The Golf Improvement Podcast with Tony Wright

Reviews For The Golf Improvement Podcast with Tony Wright

Always very well done podcasts. I appreciate the PGA show summary.
Truly an out-performer in the golf podcast/ information sharing niche; However, let's do better. For the love of God, please, please stop bumping the mic and shuffling around. Very distracting. Otherwise, keep up the good work. Thanks!
Game Improvement Golf Podcasts... Tony has done a great job in developing these informational podcasts for those of us who work and play in the sport of golf. The research he does, the people and topics presented are a great benefit to all of us in the industry and those that just enjoy the game. Great work Tony, keep it up.
Game Improvement Golf's podcasts are excellent. I have enjoyed listening to all of them and was especially interested in the "Yips" podcast. What a fascinating subject! Tony's detailed discussion with Dr. Crews was very enlightening. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the several podcasts of interviews with master club fitters and their discussions about how the loft of clubs has changed over the years. Keep these podcasts coming.
For several years the Game Improvement Golf newsletters and blog have provided a wealth of information for golfers of all abilities, but now the addition of podcasts has taken Game Improvement Golf to yet another level. Whether a podcast features personalities who are well known to golf geeks or simply individuals who are dedicated to helping golfers improve their games, the knowledge shared by them is not to be missed. Way to go Tony!
I learn something EVERY TIME I listen to The Golf Improvement Podcasts. Whether it is about the short game or club fitting, the interviewees are knowledgeable and easy to understand. And the information is useful in helping me to improve. THANKS Dr. Wright