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I’m a small business owner who never went to business school. I had heard of the Axiom Podcast, after discovering the “Businessology” podcast (also very good). Joey gives very practical topic discussions that could help any business owner in this situation. His presentations range from practical to inspired, and at all times it is informative with good audio quality. There are no inappropriate “plugs” for his business or any others, as all his references are relating to the topic at hand. Super helpful, thanks Joey


I have loved going through this podcast the last couple weeks. Joey has great practical insights for strategic planning that I have never even considered before. Every episode has do many great take aways that I keep a pad of paper nearby while listening. Keep it coming Joey!
Covers a lot of great business topics. It has given us ideas to implement and helped us dramatically. Keep up the good work!
I became aware of Joey Brannon a few years ago when I was a Thriveal member. I do not know him personally, but was impressed by the insight that he offered. I have listened to all of his podcasts and they definitely provide great information for small business owners. The first couple of podcasts were a bit dry, but more recent podcasts get better and better. Great, real world info delivered in a manner that is easy to understand.
Joey gives awesome practical and strategic advice for business owners. His pace and delivery make the podcast a delightful listen!
I am so excited that Joey is doing a podcast. These podcasts are filled with so much practical information that can help all businesses improve. I just listened to #6 Leadership Crash Course and there was so much good stuff in there. If you are in business you should be listening to this podcast!
Every business owner should listen to this podcast. Joey has a gift for breaking down a complex topic into understandable pieces. He connects business, strategy, and execution in a tangible way.
I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment on pace. Joey has some great insights into helping companies grow. Looking forward to more!
Great conversations on developing and implementing strategic plans. A rare blend of setting plans and then measuring progress toward the plan.