great. Great. Great. Great. Great. Just great. It is my favorite podcast of all, and only the second im listening to completly from the begining. Adam, Sean and Bruce each bring an unique perspective to each review and give a nice variety of view points. No matter how bad a movie I happen to like, at least one of them finds marrit in it too. Thank you for all the hard work and keep it up. Did i mention it's great?
I have always turned my back on podcasts because I thought they would be boring. Boy have these guys proved me wrong I have binged all episodes for this and your other shows and it's worth every second! These are the kind of guys who would understand why I still have a VHS player just because I refuse to throw away my original copy of Howard the duck!!! The Sylvester Stallone connections crack me up and I always appreciate the comic book connections .Great job guys keep up the good work I am a massive fan!!!!
Listening to HMP is one of the highlights of my week. Sean, Adam and Bruce have such great chemistry and knowledge. Each brings something different to the show! Thank you guys for the awesomeness! PS Love Preacher Podcast too, it’s what lead me here! You guys have ruined most other podcast for me because you’re just so good at it! Thank you!
Very entertaining with impressive knowledge each and every show! Thanks for making my daily drive entertaining!
This is the one. This is the podcast that I most eagerly await every week, and am most excited about when it drops, because I can't wait to spend some more time with these goofballs. Listening to Adam, Sean, and Bruce (and sometimes Matt) is nothing short of delightful. Their knowledgeability, good humor, quick wit, and chemistry with one another make it one of the most pleasant, informative, and hilarious podcasts in my library. I defy anyone to find another podcasting team that works better with one another than these fellas do. Many other people have put it to words better than I ever could, but the bottom line is I'm rather fond of these gents and the hard work they do, and am happy to contribute what I can to their Patreon funds. I encourage you to do so as well.
One of my favorite podcasts - I found this through Preacher Podcast, which led me to Heroes & Villains (both of these are also fantastic!) which led me to this. Bruce’s comic knowledge is impressive and Sean’s “The Stallone Connection™” makes me laugh every time. I particularly enjoy listening to episodes about some of the more subpar movies - the Shadow for example. I had forgotten all about Knifey!! Thanks guys, for making my long daily commutes much more entertaining. Looking forward to many more episodes! Monica
Just found this podcast and have been binge listening I can't get ENUFF. Very funny how they kid round with each other. And like how it's not full of cussing. Keep up the good work and can't wait to hear more podcast in the future. Devin
This is an addicting podcast and I'm a comic book movie pheen. I found this podcast after listening to Bruce's other two comic podcast but I like his humor on this podcast most of all as it seems he his less bound to civility...Leslie UNLEASHED! Adam does a great job and I always laugh when he forget to play intro music to a segment (good for at least one to three laughs an episode). But Sean's intro has puzzled me, when I first started listening a few months ago I always wondered who the heck is Heidi. Is it his Wife, daughter, or his dog? Now I just imagine that Sean is like that strange Uncle everybody has that says crap that years ago was funny or odd and now everyone just ignores. Perhaps Sean had a mental break years ago and the only thing that keeps him grounded today is to publicly acknowledge his imaginary companion Heidi who told him that if he announced her questions she would no longer haunts his dream with visions of a post apocalyptic future in which all human would serve under the heavy handed tyrant and brother of soulful songbird Frank Stallone, Sylvester Stallone. Keep up the Lord's work and Godspeed.
This podcast is wonderful. A truly enjoyable listen each week. Filled with wit and charm the hosts (Sean and the other two guys) provide fun and interesting takes on some of the best movies out there. Thanks for providing us with an awesome weekly podcast HMP!
This is a fantastic podcast that explores super hero movies from several different viewpoints. I appreciate that the hosts do not cuss as my kids LOVE this podcast as well. Thank you guys for the amazing show, keep up the great work.
I am a DEDICATED podcast listener - for reference, know that I'm subscribed to 12 podcasts that I keep up with weekly. You can say I've always got plenty of new content to listen to. But when I'm stuck in a dark day, I've been known to ignore every notification saying I have new episodes to listen to, because recently I only want to listen to you guys. I first discovered you via Preacher Podcast because the show was one I was highly anticipating, so I knew I would want a podcast companion to listen to as I watched. I searched iTunes and you were the first I found. I've been listening from the first appendix, and I listen every week. As far as Hero Movie Podcast, I've been going back and listening to old episodes and it immediately brightens my mood. You're hilariously witty and full of much knowledge when it comes to the movies I love and even the ones I've never heard of that you make me want to see. So thank you! I'm new to the comic universe, but fell in love with the MCU after the first Iron Man & Edward Norton's Hulk. So in recent years I've been diving into the comic source material of all my favorite characters. I rely on you to point me in the right direction, so your guidance is greatly appreciated! Long story short. I love both podcasts and I think you should never stop doing what you do. #shaunonamc Thanks, Megan.
