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I love this podcast and even subscribe with a monthly payment to thei Patreon "After Party". This gives us an additional hour of information relevant to the modern workign DJ. My favorite parts are the equipment reviews. What's missing? WE need more more samples of new releases. There don't seem to be any podcasts, at least in my searches, that highlight the new music releases from Beat Port, Juno Download, Traxsource and I'd think those companies would love it if you auditioned a few tracks each week, even if it was only on the "After Party" subscription audio. If there's a podcast that suits this purpose please let me know.
From the heart, real and useful. Thanks.
I'm a pro "bedroom" DJ and found this talk show following a Google search for a podcast that was anything DJ related. I binge-listened to every episode until I caught up real-time to the weekly episodes. David, Trip, Tony and Mo offer different perspectives, experiences, and technical tips and tricks. However what I appreciate most is their humble and friendly demeanor exemplified by their open mind(s) to different musick, DJing formats, and their willingess to concede they don't know everything about the skill. Rather, they are actively continuing to learn themselves and taking us along for the ride. Following each episode, I feel like I was hanging out with close friends discussing my favorite hobby and how to get better at it. Well worth the listen.
As a Dj of 20+ years, it’s nice to find a podcast that’s not all about the “edm” thing, and more about actual djing. I find I relate to many of the topics discussed. Especially now that I live in a much smaller town, and do my own events. It’s good to know there’s still djs out there who CARE about mixing.
I've been listening to this podcast for months. It is filled with great information and has broadened my understanding of the craft. DJs of any level should give it a listen.
I love the enlightenment and entertainment that the Passionate DJ crew share with the DJ community. Keep on spinning!
Initially started by David Michael and now a 4 man team with a broad range of experience, the guys at Passionate DJ do a great job bringing meaningful content to a show targeted towards all types of DJs. They take on beginner topics such as how to get started and more advanced topics such as how to read your audience. Though their background is more trance/house based there is a great respect for all generes of music and all types of DJing. The interaction between the hosts is spot on, they really engauge eachother in conversations and can cover a lot of ground even with the random tangent from time to time they still hold your attention. Run thru an episode or two and you'll be wanting more and more.
Keep it interesting and relevant to dj/ electric music producer of today
Thought-provoking issues. I have gained insight into issues I did not even know I needed to consider as a DJ who is learning to play all kinds of gigs/venues. The 3-DJ format keeps the dialogue flowing smoothly. Not pretencious in the slightest. Huge thumbs up!!!
I've been listening to this pod cast for over a year now and the product has continued to evolve. David, Tony and Trip come up with a wide variety of subjects that are helpful for all listeners. They are quick to respond to all questions and just overall helpful to the community. Best resource out there for all DJ's. Keep on spinnin fellas!
David, Trip and Tony really have a lot of personality and bring a unique view to people who have fallen in love with Electronic music and want to share it with the world. The Podcast really stays fresh with new topics every week such as "the death of EDM", how to read your crowd, or the trio's chosen three tracks to share. There's a solid balance between technical and creative aspects of DJing and the shows quality is incredible even with its still growing audience. One more thing that should be said is the open-mindedness of all the Dj's. There's a lot of recognition that everyone starts somewhere and that no taste is incorrect, just different or developing. That being said, the show does like to focus on more underground music such as techno/tech-house, drum n bass, house, ect. Looking forward to future episodes, and keep on spinning!
David Micheal and company are knowledgeable and are doing a great service for the DJ community by sharing and inspiring DJ's and Podcasters alike. Cheers!