Reviews For Star Trek Podcasts: Complete Master Feed is amazing and this catch all podcast feed is so great too all the podcasts in one place to listen.


Every podcast on in one place, get it you won’t regret it.
This is such a low energy podcast I had to check several times to make sure it was still running. No insights and no reason to ever try another episode. I found no analysis of Discovery and as a huge Trek fan I have been disappointed by the direction the show has taken. But the podcast just did insight or commentary. They were barely able to bring themselves to mumble nonsense. A hard pass.

By jeqal
This Podcast covers all that Trek fm has to offer in podcasts. I have been listening to this and To The Voyage non-stop since I added them. There are interviews with cast members and extras, authors, philosophers, technical specs are discussed. Favorite episodes and in depth analysis. So far my favorite episode besides To the Voyage -- STV or Voyager is my fan favorite besides TOS--is Meta Treks 63 Tricorder of Gyges. I love love comparing storylines with well known stories. The great thing about this station is the variety of podcasts, the various podcasters with varying backgrounds, and their fb page with the ability to give input and sometimes make program suggestions. 5 stars and a footprint! Koko.
The show is a perfect resource for anybody looking to learn more about their favorite Star Trek writers and producers. I also love how every episode begins with relevant news. The hosts have a good rapport as well.
Love it! I listen as soon as a new episode comes out!
The folks at have the most thoughtful commentary I've found in geekdom and makes me feel better about humanity, like so much of the Star Trek I enjoy. Here they've gathered all there shows from the network. I know I'll get meaty discussion from any new episode the pops up on the feed.
Im a huge fan of star trek and debating star trek is what i LOVE!!!! Thank you guys for all you do for is trekkies.
Nothing better than having all of in one feed!
If you are a fan of Star Trek this is the place to get all your Star Trek.
I'm happy I discovered Melodic Treks via my love for the To The Journey! podcast. As a passport carrying citizen I of the Delta Quadrant I am happy that the sound wakes makes it thousands of light years to my ITunes. Can't wait to hear Charlynn and Tristan sing through an entire show!
Maybe it's just me, but if I find I have too many feeds in my podcast list, I start wondering if I listen to too many podcasts. When it comes to, I listen to 3 different shows, Earl Grey, The Orb, and To the Journey. This feeds turns 3 different feeds into one feed and I have actually just added another show, Standard Orbit. I love that everything is consolidated in here. Well done and Thank you Chris (And all the other contributers) for bringing out this feed and keep up the great work on the shows.
I am more of a casual Trek fan. I love hearing the variety of podcasts offered from and how easy it is to find them on one consolidated feed. This is truly a celebration of some of the best story telling of our time. Great job.
I came upon by way of Mission Log Podcast (another excellent ST podcast). I hit the motherlode when I found this expansive Star Trek centered network. I’m subscribed to the master feed and find all of the shows enjoyable, informative, and entertaining. All of the hosts and guests have a vast love and knowledge of the entire ST universe. I deeply enjoy the attention given to all of Star Trek via’s various (and numerous) shows. Please keep up the good work and thank you for what you’ve brought to me so far.
Thank you for putting all the shows in one feed. This simplifies keeping track of your podcasts greatly. I subscribe seperatly to Literary Treks because that one is my favorite, but this one is VERY handy.
I've been listening to since it was just "The Ready Room". Now it has become an entire network of excellent shows. I listen to most of them every week, and the rest occasionally. Whereas I used to download the separate feeds, having them all in one place has proven very valuable to me when I'm on the go, and made listening so much easier. This is your one-stop shop for the very best of Trek podcasting!
Star Trek always survives. Each of the many series went off the air, and many of the copious movies were slated to be “the last.” But Trek has always kept going. And right now, is a huge part of what is keeping Trek alive. I’ve been listening to this family of podcasts since they started (how many?) years ago, and now I can’t imagine what I would do without The Ready Room or Standard Orbit or the other forty-seven of them as a regular part of my life. But more importantly than me, I guarantee you that several people at Paramount and CBS are keeping track of this entirely fan-made podcast network and how incredibly successful it’s become. When Star Trek returns to TV, and it will, and when even more movies are made after the Abramsverse is done, and they will be, that will be in no small part because someone in charge will look at the listenership of, the incredible ongoing success of Trek conventions, the cash made by the JJ Abrams movies, the popularity of the continuing novels and comic books, the dedication and technical achievements of the fan-produced series, and realize that there’s still plenty of interest in (and money to be made from) this fifty-year-old franchise. If you’re not subscribing to the master feed, then you’re missing out on one of the most important aspects of Trek fandom happening right now. There are plenty of sci-fi and Star Trek podcasts out there, but no one is doing it with the consistency, professionalism and intellectual breadth and depth of Chris and everyone at I hope they will live long and prosper just as Star Trek itself surely will.
I've been listening to some of TrekFM's podcasts since early last year. I listen to them while I'm driving on my way to and from school. I find myself so engrossed in the conversation, and I wish I was there! The people who work on this podcast are real Trekkies/Trekkers too, making the conversation all that more interesting because of their knowledge of Trek lore.
This will get you all of shows all in one easy feed. This is the one network of Star Trek podcasts everyone should be listening too Highly recommend
Everything has to offer in one simple feed. How could you go wrong, you cant. Without the master feed, I would have missed the new podcast on Axanar. Dont miss a thing, get the master feed. is the most comprehensive, thoughtful and entertaining resource for Trek fans on the web. Most of the shows are well-produced and interesting. Yes, some show themes are fairly arcane, but that’s the greatest part of the channel—you can select the series or topics that you want to learn more about. Well done.
I have not been bored at work once since the Complete Master Feed came online. The master feed keeps my belly full of excellent Trek content all week long. Thanks! You spoil us.


By Trey34
Subscribe to this and you will get every great Trek.Fm show. It so easy a tribble could do it!
The source for Star Trek news, commentary, and thoughtful discussions on all aspects of the Star Trek franchise. If you are a fan of deep space nine, the orb is the show to listen to. Be sure to check out their first episodes on the crew. Standard Orbit covers the original series, and Earl Grey covers TNG. If you don't want to commit to all the shows, then at least listen to The Ready Room, it will give you the trek news you are looking for along with a discussion of an episode, or a book from one of the series. It will give you a taste of what the show specific podcasts are like. So what are you waiting for? Beam on down! (How many people get that reference;))
Everything produces is fantastic. Make it easy on yourself and use the Master Feed to get all the shows sent to you. It is a lot easier than subscribing to all of their shows individually.
When you can't choose which podcasts to listen to, let Master Feed take care of it for you...and just nab 'em all at once! This makes managing your listening so much easier than juggling multiple subscriptions. For diehards, it's a must-have.
Trekkies and Trekkers never had a better friend than the podcasts! Up to date info in a timely, dependable podcast. is our New rally point for all Starfleet personnel. With so much to choose from even the most stoic Vulcan will experience unrestrained joy in this Terran-based podcast! Live Long And Prosper #LLAP