Reviews For Lawpreneur Radio - A New Practice Built A New Way with Entrepreneurial Attorney Miranda McCroskey

Tons of great information for attorneys seeking a change. Love hearing the stories of those who have made that leap.
I have networked with many lawyers and they all talk about the frustration of needed to change their mindset and business model to accomodate the changing economy. This podcast is a great resource for this. Great sound and great interview flow. Check it out!
Even if you don't want to start your own firm, this podcast can inspire you in many ways!
The quality of guests on this show is fantasic. Leaders at the top of their game sharing great wisdom and advice--what more could you ask for in a podcast?
A "must listen" for every solo practitioner.
I know a lot of attorneys and have shared this podcast with all of them.
I listened to lawpreneur host Miranda interview her guest Diane Bass. I was so inspired by the show that I reached out to both Diane and Miranda to interview them for my own program. This show provides valuable and actionable guidance. I look forward to learning from Miranda’s interviews of other interesting guests.
interviews with professionals delivered to your ipod. very useful info
Such a fun interview! Love this series!!
As a law student, I LOVE Lawpreneur Radio because it gives me unique glimpses into the diverse lives of accomplished lawpreneurs. Each guest brings a new perspective to the table, and I always come away feeling motivated and inspired. All law students and aspiring lawpreneurs can learn so much from Lawpreneur Radio!!
I've listened to all the episodes. This show is fantastic! All of us solos can learn a lot from each other. What a great community and what a great idea to harness all these years of experience and knowledge on a podcast! Great stories!
Lawpreneur Radio delivers great content on a weekly basis for both attorneys and entrepreneurs. Enjoy today!
This is a great show for attorneys, legal professionals and vendors. Great way to stay up on the legal industry!
Thank you Miranda for putting this together. It is inspirational to see other business people branch out and be creative to support what they do. I will continue to listen and learn.
Miranda does an awesome job as a host! I look forward to her interviews!
The Interviews we have here today and those coming will knock your socks off! Professionals sharing their best stories on how they took the leap to become Lawprenuers or support the lawpreneurs do their work as entrepreneurs. Thank you for tuning in!
Great program content with the right focus to inspire attorneys to push for growth, and make their dreams reality!
I've enjoyed all of the shows. It's interesting to hear how the real life choices play out. For anyone considering going on their own, this one is for you!
The entrepreneurial attorney journeys were inspiring and gave me direction. Great shows!
I absolutely love this podcast! As a husband of an Attorney, this podcast will give many new/old Attorney's encouragement and inspiration!