The Masterpiece Mom

Reviews For The Masterpiece Mom

Anne-Renee and Amanda are totally real when it comes to motherhood. They share their lives in an authentic and refreshing way and I always finish a podcast feeling like I'm doing okay with this mom thing. They weave in their religious values but not in a preachy way, which I totally appreciate. They are champions of motherhood and I love this podcast.
These gals are such an encouragement every time they share! Their podcasts are fantastic and fun, and I enjoy welcoming them "into my living room" as they share about LIFE as moms…such an uplifting and helpful topic that we can ALL use some help and ideas with :) I encourage you to subscribe to their podcasts and to visit them on Facebook so you can sign up for their weekly messages!!
Thank you ladies! I’m so excited that you’ve started on this journey! It’s been fun to put the kids down for a nap and listen to your podcasts. The good for me is enjoying the warm weather and playing outside as a family! I’ve only been a mom for 2.5 weeks and my brain totally feels “mushy”, so that would be the hard for me! It’s been “unexpected” that I would enjoy mommy-hood so much! Thanks again ladies!
What a great way to start your day... These two diverse moms are encouraging, informative, and sometimes silly! 😃 I would highly recommend listening...SUBSCRIBE NOW! 👍👍👍