Reviews For Let's Make Kids' Books - Children's Book Publishing Show

Beau is putting so much good info out for free. This Podcast is just one of those. If you are trying to self publish a book for kids... settle down, and eat up his content. Thanks Beau!
Focused episodes. Good interviews, practical information, and inspiration. And thank you for no "filler" banter, keeping it as a true podcast, not blogger radio fluff :-)
Beau Blackwell gives us down-to earth information to get us on the right path to learning how to get your books published and noticed by others. He’s a bestselling author on Amazon, and gives expert advice on how we may get there too. If you want to be an independent author, you need to follow this podcast!
Beau's "Let's Make Kids Books" podcast is the bee's knees. Frankly, Beau is giving the farm away. But this is EXACTLY what our industry needs! There are SO many people who love kids, and have a book in them.. but don't know where to start. Beau has taken on the role of conquering this new frontier. "Let's Make Kids' Books" is where the love for kids, kids' literature, and modern publishing best practices meet and mingle! Not only is it a great source of inspiration for first-time children's authors, but Beau also manages to stay up-to-date on the latest changes on the digital publishing landscape. So you're always getting the most relevant stuff that is working today. If you write children's books, or aspire to, this should be a weekly must-have resource for you. (Daily, if you're serious about your craft.) Beau - thanks for opening the door for so many more wonderful books to be created, and so many more memories between parents and kids to be created. Bolaji O - Chief Storyteller, Brave Little Heroes
These podcast are awesome! The information is so valuable, and the host is incredibly knowledgable. The high quality interviews and level of information shared on this podcast gets me really excited about working on my first children's book and gives me the confidence I need to know that I too can actually get a book published.


These pod casts are awesome! So much information for the new author, who wants to publish their books! I will be listening over and over, because there is so much information. Thanks Beau Blackwell for putting these podcasts out there for people like me!
I've been wanting to make kids books since my college lit classes, years ago. Beau is an excellent host, and very generous with his know how. I have not missed a single podcast. Can't wait to publish my own work. Keep it up !!
Extremely informative podcast for listeners like me who are looking for both inspiration and practical information. Equally good when the host is working solo, describing a particular publishing process, or when interviewing other authors. Hope there are more episodes to come very soon!