Thank you guys so much for bringing these amazing reviews every week! Bruce the comic book connections are in depth and incredibly insightful, Sean it goes without saying but Heidi loves the Stallone connections, and Adam... ummm yeah you're ok too. J/k you're awesome too! Thanks for being the lynchpin and organizing the show. You guys have great synergy and provide such great enthusiasm for the movies I really love!!! Thanks so much and keep up the humdinger work!!!
I found this podcast by mistake while searching for another. I have to say, these guys are great. Very funny and knowledgable and really have a good time doing their podcast.
I'm subscribed to other podcast, but will generally listen to whatever HMP has to offer over those podcasts. Great reviews, different perspectives and the comedy has me coming back over and over again. Love those Stallone connections in every episode. Also, I can listen to these guys while I'm in the car with my kids without fear of over the top vulgarity. Keep up the good work guys.
I discovered this podcast from the Preacher podcast. I have been listening to podcasts for a number of years and I was disappointed that I didn't find this sooner. It is great to listen to folks who know the subject and do the homework to present an informative and fun podcast. Great job guys! You made me break open my comic collection that I had not looked at in years.
...but *remember*, Sean promised he wouldn't do an eerily accurate impersonation of an old boss of mine who kept telling the Black women in my office to read "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and would wear his $2K Armani suits for three days in a row. In the same shirt. The gag reflex is still strong, and the "h" word provokes it. Now to actually review. I come as a fan from The Preacher Podcast and have been suffering from "June-itis", when normal seasons are over and summer seasons haven't started yet for TV. I needed great content, and here it was all along! I seem to agree with Sean about 85% of the time. It's probably because I'm 15% less attractive than Kirsten Dunst. Adam does a great job of creating a completely new vibe than he has with the Film Find, and I think it takes a lot more talent to be successful in two different styles of shows covering overlapping material than the other reviewers might realize. And Juice, I mean Brunch, I mean... well, pronouncing things doesn't matter, so Bruise does a great job with his knowledge and his boundless enthusiasm for superheros. Thank you for all your work, thank you for trying to get better broadband, and thank you *very* much for being so good to your fans and patrons like me. Every time Sean says, "I have a prepared statement", I laugh very loudly. I've considered making it a ringtone. Just a thought.
This has to be one of the smartest, and funniest podcasts I have ever heard. Having just started listening to it, this show is super entertaining (along with their Film Find podcast), and I hope everyone has a chance to hear it.
I want Sean or Bruce to read this. "I just want to say thank you Adam for ruining my day"It was a early Monday morning....I was at work, listening to my favorite podcast (hmp). then I herd adam say something. These words that came out of Adams mouth are an abomination to man kind. (Spoiler alert) he said that YONDU DIES in the new guardians movie. I know what y'all are thinking....... why haven't you seen the movie yet. Well I tried to see it on opening night but I got called into work. And I had no more opportunity to watch it. So I just want to say.....Thank you Adam for ruining my week! Lol Here's a five star review a.k.a humdinger. Love the podcast
These guys are great! Each brings such a different point of view to their reviews. Thankfully they have sacrificed themselves to save us from having to watch some of the dregs of the superhero genre. I guess that makes them something akin to Superheroes.
I stumbled upon this podcast two years ago and have been hooked on it since! It is my go to podcast to listen to while I am at work. If you are looking for informatioin about superhero movies and their comic book connections, then give this glorious show a listen. The three hosts bring a level of humor, fun, and shenanigans that will leave you hungry for more of their voices. Cudos to these three, for enduring some pretty horrible shows, like the 1970's Doctor Strange and Spider-Man. I couldn't sit trough five minutes of either of those, but I can listen to their reviews over and over, because of how entertaining and fun they are. Much respect and thanks to these three, and their dedication to this show!
I've been listening to this podcast since the begining and I am finally rating this amazing podcast. I even re-newed my apple account to do it your welcome. They are hilarious and have a great knowledge about movies and comic books also cant forget they have a stallone connection for each one. These guys are Great! I hope I'm the 90th one to review this casue that would be cool!